Henry Cavill cast as Superman

As long time Twilight fans know, Henry Cavill was Stephenie Meyer’s first choice to play Edward Cullen.  Before a film was even being made, Stephenie had a page up at her website that named several current actors and who she felt best caught the spirit of her characters.  Fans everywhere had icons and manips of Henry as Edward with quotes from the book.  Some people still have those!  So when news of Henry Cavill being cast as Superman hit the internet, many Twilight fans took notice!

As the resident Superman fan here at the Lexicon, I can’t stress how excited I am to hear this news!  Cavill was actually passed over as Superman a few years ago when Brandon Routh won the roll.  Now, with the apparent “reboot” of the series, a new writer, a new director, and a new Superman have all been brought into play.  The reboot will be similar in the way that Batman Begins rebooted the Batman franchise, going with a darker, grittier tone. (Although, as a Superman fan it’s difficult for me to understand how you can make a “dark” story about a man who gets his powers from the sun, but that’s a topic for another fandom!  LOL!)

So congrats to Henry Cavill for landing one of the most coveted and talked about rolls right now.  In fact Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Joe Manganiello (True Blood), and Armie Hammer (The Social Network) where all up for the role.  I’m sure there will be many Twilight fans heading to the theatre to see Henry take on the duality of Clark Kent/Superman.  Tell us in the comments what you think about this one time Edward favorite taking on such a recognizable role.

Check out how E! looks at “Five things about the New Superman.

And as a bonus, hear Stephenie Meyer’s quick comment about Henry when we spoke to her at the premier of Eclipse.  Amanda Bell from The Twilight Examiner asks about casting Diego From Bree Tanner around the 7:34 mark which leads to a short discussion about Henry.


  1. And this is Twilight news because…………….?

  2. Because he’s the Edward Stephenie imagined HELLO. I also heard that if he was younger that he would of taken the role and honestly I love Rob but I would of preferred him. And I’m hoping he’ll be in one of Stephenie’s other books when they get turned into movies.

    • I know that. But why on earth is this newsworthy in the Twilight world? If I remember correctly, SM wanted Emily Browning to be cast as Bella. I haven’t seen any articles on here about HER latest movies.
      Talking about actors who are actually IN the Twilight movies are one thing (even though I’m not sure how Water For Elephants has anything to do with the Twilight Series) but talking about actors who are NOT in any of the Twilight movies who are in movies that have NOTHING to do with Twilight on a Twilight website makes no sense to me.

      • If we had news out of Stalag17 we’d run it, but there isn’t any.

      • Twilight_News says:

        I can understand you reasoning, and we did debate if we should run it or not. We figured since we had the comment from Stephenie about Henry from the premiere and because it was such a high profile casting out of Hollywood that it would be fun.

        • I guess it could go either way for this particular news since it is big in the news right now. As an avid Superman fan, it is exciting to see this movie taking form. 🙂 But I don’t really see room for it here.

      • You don’t think Water for Elephants is worthy news??

        • Of course I do! But this is a TWILIGHT WEBSITE. This site is supposed to be “The go-to source for Stephenie Meyer information since 2006.”
          Correct me if I’m wrong, but Stephenie Meyer has nothing to do with Water for Elephants.

  3. edwardsmylion says:

    He’s very handsome but I’m still glad Robert won the role….something about his unique look and those dreamy eyes just screamed Edward to me. I look forward to Henry as Superman instead.

  4. I often had found comparisons that Edward is a mix of Jesus and Superman. Also the new Superman comics modeled the character to look like Rob so I was very amused and happy about this news. I also read on ONTD that Kstew supposedly is contending to play Lois Lane. That will bring things full circle, even if I doubt that the rumor is true. We will know more about it by now if it was.

  5. Interesting how Bella has a superhero theory about Edward in the beginning and now Stephenie’s first choice for Edward is landing that roll. I’m happy for Henry and I loved him in The Count of Monte Cristo. He is very handsome and would have done a good job as Edward, but I sure love Rob.

  6. I thought this was very interesting, he is a doll and I could so see him as Edward. I’m glad he got such a great roll and am sure he will do it justice, and maybe create alot of new superman fans along the way.

  7. CantanteDiEdward says:

    I caught a whiff of this early yesterday and I am truly happy for Henry. I love him in The Tudors. Some of his scenes…(swoon). Can’t wait to go see Superman now!

  8. Wow,can’t see him as Edward but Henry IS amazing! If your old enough,you should catch him in “The Tudors”! He was awesome in EVERY way! I am so excited that he is going to be “Superman”!

  9. Twilight Nymph says:

    I think he will be a great Superman,I loved Henry Cavil in the Tudors. Yet, hopefully he can avoid the supposedly acclaimed Superman curse. =/ He also would have made a really good Edward, but yeah I prefer Rob,something about him ,makes it right.

  10. I’ve been a passionate Superman fan longer than I have been a Twihard (I too could groan all day about this supposed dark tone to the new Superman film, gesh!), and when I heard this casting news the other day, I chuckled because my two fandoms had crossed paths! Now the message boards are in a frenzy because Kristen Stewart supposedly read for the part of Lois Lane (not that I believe that one for a second). I’m happy that Henry got the part of Clark Kent/Superman because I wasn’t too happy with some of the other names being associated with the part. And, isn’t Stephenie Meyer a big Superman fan also? She had mentioned Tom Welling for the part of Emmett once, so I assume she watches Smallville. If so, I bet she’s smiling over this one too…

  11. Atlanta Roofing says:

    I am sure a lot of people made fun of Twilight before they knew what it was. It stormed the news media everywhere, you were drowning in it. For us fans it was a great thing, but for everyone else and especially people that genuinely didn’t like it. It must have been awful.

  12. Bridgette W. says:

    To me, Tom Welling will always be Superman, he is Clark Kent. After all these years of loving Smallville, it’s hard to imagine anyone else as Superman.

    • I completely agree! I’ve been a Smallville fan for many years and I was really hoping Tom would be the next actor to play Superman on the big screen. However, if this movie is casted well and has a good script, this movie might turn out wonderfully!

  13. Summer Edwards says:

    Maybe the movie would have been better if Henry Cavil was cast. Kristen Stewart should be replaced along with Rob and Taylor. the acting in these movies is sooo HORIBLE!!!!!!! These movies have ruined the books. The Books are wonderful. I wish we could all go back to the time before the movies were ever made.


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