Ashley Greene Meets Joe Jonas’ New Puppy

Ashley Greene is a dog lover. Her dog Marlow has traveled everywhere with her for the last two years. Her boyfriend, Joe Jonas, apparently shares in the dog love. He just got a blue-eyed English bull dog at Thanksgiving and the breeder just put the video online.


  1. What a cutie he is! I bet he hasn’t a clue what a great life he is about to embark on..I wish all dogs could find their way into good loving homes.

  2. Dawn Steinmetz says:

    I think Joe & Ashley make a beautiful couple and this just proves it!

  3. Aww how cute! I love how he goes straight to Ashley lol.

  4. Perhaps Ashley should realize that sometimes less is more…she has been placing herself (and Joe) in the public eye just a little too much. This is making me wonder if they are indeed a couple or just trying to get media attention. I do not need to see a video of her and the new puppy – and no I did not and will not view the video.

    • I don’t think she or Joe put this video out. Looks like the dog breeder did to advertise the dogs. You say you don’t want to watch the video, but if you had you’d see that they didn’t put it out. Neither of them are taping it, and they’re not benefiting from it.

    • It also says, “the breeder just put the video online.” right in the description above the vid. So Ashley didn’t tape this or put it online. Jeesh!!!

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing, Sara. She should take note from Kristen and keep the private life, private. Or at least try to care about doing so. I do love Ashley but it seems like fame is more important to her than some others.

  5. This is adorable!!!!

  6. This video is overshadowed to me by the breeder aspect. I wish people would stop supporting breeders and always choose pet adoption first. So many pets will lose their lives in shelters because there are simply too many of them. Seeing celebrities with expensive dogs makes me angry.

    And I wonder if the breeder told Joe and Ashley that he’d be posting that online. Interesting.

    • See that’s what I thought. For those saying that she’s plastering her relationship all over the media, she may not have known the breeder was going to put it online.


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