Confessions of a Male TwiHard: Valentine’s Day Style

Next Movie’s Confessions of a Male Twihard has a tongue-in-cheek look at Valentine’s Day with Twilight commentary.


According to Stephenie Meyer, she isn’t sure why a ruffled tulip appears on the cover of “New Moon” because she wasn’t involved with the cover design. We can guess it stems from the idea that the ruffled tulip symbolizes perfect love. Buying a bouquet of those would be a nice gesture for even non-fans. Put the ruffled tulips in a black vase for fans, though.

If you’d like to forego the traditional flower gift, send your lover a fruit basket instead, filled only with red apples. If you have a dramatic bent, perhaps present one apple first in your hands like on the “Twilight” cover. If you’re a bit on the crazy side, you can take a bite from each one beforehand to symbolize your desire to eat the “forbidden fruit.”

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  1. My opinion

    Two thoughts…

    I believe one reason men don’t get the Edward and Twilight obsession and even complain about the vampires not being ‘real vampires’ like in other books, TV and movies is they don’t realize Twilight actually is not a vampire story. It is a pure wonderful love story. It is Romeo and Juliet told in the first person by the ‘Juliet’ character. As in all fantasy and sci fi, you need to be able to suspend your preconceived notions about how things ‘work’ or are normal. After all, it was a writer who decided on the other vampire models and so this writer, the now very wealthy Stephanie Meyer used her own creative license to fashion her own fictional world and design characters as she chooses. So get over it.

    It may be true, that to the long since out of teen years crowd, the books and even the movies can be somewhat melodramatic at times and perhaps rarely even a tad silly. For the the appeal to be understood, it must be realized that it is the underlying theme of the seemingly impossible doomed but over whelming love between the star crossed lovers that is audience gripping. A story as old as time. Importantly, men perhaps could take a page out of Edward’s book and treat their ladies with the love, and devotion Edward does. He is the whole package of every woman’s fantasy man and life. Yes, what breathing female doesn’t fantasize about the handsome prince charming, the strong, brilliant, rich, protective and honest man with only one weakness, his beloved. As a bonus he can bestow eternal youth, limitless wealth, great sex with no wandering or desiring of another lady ever. Marry this man and you never have to prepare meals, go to the bathroom, and the time you would have spent sleeping is spent making love endlessly. Edward comes complete with countless other wonderful traits, like charming old fashioned manners and treats his lover with honor, respect and ceaseless love. Young girls go ga ga for Edward the character and for Robert Pattinson the actor, it is true. But there are thousands of mature women who on a much deeper level, sigh and quite understand the appeal. Men should know also that when they ridicule their woman’s mention of her enjoyment of the Twilight phenomena, it may be taken very personally and perhaps they are thinking “Well of course this crude dumb self absorbed brute doesn’t get it. Look at him”…May I suggest a smarter approach may be to ask what she enjoys about the fantasy and try to understand what a man can do to fill the void left by him.

  2. Damn, that was good, Christine. Who could have said it any better than that???

  3. So far from what I’ve seen of the guys in our fandom that have read the books,is that they get why Edward and Jacob equally have good qualities about them. Stephenie herself said that guys tend to like Jacob more,because they can relate to him being a more “normal” guy. Edward is described as perfect by Bella,but underneath even she knows what his flaws are and that’s why he’s such an interesting character. On the surface he appears to have it all-money,cars and on top of it all blinding good looks. However when you look deeper he’s a pretty broken person,because of what he went through in his life before his transformation. I love the series because you can see how flawed the characters are and how they grow by the end of it. That’s the kind of series I enjoy reading time and again.


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