Happy Valentine’s Day With an Official Isle Esme Photo

Summit Entertainment just put this out via their Facebook. It’s an Isle Esme shot. Wonder if it was difficult to photoshop out the flotilla at sea?


  1. wow nice pic cant wait for breaking dawn

  2. I was supposed to mention this a few days ago but forgot..Last night (or sunday night..I cant remember now..oops) Twilight was played on TV here in New Zealand. I cant really remember what TV was like in America since its been 12 years since I was there. But here in NZ its free. Has it played free to air anywhere else yet?

    • I believe the only channel here in the US it’s played is on showtime, which is a premium channel. You normally have to pay extra to get showtime, but once you have it you can watch anything on the channel at no extra charge.

      I’ve always sorta wondered why it hasn’t played on any other (non-premium) stations. I thought I’d heard at one point that FX had picked up rights to play all Twilight movies, but have yet to see any of them. Anyone else heard anything on that?

      Oh…and that pic is awesome!! 🙂

    • Wraithe—Only on channels that you have to pay extra money to have (in America) so far.

    • Twilight and New Moon play on Showtime alot which im pretty sure is a station you have to pay for… but i dont think twilight has played on a normal/free T.V station yet

  3. I knew there would be a picture today! What’s the next holiday…St. Patty’s Day? I don’t think we’ll get one for President’s Day.

  4. They have this posted over on Twifans, too, and I don’t understand why all the excitement!!! This is ridiculous!!!!! I feel insulted!!! Would it have killed them to give us a picture with Edward and Bella actually in it???????? I mean it’s one thing to keep us all atwitter and agog over the upcoming movie, but give me a break!! Thanks for nothing!!!

  5. Hoping everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day.

    I have to agree with KittyC. There’s “down low” and then there’s “obscurity.” I fear we are running off the rails of late off into the obscurity patch.

    Can’t someone hand Kellan or Jackson a camcorder and have Mackenzie take us on a little behind the scenes tour?


  6. Tease! Why such a tease?!

  7. I was hoping for a pic w/some characters in it. I don’t care who. One of the Cullen couples or something. I guess it is better than nothing. I do like the lanterns leading up to (I assume) the house.

  8. I’m assuming that’s the speedboat Edward and Bella arrive, with the lanterns lighting the way to the house. I guess they were trying to “tease” and leave it up to our imaginations? I dunno…..but at least there’s a pic.

  9. PixieWings36 says

    I wonder what Bill will give us for Mother’s day… maybe a still of a pregnant Bella, or Vampire Mommy Bella?! lol

  10. i like that their are no characters in the picture i want to watch the movie without a bunch of spoilers and clips like newmoon and eclipse i felt like i saw the movie before it even came out

  11. I think that this should’ve been the first pic released, and the hand/feather pic should’ve been for Valentine’s Day.


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