Bree Tanner Runner Up for Fav YA Book of 2010

Hollywood Crush allowed readers to vote last week for their favorite YA novel of the year.  The winner was Richelle Mead’s “Last Sacrifice,” book six in the Vampire Academy series.  “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” came in second with “Mockingjay” by Suzanne Collins coming in third.  Let us know how you feel about the results and what your choice for best YA book of the year was in the comment.


  1. I liked bree tanner but i LOVED the hunger games books and mockingjay was way better!!! havent picked up the newest vamp academy book yet

  2. I loved Bree Tanner! I love the HG series but I have mixed feelings on Mockingjay.

  3. Although I’m as Twihard as all of you, Last Sacrifice is way better than the book about Bree.

  4. I loved Bree more and I am a twihard that’s how I feel. Last Sacrifice is a book in a whole SO I DON’T THINK IT WAS FAIR FOR BREE TO GO AGAINST whole books in a series.
    If this was a second book for the Twilight series or the Host Bree would of won.
    Midnight Sun would of been nice and would of won oh well. But Bree ? Not a character fans really cared for.

  5. I’ve already mentioned this before, I really did like Bree, and being that Stephenie couldn’t find a way to “save” Bree, as she already doomed her in Eclipse, it made the book much darker and less protective. HOWEVER, as Bree was only a novella, I don’t think it should have been qualified as a contender, as well it’s not a “true” book, in the sense of the others, but more of a companion work that goes along with her full books.

    It is much like the Silmarilion for the Lord of the Rings. Silmarilion (of which was released via Tolkien’s son Christopher) is a fantastic book, but it is more of a companion read, and thus didn’t win a lot of awards and such, because it is merely an add on…

    What is funny, even Tolkien dealt with werewolves and vampires and the love between a mortal and immortal in the Lai of Lethien of which tells the epic romance between the mortal Beren and the immortal Luthian. During their epic quest to reclaim the Silmaril from Morgoth, Beren transforms himself into a giant wolf and Luthian transforms herself into a vampire in order to cross the “damned” lands undetected. 🙂 It’s a great story.

  6. just wanted to comment that although i liked Bree, I LOVED Katniss! Mockinjay ,however,I….hmmm…how to say without spoiling for those who haven’t read it..didn’t like as much as The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.That’s the nice version 🙂

  7. Just finished “Last Sacrafice” couple days ago. LOVED IT! Bree was a fun book but not better(in my opinion) than LS or MJ. Although I would say Mockinjay had a very unclimatic ending and Bree’s definately WAS! But I think LS definately should take the crown!

  8. See as I’m going to Richelle Mead’s book signing tonight in Seattle and finished LS at 4:30 this morning…I say LS is good for the win. And I agree that Bree shouldn’t have been nominated in the first place since it was a novella and had no business going head to head with 600+ page books. Though if anyone could have won against LS it would have been Bree.

  9. Well, I don’t know, but I did not like Bree Tanner so… Sure, the French translation was bad, but overall I thought the book was disappointing. Bree Tanner was supposed to be a newborn vampire, a “monster” as was promised by the author, but she was not. Ultimately she was not a “monster”, she was not uncontrolable, she was not bloodthirsty, she was just in love. Yes, she drinks human blood but she does not seem to care about blood. All she ever does throughout the short story is worry about the safety of her vampire lover. So where is the monster?
    Among the other newborns perhaps? But they were presented as a stupid lot. For me, uncontrolable and bloodthirsty does not equal “stupid” it means “dangereous”…
    No, I’m sorry but I did not like Bree Tanner because I did not learn anything and I think it was uninteresting. I’m still a fan of Twilight but I’m not going to love Bree Tanner just because it is Stephenie Meyer who wrote it.

  10. Hunger Games and Vampire Academy FTW

  11. Mockingjay should have won. Hunger Games > all.


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