J Jenks Scene Filmed

According to info on Twitter from isadoranassif

Picture of the restaurant

Via Blog TwiBrasil

As for who is playing J Jenks, Summit has never officially confirmed. We don’t know why that is exactly. Going on the last batch of actors who were announced, but no specific role attached to their name, we believe it is one of two people. Either would be a great choice as the role does not have to be a race specific one to advance the plot.

· Ty Olsson
· Wendell Pierce


  1. nice.

  2. wonder who’s playing J Jenks??

  3. The restaurant looks exactly like I pictured it. And whoever they got for J is bound to be good.

  4. Yay!! Vampire Bella.

  5. The tiniest piece of information like this makes me more excited (as if that were possible). Can’t wait!

  6. Apparently the resturant was Domenica


    not Sazeac at Roosevelt

  7. Oh boy, oh boy!
    Could this possibly mean Summit/Mr. Condon authorizing releases some vampire Bella still?

    Looks exactly like I pictured it!

  8. I want a glimpse of Bella Cullen! I bet the first guy Ty Olsson is the one. I personally loved BD and can’t wait for the scene. I just hope that because it had so many haters that those people simply choose not to watch the movies instead of bashing it even more once it comes out. I don’t want to hear it.

  9. Hooray the most uninteresting and irrelavant scene in the entire saga has been filmed! lol ahh, who am I kidding, any news is exciting news!

  10. I thought that scene was really boring and kind of weird in the book. I hope it doesn’t take up much film time.

  11. I wish Summit would give us confirmation as to who is playing J. Jenks. I love all these tidbits! It’s helping me get through the next year.

  12. My guess is that (if they stay 100% true to the book) Ty Olsson will be playing J Jenks (“He was…blanched to a sickly paste color” BD ch. 33) and Wendell Pierce will play Max (“His crinkly black hair was tangled…his dark skin was smooth and perfect.” BD ch. 33). That said I know they have changed this stuff in the past and both actors are great!

  13. This was one of my favorite scenes in BD,because it was like a detective story. Bella has to make the necessary preperations for Nessie’s safety and she has to hire a seedy lawyer to secure the paperwork. All the elements of tone and mood were in place,the minute Bella steps out of the car and sees that this shady part of town,is very dangerous. I can’t wait to see vamp Bella and I know she’s going to look gorgeous in her dinner gown,although J doesn’t know she doesn’t eat human food.

  14. I love both actors and saw on IMDB that they both are attached to BD. I can’t wait to see how they do in the film. I bet one is J. Jenks and the other is the character (can’t remember his name right now) that sends Bella to J. Hurry up Nov 2011!

  15. switzy4ever14 says

    it’s so weird how this one small piece of information makes me that much more excited.

  16. I’m hoping that Bill will gave us a xmas gift like a teaser lol

  17. Ty Olson is playing Phil Dwyer Bella’s step dad not J Jenks

  18. I think it should be Tom Cruise in his Les Grossman ( Fat man suit )

  19. twilightgirl2442 says

    exactly how i imagined. it im sooooo exited!

  20. i wonder who plays j. jenks!? i can’t wiat for it to come out!


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