Stunt Gear Being Tested at the Bella’s House Location

Previously we told you about preparations at the Bella’s house location outside of Vancouver. The house had been decked out in Christmas decorations, which would coincide with the picture director Bill Condon released at Christmastime.  Now it seems there is a team testing out rigging that would be used to seemingly do the enter Bella’s window trick.

The last time this rigging was used was back in New Moon when Taylor Lautner, and not a stunt double, entered the upper window using the rigging. There’s lots of speculation as to what scene this is in prep for, and exactly who will be doing the window entering/exiting.   Check out the Newsflic blog for more photos and speculation.


  1. this is so got edwards name written all over it!!

  2. it could be Jasper/Emmett getting Edward for his bachelor party.

    • i agree probly when jasper and emmet are there and jasper goes up to tell bella what they do at bachelor party ^^ well a normal cullen is lion hunting =D

    • That’s what I was thinking. Can’t think of another time when it would be used b/c after that she’s living at Edward’s and then they have their own cottage.

  3. the only scene i can come up with is the night before the wedding when emmett and jasper come to get Edward for his bachelor party

  4. wow i can’t wait to see it

  5. Yea I think it’s Emmett and Jasper.

  6. smitten_by_twilight says

    The bachelor party scene is the ONLY one I can think of where anyone’s coming and going through Bella’s window in BD. Unless the script created a different scene? Do we get to hear Emmett’s nails on the window?!

  7. This is so cool! Every time I hear something else about BD it makes it even more exciting!

  8. olympic coven says

    Per Peter Facinelli there are many surprises in the movie. By making two movies all the little extras get to get in there. Here’s hoping the bachelor party got included.

  9. I like the bachelor party pick-up scene, since that’s in the book. However, it could be something extra. Maybe Bella sneaks back in to watch over her dad once she’s changed? Who knows.

  10. I hope it’s Emmett & Jasper coming to get Edward for his bachelor party. I love that scene in the book.


  1. […] Newsflic snapped some pics of some stunt testing at the Swan house. (via Twilight Lexicon) […]

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