Twilight Saga Eclipse DVD: A Fan’s Perspective

Lexicon reader Marilyn, who lives in Australia where the DVD is already out, has a review up. She wrote to tell us,  “Hi Lexicon…here’s my review of the Eclipse DVD(I got it early here in Australia). Everyone seems to like the SM/Wyck commentary summary so feel free to take what you want but please credit. Lots of sites have mistakenly been crediting someone else for me 8 hours work!”

So below is part of Marilyn’s review. See the whole thing here. (Warning there is an entire summary of the DVD commentary if you click from both Rob and Kristen and Stephenie and Wyck. We left out the full blow-by-blow commentary summary in case you want to be surprised when you get yours.)

Menu Screen

So this was much cooler than the other ones. A background of mountains with flashes of the movie while the character photos moving left to right(I just realised there are no capital letters in the Twilight font, took me a while!)

Special Features

Music Videos

Does anyone else think these are a waste of space? Nothing we haven’t seen before. Although I do really like Metric’s song “(Eclipse) All Yours”

Deleted Scenes

Many of you have already seen these online. Theres only 2 of these with the directors commentary either on/off. D-Slade is his typical adorable self. He really likes to wave his hands around a lot with what he’s saying. He has an Eclipse wolf screensaver on his computer in the background.

–It’s not life or death

Angela and Bella chat about Edward and his “jealousy” problems with Jacob. I loved this scene in the book and was disappointed when I didn’t see it on screen. However I do understand why they cut it, so it’s great to see it on the DVD. Christian Serrato’s glasses are really cute and she wears these cool star earrings. DS compliments Kristen’s performance. Her wig looks really good in this one!

–I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next

This is a moment between Charlie/Bella straight after graduation. Charlie tells Bella how proud he is of her and Bella feels guilty when he mentions her having future children she thinks she can’t have. I think we saw paparazzi photos of this scene. I think that was the fandom’s first sneak peek at Eclipse? I agree with DS that the shot of Charlie clapping in the audience was very powerful and enough for me to see how proud he was of Bella.

Extended Scenes

Again, many of you have probably seen this. We get DS commentary again.

2. Just Keep the window closed

OK I LOVED THIS SCENE IN THE BOOK, and I loved it in the movie. I wish they kept it in. Seriously, so cute. They didn’t want to dwell too much on the row. DS: “they didn’t need it”

3. From now on I’m Switzerland

A few extra lines in the scene about Bella wanting them to work together.DS said there’s too much rivalry. He wanted the story to be more emphasized over the rivalry. I agree, it wasn’t needed.

4. Someone’s creating an army

It seems to be its like Edward saying an extra 4 lines about Aro wanting Alice/Edward and Bella wanting to be changed straight away. It’s interesting they cut out a flashback of Edward/Alice in Italy by Aro’s side. But they wanted it to stay in the 1 room.

5.Bella, I envy you

A little bit extra of Rosalie as a human, cradling a baby. This would help with BD but would be confusing with the audience who may wonder if it was Rosalie’s child. Cute, beautiful scene.

6. What did I say about a low profile?

I’m sick of the newborns. A few extra lines with Xavier lecturing the newborns. Did I mention he’s great in this scene?

7. Jacob’s thoughts are pretty loud

Edward and Bella after Jacob kiss. Edward talks about how he understands Jacob stitched her up. DS: “Retrod over areas already well covered”. DS praises the performances. It slows down pacing. DS likes simplicity.


  1. I’m looking forward to the commentaries actually !

  2. Can somebody please remind me…

    Are all the DVDs going to be the same this year? I hated last year’s fiasco of figuring out which version to buy in which store.

    • From what I understand, there is only the one DVD with all the extras; extended and deleted scenes, commentary and interviews with the cast, music videos, also, Jacob and Edward fast forwards.
      There are a few places that have added a “trinket” for a little more, but the DVD’s are the same.

  3. From what I read, the only DVD version has most of the stuff. There will also be a DVD/blue ray combo pack where the Blue Ray has more “jump to…” things on it, not just the Edward/Jacob one that’s on the DVD.

  4. I saw the extended scene Jacob’s thoughts were pretty loud online & HATE how it was cut out. It might have “slowed down pacing” but to me it shows the REAL Edward. The wonderful character he is. It shows how he understands what him leaving did to Bella & admits that Jacob was there for her when he wasn’t. (I DID NOT get that from anywhere else in the movie) Out of all that was cut that’s the one I really wish they kept in.

    It’s so unfair it’s out already in Australia! I can’t wait to get mine.

  5. I was just wondering if the jacob and bella getting old together scene was on the dvd? I was really disappointed when it wasn’t in the movie!!


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