Ty Olsson Cast as Phil Dwyer in Breaking Dawn

Summit Entertainment has confirmed that Ty Olsson has been cast as Phil Dwyer, Bella’s Step-Father, in Breaking Dawn.  Fans of sci-fi shows like Defying Gravity and Battlestar Galactica may recognize Ty as a series regular.  He most recently appeared in the TV show Shattered.  Let us know if you think he fits your impression of Renee’s baseball playing husband.


  1. I don’t really like him for Phil :S… well Phil in my head is more like… I don’t know… sporty? He looks like someone in the army…

  2. Jackie Feazell says

    He sorta looks to close to the age of Renee’s age for me. He is supposed to be noticably younger then her. He does look militaryish.

  3. Since they had a Phil in Twilight, I was hoping they’d reuse him. He pretty much fit the description to me.

  4. This doesn’t bother me. He’s hardly in BD.

  5. naaaaah! i don’t like this casting.

  6. I liked the original Phil from Twilight. Why not go back to him? why the change?

  7. What happened to the guy they had in Twilight? I don’t really care that much, but I do wonder.

  8. He looks too old to be Phil.

  9. I was hoping they’d bring back the Phil that was in Twilight. And I agree w/what some others have said he looks too old! He looks to be close to Renee’s age not younger.

    • I agree with you all. I was hoping they would bring back the Phil from Twilight. He does look a little too old.

  10. arazcal@yahoo.com says

    I don’t have a problem with him- I think his build fits the part. As for his haircut resembling “military” who knows when the pic was taken or what role it was for.(R.Patz was cast for Twilight soon after playing Salvadore Dali black hair and all and he had to hit the gym- think chiseled jaw.) I’d imagine that part of the appeal for an actor is the chameleon like transformations sometimes required for each different role. Back to the casting of Phil- i don’t remember there ever being stated in the books just how much of an age difference there was between Renee and Phil-Bella just states he’s younger and makes Renee feel younger. Who cares how old the guy is. Renee is officially a cougar who gets some arm candy for Breaking Dawn. Meow! 🙂

  11. I don’t really like him either. And for the first movie, and maybe even the second, I’m not sure, wasn’t there already a Phil???? This is not the same person, is it???

  12. Helen Pauline says

    Can you imagine what people would say if they put up the picture of the character he played in Just Friends? People would really be freaking out then, lol.

  13. I’m ok with this !

  14. I cannot recall Phil being in Breaking Dawn. I’m sitting here at work (ya I have to be sneaky) trying to remember…. drawing a blank.

    • I think he is just there during the wedding. I don’t think he even has any lines. I remember a few lines in the book about when Bella saw Phil, Charlie, and Renee all together and happy.

  15. I, too, envisioned someone who looks much younger, and Ty Olsson is the same age as Sarah Clarke. However, the actor who played in the first movie was only 2 years younger than Sarah Clarke. I’m sure he’ll come across younger than he looks in this particular photo. And besides, I imagine we’ll only see “Phil” at the wedding anyway.

  16. Summit is really terrible with recasting…first BDH- a horrible Victoria- the worst choice and this dude who looks too old to be Phil and again like Bryce look nothing like the original. I wonder who has is related to?

  17. I really don’t care. I mean he has a small role so I think it will be ok.

  18. Hey – as long as Renee and Bella like him – no problem. lololol


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