Salt Lake Magazine: Confessions of a Newborn Vampire

Salt Lake Magazine had a chance to interview Jodelle Ferland while she was in town signing Eclipse DVD’s.

BH: “How has your life changed since Eclipse?”

JF: “Well, my life has changed quite a bit, and in a lot of ways it stays the same. I’m still just, you know, a normal girl who enjoys hanging out with friends doing regular things. But, I mean I wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for Twilight. I’ve been doing all sorts of conventions, meeting a lot of fans. It’s just so much fun.”

BH: “Do you have any memorable moments from being on Eclipse?”

JF: “Well, I think honestly the whole movie was pretty memorable. Actually, I did have my 15th birthday on set, so that was pretty cool.”

BH: “Did you get a cake?”

JF: “Yeah I did. I had a birthday cake on set. And I mean that is pretty much every girls dream to have,” she smiles and laughs, “a birthday party on the set of Twilight. I was so happy that I got to do that. That was really fun.”

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