Queen Latifa Explains Peoples Choice Twilight Encounter

Remember Queen Latifa doing a rabid fangirl riff during the People’s Choice Awards?

Well, now she explains how it went down.



  1. It was just akward. Wouldn’t have known they were warned beforehand.

  2. BloodSucking Leech says:

    I think the most horrendous moment of the evening was Ashton Kutcher’s blatantly obvious disappointment at Eclipse taking best picture. I’m having a hard time not hating him for that.

  3. She hasn’t explained anything… It’s just the footage of what happened!

  4. They all looked a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable.

  5. Queen was funny in the interview when she said she didn’t have time to twilight. There is ALWAYS time to twilight.

  6. The threesome looked quite uncomfortable. Doesn’t appear they knew what Queenie was going to do.

    • Was she trying to be funny? Just goes to show, some ppl are funny and some aren’t. She isn’t funny. This was just stupid.

      • KSmithGray says:

        I’m afraid I have to agree with you here. She wasn’t funny. She wasn’t entertaining. It was flat out awkward and a waste of time.

  7. RockinRobbin says:

    It was just painful to watch, I would have never known it was planned or scripted in anyway. Whoever wrote it was pretty uniformed and lame.

  8. Brittany Clark says:

    I think the reason most of you do not find this funny is because had you seen Rob, Kstew, or TayLaut, you would have screamed like a little girl.. like she pretended to do. And you are “offended” because she would have, ironically enough, been making fun of you. Knowing that that is exactly what I would have done, this was hilarious. Grow a sense of humor.

    • I don’t think anyone is really offended – just turned off by the very unfunny Queen.

    • @Brittany Clark: I agree with you.
      Queen Latifa did an awesome job! Its an award show and hosts crack jokes about the actors and movies. So, stop complaining.


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