Oscar Twilight Musical Spoof

The consensus on Twitter was that it wasn’t that great, or at least not the mind-blowing and must watch item that was described earlier in the week. What’s your take?


  1. Terry Smoot says:

    I thought that it was pretty disappointing. I guess I got all excited for a surprise that in my opinion was a dud.

  2. kind of a major let down!!!!

  3. This is what they though we wanted? Really James I’m disappointed, you are the Twilight fan onboard you could had done better! 🙁

  4. Ivy Guadalupe says:

    Terry, I agree…it was a major dud…I suspected they were trying to entice the Twihards to watch…ratings you know…all the fans knew Rob and Kristen were tied up working…parts of the awards were good…next year…lol

  5. Well that being said this was probably the only movie on the musical that was not nominated for anything so we should be happy that they still considered us important enough to add it. So maybe James did fought for us! 🙂

  6. I thought it was entertaining, not epic, but funny nonetheless. The awards we pretty boring for the most part, however.

  7. I figured it would be disapointing so I was prepared but it really was dumb. That whole show was a snoozefest. I’m not sure who was more annoying, Anne Hathaway with her “whoos” or James Franco who looked like he was falling asleep.

  8. smitten_by_twilight says:

    It was cute. I snickered. That was it.

  9. Lynne Stringer says:

    It was about what I was expecting. Extremely lame.

  10. some people forget how conservative of an award show the oscars are. I think even mentioning Twilight was a success for the Twilight fandom and the Saga…this is not the MTV movie awards after all….

    • They only used Twilight for ratings, nothing more.

      Twilight was the dancing bear for the Oscar show last night.

    • That’s my feeling, too. I mean the Academy of Arts and Sciences Oscar Award Shot is to award the best of the best achievements in the film industry and to even acknowlege Twilight I thought was pretty far out for them! I didn’t expect much so I thought it was pretty funny, it was a satire you know! Lighten Up!

  11. That was LAME!! Definitely not a “mind blowing” event. Just Oscar using us Twi fans to boost their ratings

  12. I was thrilled Eclipse was part of the musical… maybe one of the funniest parts of the whole show. I will watch every year, but those Franco and Hathaway bombed. (and I love both of them as actors)

  13. All I can really say is ..I respect Oscars.

  14. Since I wasn’t in on the loop for that, I must say it was kinda funny.

    • precisely! it’s not their fault everyone else too it for bigger than it was. the bosses were hyping it up because they thought us twilight fans would appreciate it. clearly there’s a lot of ungrateful people in the world!

      • That’s what I was thinking! I’ve been mia on twilight news lately and was watching the Oscars as I do every year and thought it was funny. Take it for what it is. I think people are ridiculous thinking there would be something bigger for twilight at the Oscars. Oh well.

  15. The way that guy played it up, he made it seem like there was going to be some kind of sneak peak at Breaking Dawn. I saw that part and fell asleep (DVRing just in case I missed something else). I was disappointed to find out that that was the only thing they did! BOOOO to the Oscars for that!!!!!

    • i agree! They just hyped up the whole thing and in the end…it just turned out to be a 15 second clip that wasnt remotely funny or witty…

  16. I thought the songs were the best part of the show, but the Twilight part wasn’t anything special. I expected more.

  17. I´m dissapointed

  18. in their defence, a lot of you did get all hyped up over something you all knew wouldnt be rob/kris/tay and/or anything breaking dawn. so there wasnt much else they could do. and it was funny, it was a surprise (i certainly wasnt expecting it) and it’s not right that so many of you slate the oscar bosses for something that was kind of them to do in the first place. they didnt have to mention twilight, but they did. get over it!

    • AliceKikiCullen says:

      Gee…I thought it was funny…:P I knew it wasn’t going to have anything big b/c come on, we all know that the Oscars HATE Teenagers in genral so like they were going to give us anything Twilight or Harry Potter for that matter. Harry potter is awesome but b/c it is to them teenage crap, the Oscars will NEVER let it be nominated nor will they ever give twilight credit even though it’s soundtracks are amazing and have sold great. We twilighters and potters mean nothing to them. I just watched b/c of Anne and James. That’s it.

      • Correction: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I was nominated for two Oscars this year. It was in the running for both Best Achievement in Art Direction and Best Achievement in Visual Effects. So I disagree, I do not think they think of Harry Potter, at least, as “teenage crap” if they let it be nominated in two categories.

        • I agree. Just look at how many categories Toy Story 3 was nominated for! It has nothing to do with the age group. I the Twilight movies want to be Oscar material than the actors should step up their game. Just my opinion.

          • AliceKikiCullen says:

            but it wiLL NEVER be nominated for Movie of the year or best actor/actress, heck, not even supporting. Alice beat Harry in the one catogorey (which shocked me b/c Alice made less than Harry) and Inception (overrated btw) won the other. Yeah, they may be “nice” enough to nominate them for a few minor awards, but never will be for the big ones. Toy story is a Disney movie, a good one, but its animation, that’s why it got all it’s awards. If there wasn’t a animation award, Toy Story wouldn’t of gotten it either. The fact they had to make a whole different cat that usually is Kid movies just shows how the “kid stuff” must be away from the “Adult” stuff.
            That’s why unless I like the host, I hate awards that aren’t the MTV or Nick’s choice. At least fans get a say.

    • Considering that Eclipse was one of the highest grossing films of 2010, I think they owed them more than a silly 10 sec parody. They made it a big deal saying “Twilight Fans will want to watch the Oscars!” It’s a cultural phenomenon whether they like it or not. They hyped it up WAY too much.

  19. I didn’t think it was funny. Sorry.

  20. I thought it was stupid and Twilight was only used to get ratings. NO OTHER PURPOSE.

  21. I agree we shouldn’t be bitching about it. But it wasn’t even funny. And it definitely wasn’t mind blowing. I think others have been right in sayint they were trying to boost their ratings. Oh well, soon enough we’ll be seeing what we want to see. Se la vi!

  22. I was very disappointed. I would have rather seen Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon presenting.

  23. ltlmermaid4 says:

    Well, now the good folks who put on the “Twelve Days of Xmas/Twilight” short each year have new material…

  24. Pretty lame!!!!

  25. What a total ripoff!!! That entire skit was rediculous. Now we know never to trust Bruce Cohen. And seriously, if the Oscars want to attract a younger demographic, maybe they should look at crediting some movies that people actually saw! Granted, Black Swan was AMAZING, but come on! Throw us a bone! Set design? Sound editing? Adapted screenplay? Musical Score? ANYTHING??? JUST A NOMINATION for God’s sake! I think they need some fresh new blood in the Academy.

    • TWI-HARD 65 says:

      Totally agree with you Karen,its about time the accademy got with the times! Young blood needed!!

    • Brittany says:

      The Harry Potter bit was laugh-out-loud hilarious!
      But the Twilight clip was just stupid. Especially since “Bella’s” line wasn’t even in the movie. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like it. Bella wouldn’t say that (in the book OR in the movie)… so it just fell flat for me. I couldn’t help rolling my eyes. Yet another incorrect representation of Twilight. (Stick with the BOOKS, people!)

      Other than that, I LOVED the awards show! I always enjoy watching the Oscars. 🙂

  26. The Oscars rarely pay any attention at all to movies that are not “Oscar caliber”. So for there to be anything Twilight related was cool, even if it was just for a ratings boost. What did bother me was that while the films may not be Oscar worthy, I would have though Desplat or Shore could have been up for consideration. Their scores were wonderful. Especially when you think of something like “It’s hard out here for a pimp” winning. Come on. Shore got Oscars galore for LOTR, and I thought anyway, that he has equally beautiful pieces in Eclipse. And Desplat’s music makes me want to cry.(In a good way)

  27. I had frankly forgotten all about any “twilight” connection. I watch the Oscars every year anyway…for the Oscars. I was surprised by the “Musical” spoof and thought it was funny – not hilarious, but funny – and I loved, loved, loved Kurt Douglas presenting the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Many of you are too young to understand. You could obviously tell he had a stroke but I remember when it happened. And I remember when Michael Douglas got on stage and read the Academy the riot act for their obligatory nod when they gave his dad the lifetime achievement award when he clearly felt he should have received an Oscar one of the time he was nominated. I’ve always been a fan of Kurt Douglas and loved the way he joked with the actors & flirted with the actresses during his presenting. It was great & brought a tear to my eye!

    I know…this is a “Twilight” blog not a “Kurt Douglas” blog but I had to give my two cents.

  28. dazzled eyes says:

    I was disappointed. I didn’t think it would be much and figured that the goal was to lure the Twilight fan demographic so the telecast would get better ratings. I just thought it would at least show the fandom in a better light rather than just go for the cheap joke.

  29. Wow… way dumb.

  30. I haven’t seen the oscars yet, (I live in Ireland and it was the middle of the night here) and I hadnt heard they were doing anything Twilight related so I thought it was cute and funny…Gonna watch it tonight, although given the VERY negative comments about James Franco wondering now if Ishould bother.

  31. Twilibrarian says:

    I have been watching the Oscars for as long as I can remember – mid 1960s. Folks, you don’t get it. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gave a HUGE shoutout to the Twilight universe with that musical spoof. Although not in the running for any Oscars, that short 10 seconds said volumes about the impact of this franchise on the moving making industry.

    Was it lame? Absolutely! But it was lame at the Academy Awards!! That’s a pretty big “prop” in my book.

    • I almost always agree with you, Twilibrarian and I do regarding this Twilight Musical Spoof. Some Twilight fans need to realize that Twilight doesn’t even rate a ‘blip’ on the radar screen of many in the film industry. To have this cute little satire appear in what is the biggest and most prestigious awards show of the year I thought was amazing. And it absolutely was in recognition of the enormous box office this franchise has generated. I think sometimes we Twilight fans need a little bit of a reality check.

  32. It was pretty bad!! Not worth all that hype.

  33. not impressed at all!!! VERY CRAPPY 🙁
    and this is coming from a MASSIVE twilight fan!!!

  34. I wasn’t impressed with any of the Oscars. They alluded to a lot more suprises than just Twilight, and they all fell flat. The Twilight “musical” i guess was kind of cute, but like all of their jokes… it seemed thrown together and not funny. Let’s face it, Anne Hathaway and James Franco bombed majorly. So much for drawing a young crowd.

  35. Twilight Nymph says:

    I thought it was funny, I thought the part where Woody looks at Bella and Jacob hugging melancholony was cute. The Harry Potter part was just plain hilarious.


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