Angela Sarafyan (Tia) Talks Breaking Dawn Experience With MTV

MTV caught up with Angela Sarafyan, who plays Tia, and she only had great things to say about her set experience and castmates.  In the photo left is Lexiconer  Adonis’ version of what she might look like as a red-eyed vampire. According to MTV

“I went on-set and met Bill Condon and he is truly such a great, great person,” she said. “I’m honestly humbled by the fact that he is kind and generous and, with the enormity of this film, has been so graceful about giving every actor their time. He immediately put me on a great starting point. We were all in this incredible Egyptian casbah in Baton Rouge [back in November] and it was quite magnificent. It was quite easy. It’s not as pressure-filled as you’d think. It felt like an independent project where everyone’s having a nice time, no one’s pressured. It’s been that way almost every day that we’ve worked on this.”

Check out the full report on MTV.

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  1. I’m excited for more news ! But I love that everyone is in love with Bill !


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