Chaske Spencer in Five O’Clock Heroes Video

Chaske Spencer is the roommate of Adam Morse the bassist from the band Five O’ Clock Heroes. He’s frequently talked about the Brooklyn-based group on the official Twilight tour. Now he’s in their video for the song Rough Boys. In an interview the band had this to say about the song and their relative anonymity in the USA:

IRR: Is there a song on the new album that will hook us? Why would it do that?

Five O’Clock Heroes: “Rough boys”. new single. good chorus. nice verse. nice build to the pre-chorus. hahaha. i guess we always strive to make melodic songs. songs with chorus’s. i like a strong chorus. i grew up listening to bands who deliver strong and direct chorus’s.

IRR: You guys are an American band, so why haven’t you ever released an album in the States?

Five O’Clock Heroes: We couldn’t get a deal here. but we had friends who took us on tour in the UK. so we put some credit cards together, paid for it and toured with them, luckily we met a few people along the way who were kind enough to release our albums in the UK and Europe….”

See the entire interview here.

ROUGH BOYS – Music Video from Five O'Clock Heroes on Vimeo.


  1. Adore the song.

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