Fan Perspective: What’s It Like To Attend an Awards Show

One of our readers, Cheryl, recently attended the People’s Choice Awards. She wrote up for us what it was like from a fan’s perspective.

Our People’s Choice Awards Experience

My dear friend Laura Brown invited me to attend the People’s Choice Awards with her and I couldn’t turn that down. I have never been to any event where there would be so many stars in one location. This past year was what I called my “Twilight year” since I went to many events involving the celebrities of the movie. I was so excited but began to worry since my flight from San Jose to L.A. was canceled and delayed twice. I made it there very late at night the night before. On our way to the Nokia, Laura surprised me with a night’s stay at the JW Marriott. It was a great room and you needed a key to enter the elevator. Our room had a view of the Red Carpet (blue actually).

We first decided to venture down to the red carpet to find out the details since we had tickets for VIP 3rd row and also VIP red carpet access. We quickly went to go change and go down to where we needed to enter the carpet area. We saw lots of media on one side and bleachers on the other side roped off with people already sitting. I was in a state of shock knowing we would be standing there while people arrived. While we stood there, friends could see us in the background of the live stream.

As the time went on we got to see many celebrities. The people we wanted to see the most arrived last and by that time we were running to get inside before the doors closed.

Inside we sat on the far left side and I looked across the way to see people like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, The Kardashians, etc. But….me and Laura scanned the audience to see our most favorite people but they hadn’t shown up yet. During the commercial breaks we noticed people running to get to their favorite celebrities and tried to get to some. I did get to one person for sure I had to meet which was Stephen Moyer from True Blood.

We continued to scan the audience during the show and when a large amount of security arrived we knew who had finally arrived. Taylor, Kristen and Rob of course. What amazed me with our VIP red carpet tickets that we were able to keep our camera’s that everyone else couldn’t have. We tried to get to them but the amount of security kept us from our main goal. So close but yet so far away. I have enclosed a picture that Laura found on the internet and if you look in the far left corner you will see us and I was trying to get a picture but Rob’s personal body guard had totally blocked him. It seemed weird that all these other celebrities were very approachable and they didn’t have bodyguards.

After the show was over and having been thoroughly covered in confetti we made our way over to the Conga room with our tickets for the after party. We had to pass through 3 different check points to enter. They had the most amazing food I have ever had and we enjoyed having the “Betty White” drink they provided. There was so much food that I didn’t even get to. It was catered by Wolfgang Puck. We only saw a couple celebrities there and continued to have a blast.
I had to really savor this time because I don’t know when or where if I will ever have this opportunity again. I owe Laura so much for this experience I am forever in her debt. When we went back to the hotel room we laughed when we saw all the confetti that covered the floor that had been inside our dress.


  1. That is amazing! You are so lucky you got a photo with Stephen Moyer!

  2. Oh wow!!!! Sounds like they had a blast!!!!!! To bad they could get pic of our Rob, Kristen & Taylor aww but they were so close. Lucky, lucky, lucky they were to be in the present of all those stars.

  3. Tex Bottle Blonde says:

    I’m not trying to start any rumors but could there have been a threat against one of the three Robert, Kristen, or Taylor? The security did seem over the top.

    • Hmmm…….I would really hope not. I bet either they or Summit requested it though. With fans there they very easily could have been hounded.

  4. That is so cool. Too bad got so close but too far to the trio to be able to take a picture. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’m 2 hours from LA. I would love to attend one of those p-a-r-t-y’s!

  6. It looks like the trio was in the middle of an interview. Maybe that is why the body guard was blocking people.

    • Actually what happened was they arrived with approx. 15 bodyguards…everyone else had none. Johnny Depp never came out from the back. The man kneeling in front was prepping them quickly since they arrived during a commercial break half way through the show.


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