The Hillywood Show Spoofs The Vampire Diaries

The Hillywood Show just did a Vampire Diaries parody.

The Hillywood Show has a some filming facts, photos, and an interview up on their website. Judging by our forum discussion, there are a ton of Twilight fans that cross over into the Vampire Diaries fandom. Are you a Vampire Diaries fan? What did you think of the parody?


  1. Great job Hilly group!

  2. julie boyce says:

    so funny really enjoyed this

  3. Obsessed with Twilight, really enjoy Vampire Diaries. Hillywood is usually AMAZING. On this one, however, I found myself really confused and not seeing any of the ties to the show.

  4. I love the twilight and the vampire diaries. I liked this parody but I don’t think it was their best work it just didn’t flow that well.

  5. I like Hillywood and love Vampire Diaries, but this was awful and didnt fit the show

  6. I’ve never seen Vampire Diaries, but I love Hillywood’s productions. They are 2 VERY talented girls.

  7. I loved it!!!

  8. HUGE Vampire Diaries fan. Great spoof! Even worked a little Glee in there with the dentist office thing! Their parodies are awesome! Question for Lex admin if you’re reading-do you all watch TVD? Curious what you think of it?

  9. I CAN’T STAND the Vampire Diaries TV show.

    Read the books, everyone. Please. The books are phenomenal. And so much better. The plots are completely different, some characters are even different. The show is not nearly as good. The books are by LJ Smith, and she has many other novels and series.

    I will probably get pummeled for saying this, but I almost like LJ Smith better than Stephanie Meyer. *GASP* The only reason being, though, that LJ Smith has many, many books published. Stephanie only has Twilight series and The Host. So, although my absolute favorite books are the Twilight books, I just wish she had more books out to read.

  10. Well, I liked the spoof. I will confess that I understood absolutely very little of it as I have never watched the TV show, but have read the books.

    Still, The Hillywood Show always does a phenomenal job with their parodies and I enjoyed this one a lot.

  11. I adore the Vampire Diaries show and really loved this parody. Great work, as always.

  12. Marissa says:

    My favorite Lady Gaga song + Vampire Diaries? Awesomness!!! Loved it!

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