Twilight Wins MTV’s Love Triangle Poll

MTV’s Hollywood Crush pitted several YA series against each other in the category of Best Love Triangle. Here’s how MTV described Twilight:

“The Twilight Saga” by Stephenie Meyer
Perhaps the most famous (infamous?) YA love triangle of all, Jacob never really stood a chance (even with those abs) against Edward’s sparkling (hee hee!) personality. Bella only had eyes for one vampire and made the ultimate sacrifice to be with him forever. But, of course, Stephenie couldn’t leave Jacob all alone for eternity, so he imprinted on Bella’s daughter. Yep, we’re still scratching our heads too.”

Despite tough competition from series by Cassandra Clare, Suzanne Collins, and others Twilight won.


  1. Well I sure hope so. I’m sorry but Hunger Games, Vampire Diaries and Vampire Academy have nothing on the Twilight three.

    • I agree there. I just finished Vampire Academy, there wasn’t really any tension at all, not that I got anyway.

    • Shoegal2547 says:

      There wasn’t much competition in Hunger Games either…knew all along Peeta would prevail. Still don’t understand how E/B/J is a triangle?

      • I think the whole series took a slide after Twilight. Ms. Meyer never intended to write New Moon or Eclipse but she was asked by her publisher to explore Bella high school years more. It probablt ahould have ended at Twilight but once people saw $$…… as far as the “love triangle” goes. i am not touching that one.


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