Next Movie: Male Twi-Hard’s Family Commentary

Next Movie’s male twi-hard blogger watched the Eclipse DVD with his family. There are some hilarious results here. All of us have probably seen the same with family members, friends, and co-workers who may or may not be that up on Twilight.

“Since some of my family members are fellow Twi-Hards, I brought the DVD to Thanksgiving just to blow their minds, which it did. I didn’t expect the non-Twi-fans to be interested in it, but after dinner a number of them wanted to watch.

So I took note of their reactions and ended up with a more interesting commentary than those on the disc.  And yes, of course I’ll share. Below are some highlights and insights on “Eclipse” from a family that cannot stop talking.

Family members participating:

Betty: 70, my grandfather’s second wife, loves puffy-paint sweatshirts, has vaguely heard of “Twilight”
Kelly: 26, my sister-in-law, teaches preschool, a bigger Twi-Hard than me
Jason: 22, my cousin, loves Jagermeister, hates “Twilight”
George: late-50s, my aunt’s ex-husband/cousins’ father, drives Corvette, minimal “Twilight” knowledge
Jane: mid-40s, George’s “friend,” drinks vodka, thinks she “may have seen one of those movies”

Check out the crew’s running commentary on Next Movie.


  1. Ronda Snyder says:

    That’s great! Ha, ha! I can see my family doing the same thing. 😉

  2. The best part is the closing line from his Step-Grandma. Our elders say the funniest things!

  3. OMG, that was so funny, loved it!! Loved the commentary! More please.

  4. switzy4ever14 says:

    hahaha oh my gosh. “Don’t think I don’t know! I know.”

  5. vampbball says:

    Super cute.


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