Twilight Fan, Weight Loss, and Tattoo Celebration

We’ve seen a lot of Twilight themed tattoos over the years. This one has a rather unique story to go along with it. So far, Cathy Ward has spent £2,200 (which is roughly equal to $3,400 American dollars at current exchange rates), and has endured almost an entire day under a tattoo artist’s needle.

“I got hooked on Twilight at Christmas last year and since then I have gone from size 24 to 10. I have never been more positive, more outgoing, fit and never had so much fun in my life.”

Mrs Ward bakes cakes for Morrisons in Whitley but at home she heads for the cross-trainer in her Twilight-themed spare room where she works out to DVDs and soundtracks of the movies.

Mrs Ward is saving up for her 50th birthday in June but is expecting to undergo another 12 hours under the needle at No Limits tattoo studio, in Oxford Road, West Reading, and invest another £1,500 to £2,000 in her body art before then.”

See the entire story here.

We’d like to congratulate Cathy on her weight loss journey , and best wishes on a bright future with lots of energy to enjoy it!


  1. She’s a true die hard fan. AWESOME!!!!!

  2. wow that’s die hard. I’m going to get a Twilight tattoo but not that big but I’M SAYING TWILIGHT HAS THE MOST DEDICATED FANS !

  3. Oh one more thing… I love how Twilight inspires us FANS, it’s awesome!! What r we going to do when they finish filming the series???

    • Awesome! I’m inspired, to say the least! I wish she lived by me so we could be friends! I want a Twilight inspired workout room!

      • I hear ya! That’s awesome! I can understand how being inspired by something you love (like Twilight) can motivate you to accomplish things. I’ve just started going back to the gym and I often listen to the soundtracks on the elliptical or treadmill. Maybe we should start a Twilight weight loss support group lol.

        • We really should thanks to the saga and kristen for being so dam beautiful I have lost 50 pounds since april. My biggest was a size 28 and now im a size 18 and still very motivated to keep going.

          • Awesome! I’ve just started going back to the gym. Seriously though there’s a site I bet no one’s started-twilight weight loss group!

  4. Gigi Cullen says

    I love tattoos( I have ALOT) and I oh so love Twilight, but that is well Brilliant! You are the #1 Twilight fan in the world, in my humble opinion. Happy Birthday to you!

  5. Go Kathy! Love it!

  6. i’m sorry. this woman is NUTS.

    • Tattoo free here, but happy about the idea of losing a few via Twilight. I listen to the audio books/music while working, like, all the time.

  7. I think calling her NUTS is harsh. Why b/c of the tattoo? Tattoos are suppose to represent something symbolic and important that changed their life. Each tattoo has its own story and that was hers. I think the artist did a fabulous job. I know after reading the series and going through hard times the story itself made me look at life differently. We only get one chance at it and I wasn’t going to waste anymore time. With fixing a few things and 30 pounds lighter life is FABULOUS!. In response to dedicated Twilight fans yes I think they well always have a HUGE fan base despite when the films are done. 🙂

    • being a mega twilight fan is one thing, tatooing it across your ENTIRE BACK = nuts. Tatoos are for life; she’ll be a wrinkly old woman with that, and then maybe it won’t look quite so “beautiful.”

      • think twice, young fans.

        • I can see the point you’re trying to get across. Tattoos are for life, and people need to remember that. But hey if it makes her happy and it celebrates something she worked really hard at accomplishing, who are we to say if it’s right or wrong? She’s the one who has to live with it, so if it does look weird when she gets older, that’s her problem to deal with. I say more power to her for accomplishing her goal.

      • Ever looked a tattoo magazine? The people you’ll see are completely covered, a million times more than this lady’s back. A lot of people who love tattoos do that sort of thing, this woman is no different. It’s not my cup of tea, but then again I’m also not into piercings, green hair or a lot of things that other people are into. To each his own, IMO.

  8. absolutely love her tattoo!!!!!! i am going to get one as well. been thinking about it but hers is beautiful. very inspirational as well. was planning on losing weight too and now she just help me out so much more to achieving my goals. Thank you Ms. Cathy Ward!!!!!

  9. Woops forgot to add Happy Birthday Cathy and Congratulations to you with the weight loss.

  10. twilight meredith says

    WoW congratulations to you and as long as she’s happy we should be happy too:)

  11. Wow, that is AWESOME! I just love how Twilight empowers each of us to try new things or step out of our comfort zones.

    Congratulations to Cathy on the weight loss & her newfound confidence! Here’s to 2011!

  12. If it works for her, Cheers!!

  13. Rhonda Kolb says

    I can’t imagine undergoing the tattoo ordeal, but can certainly relate to the joy the stories bring and the motivation the books inspire! Way to go with the weight loss, Cathy!

  14. O.K. – that’s really freaky. I get it, but its freaky.

  15. It’s great that she’s lost weight, but I don’t understand what Twilight had to do with that. Why did she suddenly want to lose weight after watching Twilight? Plus, I think the rest of it, the tattoo stuff, is a bit extreme. Not cool to spend that much money on something that will look terrible in 5 years when her skin starts sagging, or she tires of Twilight and something else strikes her fancy.

    • It sounds like she bought an exercise machine (maybe an elliptical? I’m not sure what a “cross-trainer” is.) and uses it to work out to the movies and the soundtracks. Actually, I think that’s a brilliant strategy. You (general) could easily spend an hour a day working out if you could watch Twilight while doing it!

  16. Twilight has helped me lose weight, too. I look up to the vegetarian vamps, figuring that if they could withstand the temptation of human blood, I could keep myself from junk food.

    Jasper is probably my favorite character because of this. Keeping on track can be difficult, and I feel an affinity for him. …Yeah, and I may have problems with birthday parties too, only it’s with cake instead of ill-timed paper-cuts. LOL.

    (Yes, I know they’re fictional. No, I won’t be getting a Twilight tattoo once I reach my goal weight.)

  17. Um. Ok. I agree with the people that say this is nuts. Look, I LOVE the series. Have been obsessed for years and collect all things Twilight. It’s made me friends, it’s given me hope, it’s gotten me through hard times. That being said, this is WAY too extreme in my opinion. Yes, it is only my opinion, so it’s not worth much. But, to spend that kind of money on this… not to mention the permanence of it. I guess mostly it’s because I’m not a fan of giant tattoos to begin with. A tattoo is something very personal. To do something this large is ridiculous. Not to mention… this 49 year old woman just tattooed the face of an under-age kid on her body. Sorry, but it’s creepy. Yes, he is legal now, but he wasn’t then.

    I love that Twilight fans are rabid. I love that we are often slightly crazy. But there are many that take it WAY too far, and I’m sorry to say, I think this is one of them. I’m so happy for her that she was able to lose the weight, but that tattoo is just ridiculous. Sorry, but that’s my opinion.

  18. Wow. That tattoo is complex, just thinking about how much that hurt makes me shudder ^_^ It looks good, though and it’s a cool gift for herself if that is what she really wanted.

  19. good for her and her weight loss! not so into the tattoo, though. a little extreme, and that stuff is permanant!

  20. I’m happy for her weight loss and that she is happy too. I would like to wish her continued happiness and say, “God bless!”

  21. nice story but the whole back is alittle much plus the faces arent very good

  22. I absolutely love the tattoo. It’s inspirational to see such a dramatic change in someone because of books. I to had the entire left side of my back done for my birthday this past April. Going through my divorce a couple years ago, I was lost, didn’t know what was next in life. I had started reading Twilight before my divorce and then after we separated I read the rest of the books. These books got me through such a horrible time in my life and I thank God for them everyday because I wouldn’t have made it through without them. I’m bipolar, so suicide thoughts are common amongst the people like me. So I sat down with my brother-in-law, who is an excellent artist, told him what I wanted. I had all 4 book covers placed exactly how I wanted them within the art work and he did exactly that. The next month, for my birthday I had it put on my back. It’s there to remind me of what I overcame and went through..

    So I send my congrats and love to this woman 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Leslie. Some people don’t understand that when you are losing hope, instead of just lying down & dying, it takes a lot to find something, anything, that will bring that hope back. Amen that you found that will to keep surviving within the Twilight Saga. In the midst of depression & struggling with life issues, it is hard to see that these struggles are temporary. I commend you for doing the tattoo because it will always remind you that whatever comes your way, you can make it through. God bless you:)


  24. Kudos to her 🙂
    Twilight is not for me, but it’s great to find something that makes you passionate and happy, whatever it may be ^_^
    I for example, am a huggge Harvest Moon nerd XD (video games) I am obsessed with living life as the characters (the object of the games is basically to create a “perfect” life) and have them get married, raise a family, build the house, etc.

  25. Cathy Ward says

    Thanks for all your comments, I still love the tattoo and have just started on the next phase. Have just had 3 hours work done on 1st sleeve – its joined to the back tattoo from the shoulder. Needless to say I will be showing it off once ive had a bit more work done-its going to be awesome!


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