Carter Burwell Writing Renesmee’s Luluby for Breaking Dawn

Carter Burwell the composer for Twilight was announced awhile ago as returning in that role for Breaking Dawn. Amanda Bell, the Twilight Examiner, confirmed that the Carter Burwell twitter was legit. It is now locked. However before it was looked it tweeted the following exciting news.

TY to DarkAngelWolf2 on Twitter who screen capped the now invisible item for us!

Not sure why he locked the Twitter, kind of late to lock the barn door once the horse got out!


  1. Right? Silly! I’m sure he’s going to get hell for it tho… Happy to have helped!

  2. So exciting! I don’t remember there being a Renesmee’s Lullaby in the book. It’s cool none the less. We’ll see Robward play the piano onscreen!! 🙂
    I hope they have him play Bella’s Lullaby in the scene when she comes back from J.Jenks. (In the book he plays it to welcome her home.)

    • In the second Bella section, when Renesmee is showing Bella her memories as they stand in front of the window, there is a memory of Edward singing to Renesmee as Bella lies on the gurney “burning.” The book says that Renesmee liked it so much that she played it for Bella twice. Not sure how this is going to be done in the movies if Edward is playing it on the piano for her.

      In general, this makes me nervous because I wasn’t a fan of the lullaby from the first movie. Was is a good song? Sure. Was it Bella’s lullaby? Absolutely not. Of course, there isn’t much description of this second lullaby in the book so the expectation won’t be as high. I’m just not sure Carter Burwell understands the concept of lullaby. It’s supposed to be gentle and soothing, but the lullaby from Twilight was just too…big, if that makes sense. And it built at the end instead of kind of tapering out like a lullaby should. Brahm’s Lullaby is a good example of what the song should have been like in terms of style.

      • I totally agree with you about Bella’s Lullaby. I know nothing can live up to ones imagination but I had looked forward to the moment in the movie where Edward plays for Bella and it was just wrong. If you go back and read that section in the book, we are given very specific details about the song. (I think reading Midnight Sun is also not helping my opinion because I LOVE the part where he plays the song for Alice and Esme and it is again very detailed.)

      • “First Love” by Yiruma…that is what I consider to be Bella’s Lullaby. It is beautiful, and exactly what I would have imagined from Stephenie Meyer’s description I have included it within the Twilight Soundtrack playlist on my Ipod. 🙂

        Don’t get me wrong…I think Carter Burwell is an extremely talented, accredited composer, but I thoroughly agree with your comment about him not understanding the true description of a lullaby. “Bella’s Lullaby” from the first movie was much too grand. Well said!

        • The song from New Moon, The Meadow, is closer to a lullaby that what Carter Burwell called Bella’s Lullaby.

      • I agree 100%. The song was beautiful, but not Bella’s Lullaby

      • I read on another site, that Rob will be playing the piano in the movie, and SINGING!!! OMG I really hope it’s true, wouldn’t it be soooo sweet to see Robward singing to Renesmee.

        I agree with you about ‘Bella’s Lullaby” I really hope he plays something more soothing to Nessie, something that could put her to sleep and give her good dreams.

  3. W O W. He’s writing the music for BD?! I could’t be any happier.

  4. Helen Pauline says

    I’m happy that they’re showing Edward playing the piano again.

  5. So very very very excited about this. One of the gravest oversites made specifically by Chris Weitz, in my opinion, was not taking advantage of Rob’s musical abilities in deepening that connection both between he and Edward AND Bella & Edward. I’m soooo ecstatic that Bill Condon is finally bringing that gift back to us.

    • That is an excellent point. Weitz could have done so much with Robert with Edward giving Bella a CD for her birthday. Instead it wasn’t even mentioned.

    • I am SOOOO happy about this! I LOVED the Twilight score, and I wished they would have kept the main theme through all the films. I also LOVED Bella’s lullaby. This is great news… even better that Rob will be playing it on Piano. Now I just hope another one of his songs will make the soundtrack 🙂 I’m getting greedy. Great job, Bill Condon, so far so good!!

  6. Yes!!! I am so happy about this! I can’t wait…is it November yet?

  7. I missed earlier announcement that Carter was doing the music for Breaking Dawn. Very good news. Edward does sing/hum a tune to Reneesmee while Bella was burning, Nessie plays it back to Bella in Ch 23 Memories.

  8. I hope it’s better then Bella’s. But I think he’ll get it and I’m actually excited to hear it.

  9. YES!! I’m so excited about this, can’t wait to hear what Carter has composed for BD. And Rob playing the lullaby is beyond dream come true, I somehow didn’t think it would be in the movie. I’m so glad they’re putting it in! This news is making me more excited about BD than any other information we’ve got till now. *jumping around the house*

  10. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Renesmee’s Lullaby isn’t as cluttered as Bella’s was.

  11. Am i the only one who loved Bella’s Lullaby??…
    ANyhoo i’m soo excited abt this new news!! It will be as awesome as the Bella’s!! Keeping my fingers crossed!! 🙂

    • You’re not the only fan of Bella’s lullaby,I have it on my ipod.I thought it was hauntingly beautiful on the first soundtrack. I’m glad to hear that Burwell is indeed returning to score BD. I’d heard that Bill Condon had worked with him previously on the film Kinsey. So he obviously wanted to work with a composer he was familiar with. I’m sure Renesmee’s lullaby will be just as beautiful as the piece Edward wrote for her mother. Simply cannont wait to see Robward playing this in the film. It’s going to be a great scene.

    • Nope, love it. It is also the ringer on my cell phone.

    • I also loved Bella’s Lullaby, never could understand the ‘hate’ for it. It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear cuz it’s so beautiful. I’m very happy that Carter Burwell is writing the score for the BDs although I like Alexander Desplat’s score for New Moon very very much, too.

      • No one said it was a bad song. In fact, we’ve made a point of saying it’s a nice song. It’s just not a good Bella’s lullaby because it isn’t a lullaby.

  12. They definately picked the right composer to come back and do the score for the final films!! Burwell’s score for Twilight was the best of the lot! yayyy…so excited about November, but don’t want to wish Spring/Summer away!!

  13. Love it! Can’t wait!! I love Carter Burwell’s work!!

  14. Woot! I’m sooo ecstastic about this!I can imagine sitting in the theatre and watching Robward play it onscreen. This news just goes on to show that Bill Condon seems to get what the fans love. So far,so good. 😀

  15. I too loved Bella’s lullaby. I’m thrilled Carter Burwell is back and that we get to see Rob play on screen. Great news!

  16. I think I might be alone in this one..but I am scared. I didnt care too much for the score from the first film. Especially Bella’s lullaby. Ive seen commercials with more depth than his music. It didnt trigger the emotions that I wanted to feel reading the book. The moments were so different and breezed over quickly and the music just exaggerated that aspect of the film. I think it put a cheesy spin on things. I am really scared hes going to do the same thing for this film. Hope Im wrong.

    • Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We have a mini discussion going up at the beginning of the comments. LOL!

  17. First off, so glad to hear that Carter is joining us to help finish off the Saga with a bang. I personally loved Bella’s lullaby and am pretty excited to hear they are creating one for Renesmee. Very sweet.

  18. I love the music in all three movies for different reasons, but Twilight’s score had an ethereal quality that really set the mood for the story well. I’m looking forward to the continuity this will establish as the series comes to a close and, of course, can’t wait to see Rob playing the piano on screen!
    And lucky me, I’ll get to hear Bella’s Lullaby again in May, as my sister is including it in her wedding! =)

    • I agree.Each film has had it’s own tone that,tells the story of what’s going on in that specific book. At first I was very happy to hear that Howard Shore was going to score Eclipse,but I have to be honest and say I was slightly disappointed with a few of the tracks. Alexandre Desplat’s score for New Moon is still my favorite,because he captured all of the emotions of Bella and Edward’s separation and reunion perfectly. I think Burwell will do a fine job on Breaking Dawn and I can’t wait to hear Renesmee’s lullaby. It’s probably going to be very pretty.

      • Thank you – I totally agree that Alexandre Desplat’s score was perfect for the mood and tone of New Moon. I played it so much in my car’s CD player that I wore it out!!!!

  19. NOOOO! His score was the only one that sucked!

  20. I’m excited to hear this! I loved Bella’s Lullaby and The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb in the first film, and think it’s so fitting for Burwell to score the last one. And to have Pattinson play Renesmee’s Lullaby in the last one will be just…amazing! Can’t wait to hear it.

  21. I sent a request to follow and it was accepted, so if you want to follow him, I would send a request.

  22. I’m going to sound like a downer, but I honestly loved Alexandre Desplat AND Howard Shore’s scores SOO much more. think about the possibilities if Howard Shore had been able to write Bella’s Lullaby….
    if they were going to choose a returning composer I wish it would have been one of them. sorry 🙁

    • I happen to agree with you, Mel. There is a huge collection of talented composers who excel at capturing and accentuating the mood of the movie, especially the different scenes, and Burwell made Twilight even more cheesy. When I watch movies, I pay special attention to the score. Desplat and Shore did very well with their respective movies and gave more depth (not cheesiness). Although I haven’t heard much of Desplat, except for what he did for Harry Potter #7, I really liked what he did for New Moon. No matter what movie he composes for, Shore will always do a great job, so I never doubted him for a second for Eclipse nor was I disappointed either. I did not like Bella’s Lullaby at all and it makes me nervous thinking about what Burwell is going to come up with for Breaking Dawn.

      I would rather have Desplat or Shore come back.

  23. I think Alexandre Desplat would have been fabulous to do the score, but I believe he’s probably busy scoring the last Potter film at the moment. So, for me, Burwell is a good choice. Goes without saying that Shore is a great composer, but I was disappointed with Jacob’s song. It just wasn’t memorable. And, as I mentioned before, I think it’s fitting that the films end this way.

  24. This makes me really happy. I’m always disturbed when reading Breaking Dawn because Jacob seems to spend more time (still creepy IMO, sorry) with Edward’s baby than he does. So the more Edward and Renesmee scenes the better! I’m really happy that the producers/directors seem to understand what nice bookends bringing the composer back will create for the movies. I would love if BD captures some of the ethereal magic that is present in Twilight.

  25. The Twilight score has been my favorite and I am so glad Mr. Burwell is writing for BD, to end the sage:)

  26. *Lullaby, not luluby (spelling needs to be corrected in title)

  27. OMG!!!! this is SO awsome!!!

  28. lullaby*

    Sorry, inner spelling freak in me freaking out about “luluby”.

  29. After reading this post, I was curious to learn more about Carter Burwell. So, I went to his website to read about him. I thought this little tidbit was interesting:

    “I showed it to Catherine Hardwicke and she found it “thrilling, exhiliarating.” And so this unnamed tune became “Bella’s Lullaby.” It’s worth noting, though, that neither Catherine nor I ever called it that. We always referred to this tune as the “Love Theme” and I think it makes much more sense if you think of it this way. It’s more complex and emotional than any lullaby I’ve ever heard.”


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