Twilight Goes to the Oscars 2011

Unlike last year when Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart were presenters, there are no Twilight cast members among the presenters. Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood has a rough outline of the show from skits to who is singing and presenting. According to Nikki Finke here’s the only connection(and yes, it’s a stretch) as far as we can see:

“Florence (of Florence And The Machine) will perform with A.R. Rahman the 127 Hours song “If I Rise”

Check out Nikki Finke’s full report here.

Now, where there may be a Twilight reference is in the multiple comedy bits that Anne Hathaway and James Franco have planned in the show run. This seems to be confirmed by an OSCAR  producer in this video found by the Twilight Examiner Amanda Bell. and and James had this whole collection of spoof commercials and Internet videos they’ve done leading up to the ceremony (our favorite is below). Given James Franco’s Twilight obsession, that’s probably how it’s going to go down.


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