MTV: David Slade Explains One of the Cut Scenes

MTV has a countdown going for the Eclipse DVD release. This was a top moment.

“Though he couldn’t remember too many of the making-of segments, David was passionately involved with the DVD’s deleted scenes special feature…

Fortunately for all you Bella and Edward fans, one of the film’s cut scenes is a “sweet little moment” between the two. Apparently there was a running argument between the couple throughout the course of the film, but David ultimately decided to cut it from the film.

“We were trying to get the film to a manageable length, to flow really well, and it was like hitting a speed bump. You just felt it every time you hit these scenes,” he explained.

The scene that made it to the DVD’s special features is one that “closed the argument.” Edward is sitting outside Bella’s house and is being “kind of a jerk, making certain demands which Edward is like to do throughout all of these films,” and Bella finally gets fed up with him. She storms off to her room, locking her window, effectively telling Edward that he is not welcome in her boudoir that evening. But after a moment’s hesitation, she unlocks and opens the window. (Aw, we wouldn’t be able to keep the window closed either, Bella!).”

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  1. It sounds like the argument about whether or not Bella is safe hanging out with the wolves, when Edward disables her truck to keep her from sneaking off.

  2. We all remember that scene from the book…I would have liked to have seen it in the movie. It shows that she can and does get upset with him on occasion. But she loves him enough to forgive him.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope they end up having a special edition with ALL the deleted stuff. Not just the useless stuff they decided to put on this one.

  4. twilight dreamers says:

    Its nice they included it in the movie in the 1st place even if it got cut its still nice to know it was included. 🙂

  5. Why does it seem that the deleted scenes are always ones exactly from the book? At least we get to still see them.

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