Video: Breaking Dawn Filming at Arsenal Park Tonight

TY to Freakin Loon for the heads up!


  1. I find it disturbing that people refer to the actors by their character names. “I wanna see Jacob!”
    um. no. You want to see Taylor Lautner.

    • I know right!!!! I was wanted to go through the screen and strangle those people! Especially the Jacob girl! Just shut up! You are not helping the stereotype here.

    • Ya,I agree. But eather way there both really,REALLY hot!

  2. Please know that not all BR Fans act like idiots! Some of us have more class than the hicks who always seem to find themselves in front of a camera.

  3. I feel like Brittany. I think I’m one of the “sensible” fans. (I’m still squeaking like a hormonal teenager but I don’t think Taylor IS Jacob or Robert IS Edward, I still have a sense of reality)
    I’d never get caught in front of a camera talking. I have a phobia about cameras and I can’t stand appearing in a video.
    That said, even if I weren’t phobic… seriously, most people shot by TV look like morons. Not because they are (I don’t know the people and wouldn’t make that assumption) but because they’re not prepared. They don’t have a speech ready, they aren’t professional. So when I see someone saying “I wanna see Jacob” or “I wanna see Edward”, I won’t jump to the conclusion that they’ve lost all sense of reality… I’ll assume they weren’t prepared and blurted it almost unconsciously.
    This said… Yeah… I wouldn’t go on location. First I’m in Europe, second I don’t wanna be interviewed by the TV, third… I’d rather keep myself “virgin” (as much as possible) for the theater.
    Lovely job, Twilight Lexicon staff!

  4. We are talking only about the fans that call the actors by character name.. but the big point of this vid for me is. What scene will they shoot in a large park??? The scene with the volturi maybe? Or with the wolfs?

  5. Anyone know what scene was filmed?

  6. Maria Jensen says

    I am thinking that it might be the scene with Jacob and Lizzie, you know, the girl he meets in the park after Edward has “heard” Renesmee for the first time in Bellas womb, and Jacob drives away in the Aston Martin. 🙂


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