Summit Entertainment Releases Official Breaking Dawn Title Treatment

I think we could have guessed it would look something like this as it is stylistically similar to the others in the series. Thoughts?


  1. Font is the same of course… but it’s a little busy looking, imho –

  2. It appears to be close to the original Twilight, only in red. I think it’s appropriate; a throwback to the beginning at the end.

  3. I wonder why they changed the “g” from the original font…

  4. I like it!!! Simple.

  5. I was actually thinking about this a few days ago and did some research to see how long before the movie came out that they released this and the artwork. Awesome!

  6. I don’t like the colors very much. :/

  7. I’m with the “too busy” group. Reduce the size of some of the vertical lines, especially on the t and b.

  8. I acnt waif for some of the offical postes come out for part 1. I better not see Jacobs mug on one poster with Bella and Edward like in New Moon and Eclipse. I know it was necessary with the last two movies but there is no reason for it with BD. The Jacob ship has sail and this is all about E&B and the movie posters should reflect that. I am sure that E&B posters and magazine covers will be HOT.

  9. Jennifer Rhines says:

    I think it looks good and I like the colors.

    Also, am I the only one who noticed that the lettering is in a more 3D font than the previous 3 flat-looking title treatments??? I think it looks better!

  10. It looks like a rush job to me :/

  11. Did anyone notice it is 3d? Wonder if that is important??

  12. I wish it wasn’t ‘part one and part two’. I think they could have done better about coming up with another name to distinguish the 2 movies.

  13. I like the font, but the color could have been more gradient…you know with the true colors of dawn…maybe a little darker on the top and lighter on the bottom..and then for part two you could have the lighter red leading into a nice sunny morning yellow…but that is just me. They kind of have that going on each letter…but I’m thinking having it be one color treatment of the whole logo…like the date and part 1 being a light red with the breaking dawn part being a a litter darker..and so forth…I suppose it would end in a midnight blue or silvery-night color at the “Twilight saga” part. I don’t know…I’m not a graphic artist, I’m a just a library assistant.

  14. it’s a little too busy!

  15. I don’t like the colours at all — it almost looks tacky. :0 -gasp-

  16. I think it looks great..

    It proly looks busy to everyone beacause think about it the longest title so far.
    Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse..pretty much short titles.

    I love the red.. 🙂

  17. Brandi W. says:

    It doesn’t look red to me ( like the red used for the eclipse marketing) it looks like the pretty rosy pink of dawn and I like that they went with something a little different. I have always been partial to the New Moon sepia tones because of the warmth and I think this has some of that as well. We’ll see when the photos and posters come out.

  18. I understand the “dawn” type color, but it doesn’t strike me as very Twilight-y. Also, there is a LOT going on with that big ole title!

  19. I like the colors, it reminds me of dawn.

  20. I’m with the “too busy looking group.” But whatever, I just cannot wait until November 2011!!!

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