Twilight Makes CNN’s Most Iconic Movie Kisses

CNN has a list of what they consider to be the most iconic movie kisses. There are some oldies like Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable and Scarlett and Rhett from Gone With the Wind to modern ones like Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic.


Even the most diehard members of Team Jacob can’t deny the romantic power of Bella and Edward’s first kiss. Kristen Stewart — who’s almost uniformly closemouthed about her off-screen relationship with costar Robert Pattinson — did offer “I get to kiss Edward Cullen,” when asked to name a few of her favorite things about the gig.”

Check out the entire list here.


  1. Great! I think this kiss definitely deserves to be on the list, it’s so good. Rob and Kristen totally nailed the mood, as well as Catherine directing it.

  2. edwardsmylion says:

    I still think the kiss during the dance at prom in the gazebo was more delicious!

    • It’s a tough choice for me! I have watched the ‘gazebo’ scene so many times I have warped my dvd! When Edward bends Bella back and goes towards her necks for what she thinks will be the bite that changes her, but he kisses her neck instead, I can’t even breathe! But then, that first kiss “I just want to try one thing!” is equally breathtaking and when he throws himself away from her, but she says “Don’t go” and he slowly walks back towards her with the smoldering look, sweet cheezits, I just can’t choose!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think that this great!


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