USA Today: Twilight Saga Sales Still High All Novels in the Top 100

twilight-booksSales totals for the Twilight Saga have dropped off, as you would expect for any series whose last book was published over two years ago. However, the books are still incredibly strong sellers.

“Call it escapism or merely a fondness for good stories, but in the midst of a recession at home and wars abroad, fiction seized a record-high share of the best sellers of 2010.

The year’s most popular author: Stieg Larsson, the late Swedish novelist, whose Millennium trilogy of crime thrillers captured the top three spots on USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books list for 2010, based on data collected all year.

Overall, novelists — from Jonathan Frazen to Nicholas Sparks— accounted for 77% of the weekly best sellers, up from 76% in 2009 and the highest percentage since the list began in 1993.

Data collected for the list — which includes e-book sales — also show:

• Romance, which tends to sell best in hard times, accounted for 12% of best sellers, up from 10% in 2009. One factor: Readers who wouldn’t be caught dead with risqué covers in public enjoyed the privacy of reading romantic e-books.

• After a remarkable two-year run at the top of the annual list, Stephenie Meyer‘s popularity began to cool off. She accounted for 4% of best sellers the list tracked, down from 11% in 2009. The vampire and paranormal craze among readers isn’t dead, but it’s fading, accounting for just 9% of best sellers, down from 17% in 2009.”

See the whole story on USA Today.

USA Today also has the top selling 100 books of the year listed. Unlike other lists (NY Times, Publishers Weekly, etc) they don’t do sub-categories or eliminate categories all together. So, you get a really clear picture as to exactly what America is reading! Here’s where the Stephenie Meyer novels/novellas ranked in the top 100 books sold in 2010:

  • 10    Breaking Dawn
  • 11     Bree Tanner
  • 13     Eclipse
  • 24     Twilight
  • 27     New Moon
  • 81     The Host

Other notable YA/children’s novels making a strong presence on  the list were all three books in the Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins, the Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan, and the Wimpy Kid Series by Jeff Kinney.


  1. Yeah, and I’ll help Twilight again this year… I loaned my prided hardback copy of Twilight to a girl, of whom has never read Twilight, or fiction books for that matter, and then she quit her job, taking my Twilight book with her… Me and my stupid soft side for da ladies… ugh ugh ugh… Oh well… 😛

  2. I have the set of 4 books and have read them through and through several times. Also, just got the ebooks too. Can’t stop reading them. They’re great!

  3. Those are still incredibly great numbers WOW !

  4. The Host should totally be higher. It’s epic. And the movie is going to be, like, Avatar x 8!

    • Joshua L. Roberts says:

      I don’t know about it beating Avatar or coming close to. Avatar was more of an “experience” thing tacked with a good story, where as the Host is less about effects and “shock and awe” but more or less just a good ole plain story. It will be more of a critical thinker as well, as your main character is an alien that is apart of a race that took over our planet. It will be good… but it won’t be Avatar… for good reason… Host was never about effects and stuff…

  5. Twilight dreamers says:

    Thats nice too see them on the list, i agree the Host should be higher up but considering the last book was published 2 years ago, these #’s Rock!


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