Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani an Indian Twilight?

According to Reel,

“The Indian supernatural television series ‘Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani’ is churning out more excitement with each passing episode and with it also moving away from the incidents described in Stephenie Meyer’s novels which serve as the inspiration for this supernatural love story between a vampire and a normal human being.”

A quick Google on the words “Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani” and “Twilight” and you get a Wikipedia entry that states,

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani (translation: a story of love) is an Indian Supernatural television series that airs on STAR One every Monday to Saturday at 8:30pm. Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani premiered on October 18, 2010, the show got an instant hit TRP’s and good critics on it premiere week due to the fact that its the Desi (Indian) version of The Twilight Saga.

The show is produced by Ekta Kapoor and created by Balaji Telefilms. The show is to be inspired this is because it’s the Indian version of The Twilight Saga, which Balaji Telefilms has acquired rights from Summit Entertainment.

Piyashree Jaiswal has always been a different girl, a girl with a mind of her own. Not the one who would get lost in the crowd; Piya never cares about fitting in with the trends and fads. Unlike most girls her age, she is averse to love (the reason being-her past). But life has something else in store for her. Destiny holds something else for her.And this happens, when on getting a scholarship, Piya moves to Dehradun to pursue her degree.

In the chill of the dense forests, she meets Abhay Raichand, a strikingly handsome boy who completely sweeps her off her feet. But Abhay’s mysterious disposition raises questions in Piya’s mind. He is a recluse and very unlike the other boys in college. There is this charm in him that draws Piya towards him. She feels a strong connection with him and yet, gets the unmistakable feeling that Abhay decidedly does not want to get too close. However, in time the heart wins and, they are swept off their feet falling passionately in love with each other. But it’s an unusual love, a queer one.

Abhay is not ‘human’. Because he is an IMMORTAL with SUPERNATURAL POWERS. To Abhay, Piya is that person he has waited ages for – his soul mate. But the closer they get, the more Abhay must struggle to resist his inherent instinct of killing a human. However, facing this, the two will have to nurture their impossible love.

A contemporary, visual, and visceral Romeo and Juliet story of the ultimate forbidden love affair – between a non human and a mortal – Dangerous Love! The show is an adaptation of the Twilight (novel) written by Stephenie Meyer.”

We don’t believe that Summit Entertainment sold the rights to the Indian company as the article states (if for no other reason we believe that Stephenie Meyer would have to OK that and not Summit). On the other hand, it doesn’t sound to us, based on the Wikipedia description, that it’s really what you would call a true adaptation of Twilight. We haven’t seen the show, so it’s really impossible to judge. If you have seen the show, chime in on the comments. Do you think it’s close to Twilight or not?


  1. I have seen the show and it sucks. Bad.

  2. The show is a very close copy of the Twilight Saga albeit a very bad once!

  3. I am from India, have seen the show, and the the show is totally NOT an adaptation of Twilight. None of the chapters and sequences match and everything is exaggerated. It’s terrible and Stephenie will be truly disappointed if she ever sees it.

  4. What happened? This kinda protective,(selfish?) motherly instinct took over, and I just really kinda didn’t want anyone to butcher ‘our'(lol) books. I hope they do a great job and make us proud since there is nothin we can do about it.

  5. Bollywood Television show inspired from “Twilight” (video+gif’s+pics)

  6. Okay. I have been itching to tell u guys at the lexicon about this show ever since it’s trailers first started showing on tv. It IS in fact based on twilight. I repeat, BASED. Since it’s a TV series (and it’s an Indian show), they have the tendency to street the story, so they are forced to add in more incidents and all of that. I had started watching the show from it’s very first episode because of it’s obvious Twilight connection(being the Twilight junkie that I am) and it’s been airing for the past 4 months and the lead characters still haven’t reached the point of the meadow. They have had NUMEROUS incidents when the vampire saves the girl, and they have added loads of side plots too, involving other charachers who are friends of the girl (Pia).
    So all I’ll say after my little rant is that it DID start off as a Twilight adaptation but now with all the side plots, they haven’t kept too much in common with Twilight. Just the base story is the same. I’ve watched every episode of this series only because it’s Twilight related, and it’s not very bad if u don’t compare it to our beloved books. 🙂
    Peace. Love. Twilight!

    • Uh-oh. Typo. *stretch (not street)

      • It isn’t just Indian Twilight, if u read the wikipedia page about it, it mentions that it has been inspired by Twilight and Vampire Diaries. the Maithali part is a bit from Vampire Diaries, The way Stefan is shown to have had a past(Katherine). But the difference is Maithali seems to be dead here but Katherine turns out to be a vampire. So you can call it a fusion of Twilight and Vampire Diaries with an Indian twist.

        • Oshin Daniel Lautner says:

          Exactly! When I saw that particular plot line with Maithali involved, my first thought was “I didnt know they were ripping off Vampire Diaries too!”
          But this is Ekta Kapoor. She does whatever she likes with her serials and we just have to bear them.
          For all I know, they might have Chand Raichand (Carlisle Cullen) try to kill Pia off! At least they’re making us feel like he will. 🙁

  7. If you know Indian dramas then you know they will be over dramatic and super stretched out. Plus, they do have a tendency to copy things. (not hating, my grandparents are Indian, but its just what we do) They will probably change it a little bit, just knowing how they do things. I haven’t seen the show myself but I will now have to start watching it…

  8. this is a horrible show…nothing like twilight…i am sure stephenie and summit will not even care to file a lawsuit or something cuz this show sucks pretty bad!

  9. this show is not even close to twilight …..seen some of its epis
    is not even 0.000001% close to twilight n cant ever b
    sick show!!!

  10. Pyaar Kii Ek Kahani is, well, obnoxious. It has tried to copy Twilight, but there are a lot of sub-plots and secondary story lines that are not Twilight related. However, it is a love story between a vampire guy and a human girl.

    Comes NOTHING close to either the books or the movies. The guy (Abhay Raichand) looks like a loser who cannot act. He is stoned and does not even remotely bring out the conflict in Edward’s character.

    Factually though, he is not completely like a vampire. I don’t think he can read minds like Edward and – this is a weird one – he bleeds, but heals fast (like a werewolf!).

    The story is wayward and stupid. Even the Twilight-inspired parts seem so hackneyed.

    Had I not been a Twihard, I may have tolerated this serial. But having seen the original, I hate the guts of Ekta Kapoor.

    If made into a TV series, there were so many good things that could have been done. Parts of the book that weren’t even there in the movies could be portrayed. But this, is just disappointing.

    Oh, and new development in today’s episode. The college has gone for a camping trip. The bus was supposed to cross a river, which scares Abhay because “he will be smelt on the other side of the river which is a prohibited territory for him”. The bus breaks down and they cannot cross the river that night. AND there is news of wolves being sighted in the area.

    Also, accidentally, Pia (the girl) confesses in front of Abhay that she loves him. He reacts very violently and abuses her. I get that he is trying to keep her away from him coz he’s dangerous and all that, and he loves her too, but the actor screwed it up with his blank expressions and voice.

    Hmph. I don’t know what is from Twilight and what is not. All I know is that I watch the serial only coz it’s Twilight-ish and I love criticizing it at all points when they break the rules of the Twilight universe.

    • Oshin Daniel Lautner says:

      Yes! I watched that episode and squealed in delight. Cuz the wolves have descended and that means that obviously, JACOB BLACK IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Sorry, but being Team Switzerland is not very easy when they decide to take Jake outta the picture. (Seriously! It’s annoying.)

  11. Richa Shailendra says:

    YES, Its an adaptation-though I don’t believe Ekta Kapoor has got rights from Summit Entertainment-so if anyone wants to sue her, please be my guest 🙂 I am an Indian and more than a little bit annoyed at the habit of Indian production companies to blatantly rip off subject matters from International movies/ books and pass them off as original. So there, my apologies to anyone who might be as pissed as I am 🙂

    Having said that, I have been watching the show since it started airing 4 months ago and it is definitely an adaptation of Twilight. There are many similarities and differences-

    1) The lead characters are Piya and Abhay-both fit the description of Bella and Edward perfectly. They look, act, speak very much like these characters from the book. However, Bella in this case SMILES A LOT MORE than BELLA FROM THE MOVIES 😀 (I love Kristen though) and Edward is also very handsome and has sculpted features (Nobody Beats Robert Pattinson though :D)

    2) But then they have showed Abhay’s parents-they are as rich and stylish as Cullens but they don’t behave like Carlisle and Esme-In fact they are shown as quite mean and secretive-so far!

    3) No Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie in sight-till now!

    4) This is set in COLLEGE, NOT HIGH SCHOOL-and there is an assortment of other characters who do behave a bit like Mike, Jessica etc. In fact there is a character which behaves just like Lauren. So on that front, its quite like the book.

    5) But then the physiology of vampires seems a bit different here-the vampires here DON’T SPARKLE in sunlight, they also apparently CAN BLEED and then HEAL themselves at will, they apparently are NOT made of a hard substance like marble, their eyes don’t change color as clearly as in the book, their eyes get DARK BLUE when their senses are heightened. So a lot of liberty has been taken on that front-their super speed, super hearing and other super powers are intact though!

    MOST IMPORTANTLY, this is a DAILY SERIAL-so they are bound to stretch everything and add a lot of elements to make it run for 2-3 years-that is how a normal daily serial runs in India!

    AND it is suited to Indian Sensibility-so Bella’s parents are not divorced, her father left her mother and went off-not the other way around. There are songs and dances too and I am sure there will be marriages and other things Indian audiences like. (Don’t worry, Bella and Edward are not singing and dancing-yet!)

    Bottomline-IT IS A LOVE STORY BETWEEN MORTAL AND IMMORTAL and yet it is very different in treatment and suited to Indian Sensibilities. All in all, I enjoy watching it everyday and it does not diminish my love for watching Twilight Movies or Robert or Kristen or Taylor because in treatment, they are all so different 🙂

    Sorry, this post is so long. I am so excited making my first post here 🙂


    • Oshin Daniel Lautner says:

      Also, the

    • Oshin Daniel Lautner says:

      Ah! Dammit!
      Also, the Raichands haven’t shown any signs of being vegetarians at all. They even had a scene when Mr. Raichand is seen pouring a thick liquid from his glass into the fire. Like Carlisle? I don’t think so.

  12. Kavita Ann says:

    Yes, I’ve seen the show. Although the plot outline is similar to twilight, the execution is very different. Apparently, this how deals with reincarnation or something like that…The only thing similar in the two cases is that the girl falls in love with a supernatural being..that’s all. I like the show but having said that, I LOVE twilight and this show comes nowhere near it… 😀

  13. i love this show, i don’t care if its like twilight or not i love it. n i love all the characters especially pia, abhay n misha. THIS SHOW IS GREAT! forget about twilight n watch it like its not related to twilight. n if u cant do that then dont watch it n dont comment on it. and about vivian dsena, he has worked in 2 serials before. so that means he can act, n he’s brilliant. PYAAR KII YEH EK KAHAANI ALL THE WAY!!!

  14. oh plz.this show sucks bad.i mean edward is supposed to be handsome.this guy is not even close to edward.after seeing his acting i want to give rob an oscar.story looks like mixture of twilight and vampire diaries.girl is ok.she plays piya quite well.there is no sign of alice,emmet,jasper,rosalie and jacob.cgi is terribly one beats our real twi is an insult to stephanie.

    • i agree wid sonia, wats wrong wid u people y do u even watch the show if u dnt like it. i bet u like them stupid shows like odhani n dhoond legi manzil hume. pkyek rocks. n abhay is good. wat do u want them 2 do? u want them to get that robert to play abhay? GOSH! if u dnt lyk it dnt watch it, SIMPLE! n stop sayin bad things abt it.

    • Vivian Dsena is not handsome? He looks like a greek god. He can easily beat Robert Pattinson who has cave man like facial features.

  15. i agree wid sonia wats wrong wid u people, if u dnt like it then y do u even watch it. i bet u like them boring shows like odhani n dhoond legi manzil hume LOL. pkyek rocks. n abhay is good. wat do u want them 2 do? u want them 2 get that robert to play abhay? GOSH! if u dnt like it dnt watch it, SIMPLE. n dnt say bad things abt it.

  16. go 2 hell n take ur twilight with u. tujhe mirchi lagi toh main kya karun haha..

    • haa mirchi toh lagi kyunki itna ghatiya show pehli baar dekha.ekta can go to one cares.

      • ai nana patekar main hoon tera dada patekar.. yeh show ghatiya nahin hai, twilight is ghatiya. n yh ur right ekta can go 2 hell we dnt care about ekta but we luv pkyek. n its the best show after mjht so no more arguments lol

      • hey nana u know in my other comment yh the dada patekar bit was a joke yh sorry abt dat. but other than dat everything else was true LOL

  17. twilight gayi thel lene

  18. twilightisthebest says:

    i am an indian but i dont like the producer of this show and i think she should be sued for copying the “TWILIGHT”.It will be nice if someone informed Stephenie.The show is basically twilight but has a nunber of side-plots.

  19. i’ve seen the show and its true it really is a very horrible copy of twilight. they’ve taken everything and streched it to an unbelievable level makin it cheesy and downright stupid. In it everytime she falls even if he isnt there she will be caught by him by some miracle. It also shares a few similaries with vampire diaries. certain scenes copied froma a few episodes of that are included too. Its not worth it to watch but somehow the indian people go crazy over it and being an indian i do not understand why maybe it is cause most of them who watch the show never heard of twilight before.

    • aww gigi! I’m so with you on this! 🙂
      the moment they brought in Sid(Damon), Maithili(Kath), it was a bad mixture of Twilight n TVD.
      I can understand those who haven’t seen these 2 going gaga over Pyar ki, but any fan of Twilight/TVD will go mad over Ekta!

  20. its not a copy of twilight.i know that but some incidents r taken from twilight,nd i watch this series just for Vivian Dsena (Abhay) nd also because it is an new story in indian series.but it is a very nice serial.once watch it then u will know.

  21. I watch Pyaar kii yeh ek Kahani and having read the entire Twilight and Vampire Diaries Series I can vouch that the show is inspired from both. Though initially I thought it was more of an Indian version of Twilight as the show developed I see more of Vampire Diaries inspiration. Whatever the case may be I should admit that it is an interesting Serial because it is a mix of the two along with additional twist and turns to suit the Indian television audience.

  22. Hi i am prati, i m n indian. dis show is good, though it is lyk twilite nd vampire daires,abhay (vivian dsena) is a vry good actor people think he does not how to act but in the show he has to be expression less as he is a vampire but piya is cute. every one has their own opinion so for the show is good while for some the show is bad.

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  24. fathima says:

    It is kind off similar. it is an indian show based on indian vampires.

  25. Yes, I agree that Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani is an Indian Twilight. But what are the differences? There are great difference between Twilight and PKYEK. Characters, background scene, story, action and dialogues are seen in Indian avatar. It has written a new history on Indian television. First time, people have experienced a love story between a human and a vampire on Indian television.

    • differences? yeah right!
      Pia n Maithili = Elena n Kath from Vampire Diaries
      Background score taken from Twilight = watch the latest epi. for that
      Story = mixture of Twilight n TVD
      Action = what action? the roadrunner like running of vampires or their hissing like snakes lol

  26. sad story always wrong with piya why ?

  27. if piya”SHREE” jaiswal has alwaways been a different girl then why it is now piya”LY” jaiswal….????

  28. I’ve seen Twilight and pyar ki…. ‘Pyar ki…’ sucks, the ‘special effects’ are sooo bad!
    one look at the fangs, the blue eyes of the vampires and how the ‘werewolves’ only keep howling and only their eyes are shown every time, it is super hilarious. ROFL

  29. The lead actor Vivian Dsena is even better looking than Robert Pattinson

  30. OMG! This show is just a shit man! they can never compare pyar ki ye ek kahani with Twilight.
    They can’t even compare Vivian with Robert. Robert is a way better actor plus Twilight is a world famous movie.
    This serial is just an insult! Thank God that its going to end soon!

  31. This serial is just an insult. Twilight can never be compared to this kind of serial.
    And they can never compare Vivian with this heartthrob Robert Pattinson. Plus Robert is a way better actor.
    Not like Vivian who don’t even know how to act. He’s a ROBOT, seriously!

  32. Sanchita says:

    I totally agree. This indian show was a complete waste of my time, but it’s pretty close to twilight butt more of amix of Vampire Diaries and twilight.

  33. Luk, it says Inspiration nt Revamp or Remake. So, u shudn’t ‘ve any prblm wid wt they do-if u hate it so much. + if said, v cud say dat Twilight ws a copy of TVD too, bt it’s nt (dat is wt u’ll say & I agree). Twil8 ws inspir’d by a dream of Steph dat she had long bck (the Meadow Chapter). So, d rest were imagined by her. & d Script writer tried 2 do sumthng bttr, gvng a New taste 4r d Audience. D way sum ppl ( EVEN D INDIAN HERITAGE 1’s) Cmmnt here, is lyk degrading d ppl & dat’s nt r8. Sure, thr wr lots of opportunities 2 make use of by d Writers- bt u cnt dish out everythng in jst 1 plate cn u? Space & Scope r need’d.
    & as 4r d Effects, wel it ws fine through Indian budget I guess. If u guys earn in dollar & jst lash it out on anythng u want, wel it’s urs. Bt, v keep minds on everythng.

  34. & I’m nt finish’d yet.
    I too fllw TVD Series. So, u guys probably ‘ve notic’d dat it airs 1ce in a week, dat 2 in a 60 min duration! So, dat probably gvs d Writers 5 days time 2 thnk of sumthng new or twist d Story + they get a break aftr Each season 2 draft d plan 4r d upcmg Season. In India, it is a daily bas’d Opera, wr u need 2 keep gng wid wt u thnk is best. U r gvn d deadline as hours nt Weeks! + thr is no Season brk ovr here. 1ce u loose d Channel, u won’t evn see it anywhr else, 2 criticise anymore.
    & I dnt get it, each person ovr here (whoevr ‘ve discriminat’d it) keep watchng it, evn aftr all those “SUCKS, LOUSY, SHIT” type of words. I guess, they enjoy wt they do. Gvn they ‘ve no othr work.


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