Letters to Twilight On MSN’s Obsessed: Harry Potter vs. Twilight

The gals over at Letters to Twilight wrote to tell us that, “A few weeks back I was contacted by comedian Kevin Avery who is producing a web series on MSN.com called Obsessed which explores fandoms and why people like what they like. The first fandoms he wanted to feature were Harry Potter and Twilight! I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kevin to talk some Twilight and help him understand why we love it so much and why our fandom is the bestest.”

A bigger description in on the Letters to Twilight website.

“Last month I was asked to be interviewed as a Twilight “Expert” (ha!) in a web series called Obsessed by comedian Kevin Avery. The series was going to compare the Twilight and Harry Potter fandoms.  I’m sure you can guess that I thought it was going to be a Colbert Report type thing where Twilighters were made fun of they went for the easy jokes instead of really getting to know a bit more about the Twilight fandom. BUUUTTT that was not the case at all, Kevin was awesome and totally got the fun, the crazy and the deep stuff about Twilight. I had a blast letting him in on the inner workings of the Twidom and sharing a little bit of why we love Twilight so much even when it doesn’t make sense!”

See more of the Letters to Twilight event description here.

You can find the video here. For some reason MSN of all places doesn’t have an embed code.