Chris Weitz Bets Bella Would Like His Latest Movie

Chris Weitz’s latest movie goes back to his indie filmmaker roots.  It’s called A Better Life and is incidentally a Summit Entertainment film.  Chris Weitz describes the movie as, “In a very unsentimental, realistic way, it explores the love between a father and son and the tremendous efforts that people make to realize their dreams in this country.”

During their interview, Cinematical asked Chris if Twilight fans would come out for this film. Here is what he had to say:

To the Twi-hards:

Weitz says: “Look, let’s be honest: There’s not a single vampire, not a werewolf or star-crossed romance in sight. Jose is quite a heartthrob but just doesn’t have Jacob’s abs. Demian plays an amazing Dad but doesn’t have to deal with quite the same issues as Charlie Swan. But if a fan of ‘Twilight’ came away from watching ‘New Moon’ with a sense that that movie has been done well by me and my crew, they might be interested in seeing another film that deals with some pretty intense feelings and, frankly, packs a tremendous emotional wallop. I’ll put it this way: I bet that Bella would go see ‘A Better Life.’ I bet she’d make the drive out to Port Angeles. And I bet she’d like it.”

Check out the full story on Moviefone’s Cinematical.


  1. Okay, do you think they maybe get tired in interviews of always answering a Twi-question while trying to talk about their new projects. I noticed an interview with Elizabeth R. the other day where they were interviewing her about her new project and suddenly they started asking about Kristens cooking habits, she literally rolled her eyes, and then politely answered of course, but you have feel for them.

  2. I saw that interview and the eye roll. To be honest I don’t blame her. I felt that way for Kristen herself when she was doing Sundance (I think it was) press about Welcome to the Rileys and the interview kept going off course to try and talk about Twilight. She was polite but you could tell it was starting to get irritating.

    I did like how Chris reached out to his Twilight fans. I think New Moon lost its luster a bit after Eclipse came out. I just hope Chris knows that us fans haven’t forgotten how much we loved it.

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