The Lex Celebrates FIVE Years On Line and Needs Your Help!

In just a few short weeks the Lexicon will be celebrating it’s FIFTH – yes FIFTH birthday! Never in a million years did we ever think we’d be on line and going strong five years after we started this “little” site, but yet here we are! If you’ve been around for past birthday celebrations, then we must tell you that nothing we’ve given away will ever compare to what we have in store for you during our birthday celebration. Trust me when I say in complete and sincere honesty that if you are a Twilight fan, you will want every single thing we have planned to give away. We have five prizes so amazing that we’ve never given them away before. EVER!

To help us get into the birthday mood, we need your help! In the past we have done podcasts where we’ve shared various funny stories from our years dealing with the Twilight fandom. But in planning a podcast for this birthday we were left trying to figure out what people most want to know from us that we haven’t already discussed. So we decided to let you ask all the questions!

Over the next few days, we will be taking questions from all of you here on the blog and over on our message boards.  You can ask us anything you’ve ever wanted to know about anything having to do with the site or Twilight. We will pull what we feel are some of the most interesting questions and answer them in a podcast and post it to kick off our birthday celebration.

We’re so pleased that you’ve stuck with us for all these years and are really very excited to share this birthday with all of you. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all the support we’ve had from this fandom. We look forward to reading your questions!


  1. mylovedward says:

    please please please tell us something about Midnight sun. when will it be complete?

    • Riverfaerie says:


    • How would TL know that? Stephenie keeps any info about MS pretty close to her chest. Check Stephenie’s website if you have any midnight sun questions.

      • Along these lines, do you have any idea about Stephenie’s future work schedule? What’s next, after her producing Breaking Dawn? More producing (like, producing “The Host”)? Writing more “Host” sequels? Cannibal mermaids? The Book That Shall Not Be Named? Something altogether new? Is she too busy managing family and things to do anything else?

        Also, you all have had a long time to think about Twilight. Stephenie has said that the books don’t mean anything, and they are just a fun story; I don’t know anyone who really thinks that. It *is* a fun story, but it seems like much more to me.

        So, first, what does the Twilight story mean (most important themes, etc)?

        And, second, what does the Twilight story mean to you, personally? What have learned from the Twilight Saga, and how has it helped you in your life?

  2. Okay so here is something that has never really been touched upon in my opinion. How loud can the cullens get? I mean we know they have amazing hearing and don’t need to be loud. And we know Edward can roar and Bella can schreech. But how loud on a comparison scale? As loud as jet fighter planes? Even louder than that? How many Decibels? If you get Stephenie to answer that it would be great as would your own opinions!

  3. How exactly are they going to use ALL of those little girls for Renesmee in Breaking Dawn?? How do you get all of the prizes you have to give away?

    • Well, I would assume that since Nessie ages so fast those girls will be Nessie at different stages of growth. Some might also be stand-ins for Makenzie Foy since child labor laws in movies/theatre are so stringent.

    • Their animating renessme. The girls are to base looks on and do the voices in different stages of her childhood.

  4. Why Did they change the directors for each movie?
    In breaking dawn 2 will change also?

  5. I’m not sure if you’re able to answer this one and I know Stephenie would be a little too busy to answer, so your opinions would be welcomed! This has been bugging me ever for a LONG time….

    What is Edward thinking, (or rather what is going through Edward’s mind,) when he and Bella are in the bathroom and they realize she is pregnant? Bella describes him as being set as a stone, like he is frozen and not having moved for a long time. I always wondered what was going through his mind during that “frozen” time.
    Thank Lexicon for providing me a guilty pleasure!

  6. Hmm… I have a burning question that I believe I have already posted somewhere on another forum, but I never got a definite answer from anyone, so I guess I’ll ask the experts!
    Fact 1: imprinting is largely a matter of genetics. If a shapeshifter imprints on a particular girl, it means she has the right genes, and someday her children will be great shapeshifters as well.
    Fact 2: female vampires cannot get pregnant.
    Judging by these two facts, I assume a shapeshifter cannot imprint on a full – stress on FULL, complete, total, 100%, you get the picture – vampire, not only because they are natural enemies and all that, but because they could never have kids. (Leave Jake and Nessie out of this, she’s not 100% vampire, so she doesn’t really count. They’re an adorable couple and have nothing to do with my question at all)
    So, the question is: if a shapeshifter imprints on a girl and THEN she is turned into a vampire, what happens to their special relationship? Is the feeling still there even though she is now sterile, or is it “cancelled” because it no longer has any reason to exist? And if the bond breaks, does the shapeshifter suffer mentally and/or physically, and can he imprint again in the future?
    I know it’s kind of complicated, but I would LOVE it if you addressed the question. I’ve been thinking about it for so long…

  7. Riverfaerie says:

    OK, I have a Master’s in English, same as Stephenie, and as much as I have analyzed this from every standpoint, I cannot for the life (or death) of me figure out WHY Alice has a grave, and what is with the dates. I’ve heard that this might be addressed in the Guide coming out this summer, but would love to know if others are mulling this over, or are perhaps as intrigued as I? Love the Lex, thanks so much for the dedication!

    • Didn’t her birth family want to play her off as dead rather than admit she was in a mental institution? So maybe they had a fake funeral/burial and put the headstone up to “keep up appearances.”

      • Yes, Alice’s family thought she was mentally ill and had her committed. To explain away her absence and the shame of having what they though of as mental illness in the family, they essentally killed her off. Not a totally uncommon thing for families to do back then.

  8. It’s explained in New Moon. Alice has a grave because by putting her in the asylum her parents considered her dead. Hence the date of death on her tombstone is the date she was admitted.

    I would like to know how your relationship with Stephenie began. How did you meet, and how did it grow to become one if Stephenie’s favorite fansites?

    • Riverfaerie says:

      Well, thanks Kathryn! I must have missed that, but admit I have only read the book once. I just kept thinking of it as a literal grave, and couldn’t figure out how Alice became unburied, etc…that does make much more sense. SO much for my brilliant literary skills, but hey, the plots and storylines are a little complex. Next time I have a burning question (and I do have one more!) I’ll just ask you! 🙂

  9. I’m just wondering if there has been a moment in all your years of covering twilight where you’ve felt really proud of your own coverage or that you’ve somehow “scooped” on a Twilight story?

    P.S. I Love your site, Happy Birthday

  10. Damn…I was hoping you were giving away Robert Pattinson as a prize. LOL

  11. aliyahculen says:

    when is midnight sun being published ?1?!?!?!?!?!?

    • I know this question is going to keep popping up, but No. One. Knows. Except maybe Stephenie, but even she might really know. If Lexicon knew and was allowed to tell us, they would have already done so.

  12. What was it like the first time SM ever contacted you and what is the most over-the-top moment you have had doing the website (either crazy fan experiences…or dream come true experiences etc)

  13. Riverfaerie says:

    How is it that Jacob comes of scott-free after he’s actually led Edward to believe that Bella is DEAD??? (Ahem, Kathryn, if you know…I am DYING to know!) I feel like that is the cut-off for me and Jacob, like I can’t trust him further, and I wonder how it is that Bella lets it go so easily. I know she’s just relieved to have Edward back, but I feel like that is inexcusable to nearly (mis)lead a person, even if he is a vampire and your mortal enemy, to his death/near death/immortal equivalent.

    • You stumped me on this one. LOL! But I would guess that it’s because it wasn’t intentional. I don’t think much of Book Jacob, but at least in that scene he comes across as sincere when he tells Bella he believes the caller is Carlisle and not Edward. And Jacob never actually said Bella was dead. Edward asked to speak to Charlie, and Jacob said he was “at the funeral.” Edward assumed that he meant Bella’s funeral. But I have no book evidence for this. It’s a guess. 🙂

      • I agree Kathryn. Jacob didn’t intentionally lie to Edward, he thought Carlise was calling. Besides if that hadn’t happened, then Alice and Bella’s rush to Italy to save Edward wouldn’t have needed to happen.

    • Going to have to agree with Kathryn here. If you’re going off the movie, it’s waaay different than the book (in more ways than just this, but that’s another topic). In the movie, it’s assumed Jacob knows the caller is Edward. Makes Jacob look pretty bad IMO.

      In the book, it’s assumed Edward is pretending to be Carlisle and that Jacob didn’t know it was Edward. Does that mean he didn’t? Will we ever really know if Jacob knew for sure it was Edward? That would be a question I guess only Stephenie would know. Bella does get mad at Jacob asking him whey he didn’t let her talk to the caller, but I guess she doesn’t really have time to get mad at him because they need to leave for Volterra right away. And when she gets back she probably figures it’s not worth the effort because everything worked out in the end. That’s my guess anyway!

      • Riverfaerie says:

        Gina, I see your point about him not REALLY knowing it was Edward, but he does really still deliberately mislead whomever it is on the phone into thinking that Bella is dead — and let’s not forget that he knows that Alice has communicated to her family that there is distress in Bella’s world. If Jacob had not done this, and Rosalie had not made that call, there certainly would be no catalyst to go to Italy…but I have a hard time forgiving either of their actions! (Maybe I am just a terrible person! And maybe it is easier to forgive when you have all of eternity to forgive na dforget…eternity is a lonnnnng time to hold a grudge!)

        • Haha no I get where you’re coming from. Was Jacob deliberate in his attempt in misleading the caller? Maybe. We all know that Jacob doesn’t exactly care for the Cullens. But deep down he knows that by hurting Edward he would be hurting Bella, and I would think she would know that.

          I guess we could say the same for Rosalie. But I do remember Rosalie apologizing and Bella saying the whole thing was her fault for jumping off the cliff in the first place. In typical Bella fashion, she feels like it’s her fault. So maybe that’s why she isn’t holding a grudge against either of them? She tends to think that everything bad that’s happened is solely her fault. Or maybe with everything else that happened after they came back with Victoria she just didn’t have enough energy to worry about it. Good question though-I hadn’t really thought of that before!

        • But he’s not deliberately trying to make them believe that Bella is dead. I don’t like book Jacob much, but I don’t think he’s that cruel and manipulative. Edward (as Carlisle) asks Jacob where Charlie is. Jacob answers. Bella isn’t even mentioned. Also, at that point in the story I don’t think Jacob is cunning enough or calm enough to even consider intentionally manipulating someone into thinking Bella is dead. He’s just mad that the Cullens have once again ruined a moment between him and Bella. He doesn’t have the presence of mind to come up with something that conniving on the spot.

          • Riverfaerie says:

            I dunno Kathryn…like I mentioned earllier, Jacob is aware that the Cullens know that something in Bella’s world is pretty wrong via Alice. He’d have no other reason to assume they’d be calling after being incommunicado for so long. No matter who he believes is on the phone, he knows how close the Cullens are and how close their relationship with Bella is, and he does say what he says with that full knowledge, and it is gosh darn misleading. This mystery of the Twilight universe may be an eternal one…

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      I gotta go with Kathryn, Gina, and Diane on this one. Although there’s little book evidence, check out SM’s site under New Moon Outtakes for Edward deliberately imitating Carlisle’s voice, and Jacob’s perspective on events. I also agree with the point about Bella blaming herself. Additionally (and I just thought of this this morning) both Jacob and Edward are much more inclined to blame Edward for LEAVING, thus deliberately inflicting pain and danger even if his motivations were the highest, than Jacob for momentarily not giving a complete answer (as in “He’s at Harry Clearwater’s funeral.”).

  14. I had a thought, what happened to Bella’s relationship with Rose after she is turned?

    • It’s mentioned in the book, the second Bella book to be precise. Bella says that her relationship with Rose is much better now because she (Bella) finally made the same choice that Rose would have made: having a baby.

      • hi, i just started reading the books.. uhm, i wanna ask if what’s book bella, book jacob, book edward? i thought there were just twilight, new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn?

        • smitten_by_twilight says:

          Breaking Dawn is divided into 3 “books:” 1, 2, 3, each subtitled for the POV it is written from, namely, Bella, Jacob, and then Bella again. Breaking Dawn is quite long, and did need to be broken up.

      • wow, you’re good on answering these kind of question.. lol

  15. What is your favorite experience with a cast member? With Stephanie?

  16. Two book related questions:

    Do the Voltari start hybrid development? They will eventually have a physical confrontation with the Cullen side and Alice can’t see hybrids so they could be their secret weapon.
    Is Nessie going to be able to have children?

    TL site questions: agree with earlier questions about how meet Ms Meyer? what best thing has happened as a result of working on the site? weird things? etc
    Will The Lion and the Lamb ever be finished?
    Happy Birthday!

    • Ness must be able to have children because the reason the Wolves imprint on a female is largely due to her having the best genes to help produce more Wolves for the Pack’s protection.

      • poor Nessie then having to deal with monthly periods for eternity. Or maybe there be a limit? It could be that Jacob is a genetic dead end like Leah, if Nessie can’t get pregnant.

  17. Hey guys,
    Thanks, thanks, thanks for all the work you guys do!!! I love this site 🙂
    I’m going along with the scoop question. After all, we all LOVE scoop.
    Is there anything you’ve ever come across that you haven’t dished on here on the Lexicon? Anything you did dish on and wish you didn’t? Anything you didn’t and wish you did? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    And I really liked last years podcast.
    I’m sooooo looking forward to your giveaways.

  18. Happy early birthday!!! I don’t have a question, yet. I just wanted to say thank you so much for making this site. I have “met” some really great people on the forums and have stayed connected through here and twitter. Without this site, I would never have met them!

  19. I have Question about Bella. Being a women she gets periods right. so why is then that Edward does not seem to react to her when she get her time of the month because she is bleeding and her blood does make him go a little crazy?

    • Stephenie discussed this on her website somewhere. The blood is “dead” and he is too much of a gentleman to say anything.

  20. Can’t Wait to see what you all do 😉 Let me know if I can help in any way 🙂

  21. Burning question: What kind of child will Jake and Nessie create?

    • Great question! If they have sons, will be they more like Vampires and be venomous? Will they have daughters that can beomes Wolves?

      • I doubt she’d be able to have kids, let alone want any. As stated in Bella’s thoughts in BD, Jacob doesn’t see Nessie in a seductive way. At her age in the book, the only reason he exists to to protect and love Nessie. However, Nessie does grow up but will stop growing at around 16? I can’t remember how old Nahumal is, which is who I am basing the assumption of how Nessie will age and at what age she’ll stop growing and live forever. If she stops growing and aging, that means the vampire part of her hybrid comes out and her body will not adapt to a growing fetus. If she did get pregnant before 16, then I would assume she could have kids since she is still growing. But I have a hard time thinking Jacob would want to think of Nessie in that way at such a young age and want to knock her up. And with Bella’s obsession with age throughout the series I have an especially hard time imagining Nessie having kids and calling herself a Grandma. Although it would be hilarious and entertaining, don’t think that would play out too well. Especailly with Edward….imagine Edward’s expression while hearing/seeing/listening/reliving Jacob’s thoughts after the act of conception? He said Jacob’s thoughts were loud when Jacob kissed Bella…how loud will his thoughts be after doing the dirty with Nessie?

        Long story short: I’m pretty sure there is the genetic dead end to the Swan/Mason name with Nessie.

        • This comment is not really accurate. I agree with the part that Nessie might not be able to have kids because at some point her body will stop changing/aging. But at the same time she might be able to have kids because she’s still part human. However, that part of Jacob not seeing Nessie that way and that he won’t have sexual relations with her because of what her dad might say, is not accurate. He might not see Nssie in a sexual way right now, but when she grows up he will start seeing her like that. I have 3 daughters, the oldest one is 6 and I tell you, I will beat dead whoever I see having dirty thoughts about ANY of them, but i’m not so stupid as to think that that will never happen. Jacob is just gonna have to control his thoughts around Edward and Edward is going to have to be mature enough to realize he has a grown woman and not a toddler like in the book.

        • smitten_by_twilight says:

          Wow, I have the opposite view of Nessie and her ability to have children … although I am lacking in opinion about whether or not she would want children and how Bella would feel about that (pretty sure Edward would be psyched about grandchildren). Without referring to my copy of BD, I think that Nessie may stop aging at a slightly more physically mature point than sixteen, although this is technically plenty mature to bear children. There’s no suggestion that vampire genes “take over,” as Nahuel’s heart continues to beat and he continues to have other slight differences in appearance and ability, eg, not running quite as fast as vampires. There’s no indication that this is necessary – werewolves don’t age, but they remain able to procreate. I strongly think Nessie could have children as an adult.
          However, I am in complete agreement that anyone involved in that way with Nessie better conceal their thoughts from Edward pretty well, or stay pretty far away, at least until Nessie clarifies with him that he needs to stay out of her (immortal) love life!

        • i haven’t read BD yet but could you tell me who Nessie is? We got same name, lol.. It’s my nickname actually

    • The Twilight Series has grown way beyond anything that SM could have dreamed of. So now she has this legion of fans that want more and more and more of this unique family. So do you know if she has considered expanding the series? Leah deserves some peace and happiness. Maybe a son of Nessie and Jacob’s could be the mate for Leah, now that would be interesting! After all with Leah’s temper, it’s not like she’ll start ageing anytime soon. Sooner or later the Cullen’s will have to leave Forks, would Jacob’s Pack go with him? I thought Midnight Sun was an intriguing twist on Twilight. Very seldom does a reader get such a deep glimpse into both of the lead characters minds. I know SM has indicated she plans to finish MS but has she thought of continuing it into the rest of the series? Make them more like novellas and not novels would be good. And last, why did SM make the Cullens so cold to the touch? I would think that, especially with Carlise as a Dr., it would be a particularly noticable oddity. I could understand cool but not as cold as is described in the book.

  22. Every time you go in to do a interview with one of the cast..Does your heart still pound like thunder? Does your throat dry out, and are you still jumping up and down in your head? I want to know if the interviews are old hat or do they still effect you like the first time…only under the surface! I seriously want to know, cause I would be struggling..even after ten interviews. Kudos for your hard work…

  23. i wanna ask if anybody from the twilight staff ever think that maybe they should also make a movie/ books that starred JACOB and BELLA.. I mean another version of the movie/books which concentrates this time on “What if, Jacob was the one that Bella chose?”

  24. maria belen savini says:

    how many years pass between the four books?
    will show the scenes Quil and Claire?
    and what is the address of the first house that appears cullen in twilight?

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      Don’t know about your last two questions, but almost exactly 2 years pass over the course of the four books. The first snowfall of the calendar year happens just a week after Bella arrives in Forks in Twilight; a year later, she is in zombieland in NM; Eclipse takes place over only a few months later that spring/summer; and BD ends with the first time the snow sticks, which happens to be after Christmas (although New Year’s is not mentioned. Maybe a little less than 2 years). I’ve thought a lot about this 🙂

  25. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Wow! Great dialogue, big excitement – this is why I come to Lexicon. Happy birthday and thank you for everything!
    I have some book and movie questions to propose:
    1. In the tent scene in Eclipse, does Edward know or strongly guess that Bella is awake? Cause it seems like he should, after so much time observing her sleep.
    2. In the same tent scene, but in the movie, have we ever heard how many takes they had to do of Jacob’s line “I am hotter than you” to get him not laughing? It really seems like he’s really struggling not to laugh – and who wouldn’t be, with a line like that?
    3. Any word on if they’re looking to get Muse’s Resistence for BD2? That would be PERFECT!
    Again, thanks for everything, especially giving addicts like me a place to get my heroin(e) fix!

  26. I thought of a question. You gals have obviously been a part of the Twiligt fandom for a good while. I was wondering what your response to BD was. I have noticed at least online there is a big divide among fans on what SM had happen in this book & how she decided to end the saga. Fans hate it & others love it. (Bella’s pregnancy, Jacob imprinting, and the non-action ending just to name a few.) I was wondering what your thoughts are on some of this.

    • Hmmm…Not that you wanted my opinion, but I think the ending had plenty of action; just not the ripping to shreds kind. Bella’s pregnancy was a perfect addition to the plot. The imprinting made everything that happened between all of them seem destined (and therefore worth all the heartache.)

      • Hi, uhm.. I wanna ask if you think they should make another version of these movies/books where Bella could end up with Jacob.. I just you know wanna know if some others here also think that Bella and Jacob could be good together.. Cause I think they should

        • smitten_by_twilight says:

          Hi Nessie! You seem very interested in this, so IMNO ….
          I can’t really see them making movies based on the storyline going a different direction for lots of reasons, like questioning the audience for it, and that fact that the actors will not physically look like they did when they did the original movies, so they’d have to re-cast, which would again distress large portions of the fan base …
          But most importantly, without giving away spoilers since I’m not sure how far into the story you are, the characters would not be themselves if Jacob and Bella ended up together. I agree (and I think SM would too) that they would be great together, but Bella’s character (constancy, sticking to decisions, etc) is not such that she can stop herself from loving someone once she’s started. Bella is pretty much permanently committed to Edward from about halfway through Twilight – again, IMHO 🙂

          • hey, thanks so much for answering my question.. yes, I’m very interested in this topic.. I really hope they try I mean, what if instead of Bella meeting Edward, she meets Jacob instead? If ever they do try to redo the whole thing I hope they don’t change any characters at all.. Anyway, thanks for answering my question..

  27. Dee Atkinson says:

    Thank you so much for your website and the wonderful prizes you give away at the movie events. My daughter & I go to every one in Nashville. Which star is the easiest to talk to? Who is your favorite?

  28. I’m so thankful for this website. It keeps me updated on all the latest information.

    My question is: How has the development of this website changed your lives? How has it affected your family and what doors has it opened for you? I’m sorry, that’s three questions. I just think it is amazing how big your site has become and how it has rallied so many people together

    Thank you for all that you do,
    Jean Loper

  29. Do you know how or who leaked Midnight Sun?

    The Twilight movies are winding down, do you think the Lexicon and interest in Twiligh in general will start to wind down too?

    What is your most enjoyable on screen twilight-related moment to date?

  30. How many hours a week do you each spend on the lexicon? How much does it cost to run this? When will you take me on as a volunteer? LOL!

  31. maria belen savini says:

    I have another question : which is the bella blue box mentioned in breaking dawn?
    And finally : vampires bathe?

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      I’ve wondered about vampires bathing too!

      • Hi there,
        I wish I could remember where I read it, but in an interview with Stephenie Meyer, she says that they do bathe. I don’t remember the exact quote, but I think she said that they bathe to remove dirt and debris. 🙂

  32. Hey guys happy early birthday! I am so excited and hope there are non video related contests so I can enter. I’ve never won one so I am so excited! I love the Lexicon. I get on it every day and have since 08/05/08.

    1. I tried to ask Gil this at a convention but I don’t think he understood but is it possible for two wolf pack members to imprint on the same female? Like What if Chaske imprinted on Emily and then when Embry turned into a wolf what if he then imprinted on Emily?

    2. Is Stephenie going to continue writing? A sequel to The Host? A brand new book or anything?

  33. Ok this is gonna sound a little wired but I was just wondering , It doesn’t really mention about bellas get periods until she doesn’t have one…

    So what happens when Bella is around let’s say Jasper or even Edward in the early days when she has her period ..

    Also say if Nessie grow does that mean she isn’t eternal living and does that mean Edward can turn her into a vampire ???

    My last one is can werewolves be turned into vampires???

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      The period question was addressed above. Also, remember they have all been going to high school, around lots of other girls ….
      Have you read Breaking Dawn yet? Cuz if you haven’t, spoiler alert! Both other questions are addressed in BD … Nessie looks on track for eternal life, as evidenced by a character introduced at the very end of BD, and it briefly mentions in the third “book” of BD that vampire venom would not have the effect on werewolves of turning them into vampires (or any werewolf-vampire hybrid). Tried not to spoil anything ….

  34. What do you think of Breaking Dawn from what you’ve seen and heard from the cast ?
    And what do you love about the Twilight fans and what makes them different from other fandoms ?
    Congrats on five years ! I appreciate everything you do ! Love you guys.

  35. What were the silliest rumors you ever saw on the web/were asked to confirm concerning the saga or the movies?

  36. Hmm…What’s one of your favorite movie premiere, Comic Con, or set visit moment?

  37. Twilighter813 says:


  38. How do you guys find time to run this website? Approximately how much time does it take and who does what. Also, how do you determine what stories to post and write?

  39. There are some fan fiction stories at Ramblings and Thoughts that address the monthly period question. There is at least one that goes a different path with Bella and Jacob together.
    And speaking of fan fiction: perhaps getting one of the ff authors to talk/explain how/why they have not completed some of their stories might help fans understand why we have to wait for Midnight Sun. Their fans would like to see those stories completed as much as like to see MS completed.

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