New Moon from a Child’s Point of View

Last night I let my kid watch New Moon for the first time. Now, it should be noted that my kids are currently 6 and 8 years old. My 6 year old daughter is into all things having to do with princesses or animals of every kind. My 8 year old son loves Harry Potter, Star Wars, and video games. After five years of having their mom deal with Twilight stuff, they know who Bella, Edward, and Jacob are. They know Edward is a vampire and Jacob is a werewolf, but that’s about it. They’ve never had any interest in anything Twilight. So when it came on TV last night, I figured they would run away and go play something in their rooms. Nope. They sat and watched the film, and in typical child fashion, they asked hundreds of questions. After about 10 mins of giggling at the randomness, innocence, and childlike wonder of their questions, I started tweeting them out for all to see.

Well, it seems those tweets were quite popular last night! RealOrNotReal apparently read the tweets out loud to her family while driving cross country. Tucheer83 has requested to meet my kids at a convention so she can get their autographs! So I figured that since so many of us are trapped in our homes here in the states from a snow storm, I’d share the tweets with everyone on the blog  just so you can have a little laugh of your own. They came into the film just at the end of the birthday party when Carlisle was stitching up Bella’s arm. The tweets are in order, so imagine watching the film from start to finish as you read though. You can continue reading under the cut.

Child: Mom, why are his eyes yellow? Me: cause his eyes change when he drinks blood. Child: Then shouldn’t they be red?

Child: Why is Edward leaving her? Me: cause he thinks she in danger with him. Child: but I thought he loved her. Me: he does. Child: so he’s lying?

C: Why is Bella just sitting there? M: cause she’s sad and doesn’t want to do anything. C: doesn’t she even go down for dinner?

C: why did Jacob take off his shirt? M: to use his shirt on her head wound. C: is Bella gonna fall in love him him? Because he’s more handsome than Edward.

C: Mom, would you go cliff diving? M: NO! C: do you turn into a wolf when you go cliff diving?

C: why does Jacob walk around in the rain naked? M: Um…. I got nothin’!!
(This tweet got LOADS of response. I did end up telling my son that seeing Jacob with his shirt off makes girls go crazy. At which point he asked me if it made ME go crazy. Heheh…)

(This is the scene with Laurent) C: Does Bella see that his eyes are red? M: yes. C: does that mean he’s gonna try to eat her? Why doesn’t she RUN! Child starts screaming at this point!

C: Does Jacob like Edward? M: NO! C: Does Edward like Jacob? M: NO! C: But Bella likes them both? M: yup. C: That’s a problem. (I think this is the understatement of the century!)

My son just said, and I quote, “I’m not into Vampires. It’s a girl thing isn’t it?” HAHAHA

Now daughter, who is obsessed with all animals just said, “Mom, can I be Jake as a werewolf?” And then started running around and howling.

(Now we’re up to the cliff diving scene. I was laughing so hard at them though this that I nearly wet myself!)

C: what’s she doing? M: she’s gonna jump. C: WHY??? M: cause the rush makes her see Edward. C: Why does she want him? He dumped her!

(Then Bella Jumps) Daughter: WHERE IS THE WOLF! He has to SAVE HER! Son: the vampire girl is gonna EAT HER!

Daughter: is she a vampire now that she’s dead? Son in giggles: Edwards dead too! Daughter: he’s upside down!!

So then I had this talk with my son about Bella having a baby that I didn’t have enough time to tweet. I didn’t think it would make sense in 140 characters. It went something like this.
Son: So does Bella end up with Jacob?
Me: No
Son: So he just has to be alone for ever?
Me: No, he actually falls in love with Bella’s daughter.
Son: Is she a vampire or a werewolf?
Me: She’s a half vampire half human.
Son: blinks in confusion. And then starts to giggle. What’s her name?
Me: Renessme.
Son: So a werewolf falls in love with a half vampire baby?
Then he proceeded to roll around on the floor laughing and chanting things like “hey baby, I wanna kiss you!”

(In Volterra) C: Is everyone wearing red to see Edward die? M: no, they are celebrating that the vampires are gone. C: But they aren’t. M: right. C: I don’t get it.

Edward was about to step into the sun and both kids were jumping up and down yelling RUN! RUN! HURRY! So cute!

C: Why does he sparkle? M: cause he’s a vampire. C: do all vamps sparkle? M: yup. C: weird.

About Aro C: He’s just an actor. M: yes. C: He just pretends to kill people. M: Right. C: Its bad to kill people, even if you pretend.

(This is the scene after they come back from Italy and are talking in her room) C:does she live with Edward now? M: no, she lives with her dad. C: Then why is Edward in her bedroom when its night time? (Snigger…) (LOTS of people wanted to know how I dealt with this one from my daughter. I said that they were just talking and then he’d go home. She’ll find out the WHOLE story when she’s a little older!)

I just pointed out that “Jasper” and “Sokka” are the same person and son is now chanting “Sokka wants to eat Bella. Sokka wants to suck your blood!”

Daughter: Who does Bella marry? M: Edward. D: frown M: Who would you pick? D: JACOB cause he’s an ANIMAL! (Remember that my daughter loves animals, so she meant this very innocently, but it made me bust a gut laughing!)

They left the living room before the proposal scene and went upstairs to pretend like they were wolves. They spent the next half hour or so running around howling at everything.


  1. Too Funny! They sounds absoulutely adorable! I would love an autograph! hehe 😉

  2. Oh my God this is so completely adorable. I work with kids and a lot of this sounds familiar, so cute, so funny. Thanks for sharing this.x

  3. Coral Balbuena says

    “hey baby, i wanna kiss you” ja ja totally made my night!!! i was waiting very patiently for all the tweets about your kiddos. super cute! please, you have to let them watch eclipse in full and tweet!

  4. that is the cutest thing ever my son is 10 and i mention anything twilight related and him and my husband run for the hills!

  5. They’re so cute :3 haha

  6. I can see something like this as a companion to the companion guide… absolutely adorable.

  7. “Edward’s dead too”. <—that's hilarious

  8. I was reading them last night as you posted them, and kept laughing out load. I even showed them to my daughter on the way to school this morning.

  9. Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait until they see eclipse! You have to let us know what they think about it.

  10. This is exactly why I watch at the movies by myself first! Except I have to answer hubby’s questions too! My 7 year old always comes up with a new question every viewing! Lolol!!!

  11. Those kids are so Great!!! Some friends asked me to translate the questions (to spanish), and now they all keep asking me about the kids. 😀

  12. jennifer boyce says

    Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

  13. lol… I love that story….I love your kids. sooo cute. and I admire you how you handle those question. bravo!!!!! clap… clap…clap… 😀

  14. so funny my kids did the same thing millions of question and then up to there rooms to play it but of course my 9 year old son wonted to be the volturi and my 3 year old was not having it he ran down stairs and said i dont wont him to be that guy i dont like him

  15. Too funny! I have a 2, 3 and 4 yr old and my 4 yr olds has asked time and time again to watch the wolves in Eclipse. He doesnt ask questions yet but Im just waiting for it too hit. Thanks for sharing!

  16. That was the second BEST commentary to a Twilight movie, EVER!

    Please, please, please let them watch Eclipse and run tweet commentary from those two cuties.

  17. That was too funny; thank you for sharing and please share again if they watch any more 🙂

  18. This is adorable!!!!!

  19. Your kids sound cute!

  20. Super hilarious!! Now you should totally have them watch Eclipse! My neices also asked the funniest questions when they first watched Twilight.

  21. I’m so glad you posted this. I was laughing last night, but couldn’t get it all on my BB. Love it. My favorite is the “Ummm I got nuthin”

  22. That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!!!

  23. OMG this is amazing!! Your kids are really funny. I wanted to read more when I finished. 😀

  24. These kids are too young to be watching PG 13 movies.

    I’m tired of hearing the argument that, “my kid is mature.” No, your kid is not mature, or a freak of nature that is somehow 13 in a six year old body, your kid is six years old and not able to understand such mature themes.

    Parents need to act like parents and stop trying to grow their kids up so young.

    • Trying to dictate what other people show their kids is nonsense. Just because you don’t think its appropriate doesn’t mean other’s share your opinion. Nowhere was it said “Hey have your kids watch too.” If you don’t want your children to watch, great thats your choice. Bashing their choice is just childish.

    • let me just say this new moon shouldn’t have even been rated pg13 there is nothing in that movie that is worth giving it a pg13 rating eclipse yes but new moon no how about you raise your own kids and stop trying to raise everyone else’s please

    • You know what, the reason they have never seen the Twilight films is because they are PG-13. I fast forwarded over the scene where the wolves kill Laurent. And the kids were running around acting like wolves when Felix was beating Edward up. So I don’t think they saw anything that will leave them scared or scarred.

      I am pretty careful with what my kids watch. I only took my son to see Deathly Hallows because he had read the book. I saw the film first and had him cover his eyes at the parts I felt he wasn’t ready to see that would frighten him too much. I did not take my daughter to see it. SO yes, I do try to censor what they watch. I have a lock on my TV that won’t let them see programs above certain ratings. And I would certainly never allow them to watch something like this without me in the room. Had they responded badly to anything, I would have immediately turned it off.

      I appreciate your concern, but given that my kids haven’t even mentioned New Moon since they saw it, I don’t think it left a dent on them at all.

    • I wasn’t trying to start an argument but facts are facts and young children can’t process violent and sexual material. Parents need to use caution and sometimes that means not watching something when your kids are around even if you really want to. I’m not dictating to anyone but truth is truth and science has shown over and over again that young kids need to be protected from violent and sexual material and there is a big difference between PG and PG 13.

  25. Adorable!

    As for appropriateness – New Moon in only PG in Canada. Ratings are so subjective, and obviously they had mom there to guide them through themes they didn’t understand, and that’s all that matters. Kids will take from the story what they like, though they may not understand the more subtle themes. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, not in this case.

  26. Adorable children 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  27. “About Aro C: He’s just an actor. M: yes. C: He just pretends to kill people. M: Right. C: Its bad to kill people, even if you pretend.”

    Loved that!

  28. Twilight Nymph says

    That was hilarious. Kind of remembers me of when my almost 3 yr. cousin got one of those Eclipse toys from BK and when I asked who she liked she went and kissed the side Jacob was on. So funny, yet awkward, since she had no idea what she was doing.

  29. @Margie, seriously?
    Outa all that, this is what you want to rant about?

    Give the kids True Blood then! Way more subtle than Twilight movies… Lol

  30. OMG this was adorable! Yes Yes Please lets have a sequel with Eclipse!

  31. That is SO adorable and hilarious!! From the mouths of babes…

  32. That was the best story ever!!! Your kids are amazing!!! I love it…..such innocence!! Best of luck with your adorable kids!!!!

  33. oh, that is so cute! I kinda wanna have kids now and make them watch Twilight to get reactions like that… ah, a future experiment!

  34. Love it! Kids do ask the best questions, truely amazing on everything they pick up.

    C: why did Jacob take off his shirt? <—Best imo lol.

  35. This was just downright precious! And, by the way, I’m sooooooo yelling your son’s line during the imprint scene in the Breaking Dawn screening. “come here, bab. i wanna kiss you!” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

  36. These are SO ADORABLE!!! I was laughing so hard while reading these!! Thanks for sharing =)

  37. OMG!!! They’re the cutes things ever! After Rob och Kristen 😉 I LOVE THEM! To bad I live in Sweden! I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE a autograf!! damn :'(

  38. Thanks so much for sharing that! You have to love the innocence of children!

  39. This brightened my morning. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

    As for the negative nancies: it’s obvious she’s raised her children right. I work inpatient child psych and I assure you, those kids would NOT be asking WHY Jacob took off his shirt. They’d be providing a graphic run-down on what they would want to do or what Jacob would want to do to Bella. Her childrens’ innocent questions shows their ignorance to anythig but harmless fantasy. The exact way children should be.

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  40. this made my day bless your kids xx

  41. OMG!!! Too freakin’ cute. I was laughing the whole time reading this. Kids say the funniest things!!!

  42. Oh my, that is absolutely precious! Kids definitely say the darnedest things!

  43. Thanks for sharing! So funny and such a day brightener!

  44. C: Does Jacob like Edward? M: NO! C: Does Edward like Jacob? M: NO! C: But Bella likes them both? M: yup. C: That’s a problem. (I think this is the understatement of the century!)

    Out of the mouths of babes. That was precious! Thanks!

  45. They are adorable! Thank you for sharing, really need something funny and sweet 🙂

  46. Talyn Domilos says

    Oh My Gosh!!…That Is THE Cutest Thing Ever!!!

  47. This was totally sweet and innocent, i loved it a lot.

  48. Twilight dreamers says

    LOL thanks for sharing this is so funny! But you have the easier job, im 13 and have to explain it to my dad (sigh) Thanks so much for making me ROFL! 😀


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