Muse Wins Grammy for Best Rock Album

Muse has been linked to the Twilight novels since back in 2005 when they were on Stephenie Meyer’s playlists. They are also the only band to be on all three movie soundtracks, and we can only hope they’ll be on Breaking Dawn 1 and 2!

MTV caught up with them backstage where they only had moments to chat before rushing to the airport to catch a plane.

Are you a Muse fan, and did Twilight first expose you to Muse?


  1. Totally!! Supermassive Blackhole was my first ever Muse experience thanks to Twilight and from that point on…Muse has been my one and only MUSE (only shadowed by Twilight ofcourse :P) 😀 THANKS STEPHANIE MEYER and the TWILIGHT TEAM for introducing me to these rockers!

  2. HUGE Muse fan, and I did discover them thru Twilight! GO MUSE!!

  3. I discovered Muse thanks to Twilight and love them ever since 🙂

  4. I’d never heard of them before the epic baseball scene.

    I was kind of disappointed about their ambivalent statements since; I understand, just kind of bummed.

  5. I was already a fan of their music before I’d ever heard of “Twilight”. They’re my favorite band and I think their Grammy win was well-deserved.

  6. I loved them way before twilight. Muse rules! Same goes for paramore. I actually found twilight because of paramore.

  7. Yes, & yes. I downloaded all their musinc BECAUSE of being able to listen to it at SM’s website first.

  8. i of course listened to them before twilight, and they are far better then twilight.


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