Collider Interviews David Slade for the Eclipse DVD Release

David SladesetAs usual there is great stuff over at Collider. Christina Radish, who used to be at IESB, is now over at Collider. Christina has always provided great Twilight coverage no matter what site she works for:

“Earlier today, Collider had the opportunity to do an exclusive interview with director David Slade, in which he talked about all of the special features and extras that even the most hardcore fans are sure to enjoy, how every aspect of making the film was daunting, that one of his favorite scenes was the kitchen scene between Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Charlie (Billy Burke), and how he doesn’t judge a film by it’s financial or critical success, but rather how closely it achieves his original vision. He also said that he’s currently narrowing down what he’s going to be working on next, and that all of his choices are very different from his previous work.

Question: What will fans get most excited about, in regard to the special features and extras that you’ve selected for this DVD?

DAVID SLADE: You know, I don’t know. That’s bad. I made the film and haven’t even seen these things, except to approve them. What I will say is that I think it’s a point worth making that, for a film like this, because of the fan base, I liken it to a subculture. It’s not quite punk rock, but it’s a fan culture, like Star Wars fans. It’s a positive thing and I’ve always been very, very supportive of fan cultures. I’m a fan of all kinds of things. With a DVD, you want something you can own, you can watch, you can come to grips with and you can explore. It’s something larger than the film, when it’s going out to a fan base like this. So, I guess that’s my answer. I hope that they like all of it.

The thing that I remember doing myself is the commentary on the deleted scenes. I don’t do commentaries on films because A) I’m not very good at it and B) it’s an odd thing that I discovered, on my first film, that you go through this really intense experience of making a film and then you sit in a little room with a monitor and you reduce the thing to a bunch of silly anecdotes. It’s really unfulfilling and I’ve never really enjoyed listening to them anyway, so I just don’t do them. I’ve made a point, since then, of not doing them.

But, one of the things I thought was important, particularly because of this fan base and because of how much stock they put into the stories, was just to talk about the stuff we took out – that we shot and we didn’t put in – and the reasoning behind it. I felt it needed a bit of justification. There were some scenes that I actually really liked and would like to have put them in. And who knows? They may be favorites of people within the fan cultures. Film becomes a living organism. After awhile, it begins to tell you what it needs and you’re usually best listening.”

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  1. Is there a difference again in what is on which DVD or is it only in the packaging? I got the wrong version on New Moon…wished I had bought the Target version and don’t want to make the same mistake again. I am happy D.S. is so concerned about the fans. We appreciate him!

    • Because there were so many differences in what was included in the New Moon DVD’s, depending on where you purchased it (Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.), this time they have made included all the same material in the DVD’s and they will have the same inclusions so that fans won’t be disappointed like they were before.

  2. Thats what I have always said! Twilight is like Star Wars for us girls! I even used that line while waiting at a midnight showing and one girl said to me thats good I have to use that one!

  3. RockinRobbin says:

    Has anyone else noticed that there is very little publicity about this coming out? I mean we are 5 days from release and I have seen 3 ads so far on tv, and I watch a lot of tv. Maybe it’s just in my area but it seems like they aren’t doing anything to really promote the release, and I’m wondering why?

    • This is the third movie released and they know that the DVD’s will sell well and no stars for the DVD releases because their doing Breaking Dawn and that might be another thing. Their busy doing Breaking Dawn.

  4. I can’t wait to hear his explanation for why the Jacob left you bleeding extended scene was taken out.

  5. When all is said and done, maybe we’ll be treated to “Director’s Cuts” of the films instead of having to flip through the deleted scenes one by one.

    (This is my biggest wish for “Titanic.” Please Mr. Cameron, if you are reading this!! Pleeeeease please please! lol)

  6. I just spent the whole of yesterday watching the Two-Disc Special Edition [it’s the one you need to buy in Australia if you want to see the Deleted & Extended Scenes. I presume it might be the same everywhere in the world]. It’s a pity Angela’s card writing scene [which they filmed in Bella’s room]wasn’t actually included because it sums up the whole story line, especially for anyone who hasn’t read the books. I would have liked the extended “I’m Switzerland” scene to be in there too-I feel the movies scene was too brief and really didn’t explain itself properly. Plus Rob’s extended scene after the 2nd Bella/Jacob kiss should have definitely stayed in. He really “nails” how deeply Edward loves Bella-and they left it out !!!
    Rob n Kristen commentary is so “Robsten”, Rob loves to change the subject away from the film, every time there’s an intense moment between Kris n Taylor [bit of jealousy there Rob? 🙂 ]. There’s lots of funny banter about Kristens wigs, although he puts his foot in it when he tries to compliment Kris on how she has a “Jennifer Aniston” look in one of the wigs. Then he tries to get out of the “compliment” when it appears that it doesn’t go down too well with Kristen. I would have loved to have had Taylor’s views too [maybe next time]. One thing I found interesting was Stephenie Myers commentry re her frustration that so many good quotes [from the book] were left out. That’s exactly how I feel !
    I only paid A$25.20 at Target [Sydney/Australia],it didn’t come with any bracelet’s/posters or whatever but it’s hours of great entertainment. Thanks Summit.

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