A Wedding For Bella and Edward in Eclipse?

Next Movie has shared part of their upcoming David Slade interview. (In case you are wondering, every media outlet in town interviewed David Slade during the last two days and their media embargo just lifted.) David shared this surprising tidbit:

“…according to David Slade, the director of the “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” adaptation, it[the wedding] might have come a little earlier on the big screen.

“We discussed a lot of the things at the script-writing stage — at one point, we were even going to shoot the wedding at the end of [“Eclipse”] but we knew there was another film coming,” Slade tells NextMovie exclusively.

“We knew that a lot of that could go into the next film.  And we just made the most concise version of this story that we could.”

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  1. Yeah the wedding at the end of Eclipse would not have been a good move.

  2. I’m so glad they didn’t put the wedding in Eclipse. That would have been so wrong.

  3. All I want to know is what happend to the scene where Bella envisions life with Jacob. Someone said they filmed it because there’s a still shot of it. But its not on the dvd deleted scenes. Does anyone know for sure if they even filmed it?

    • I read on the other site that they did filmed it but that test audience laughed at looking at Taylor and Kristen looking older so they took it out, the same thing happened with the third wife scene with Kristen dressed as native American. I’m not sure what can be funny about those scenes, but I didn’t saw then so who knows.

  4. AliceKikiCullen says:

    Really? Was Slade like, I dunno…high?!!!! Not to be mean but why on earth would he have thought to put that in there? Did he want to tick off the fans?! I and didn’t know they did film the life with Jake scene… I haven’t heard anything about it at least.

  5. It would have been pretty bad if they put the wedding in there. But then again, I’m not sure if Break Dawn had been confirmed yet when they were doing Eclipse because I remember thinking that it wouldn’t be fair to not have Breaking Dawn made. So that might have been why David Slade thought of putting the wedding in.

  6. A wedding at the end of Eclipse would have worked if Breaking Dawn were only going to be one movie. The wedding would have fit the flow of Eclipse, and it would have allowed more of the BD story to fit into a single movie. I don’t understand why everyone would make such a fuss considering the was Melissa Rosenberg and Catherine Hardwicke BUTCHERED Twilight.

  7. does anybody know what happened to the very last scene in eclipse where jacob gets the invitation and the note from edward for the wedding and then he runs off which leads into the first part of breaking dawn im just asking because there wasnt that scene at the end of eclipse maybe they will do it in bd 🙂

  8. This would NOT have been good for the lives of the Summit people AND David but I’m glad he did us right.

  9. As Kathryn has already stated, there isn’t ANY reason the wedding scene would not have worked in Eclipse. At the time Eclipse was being filmed Summit had not yet committed to creating Breaking Dawn, and for that matter, splitting Breaking Dawn into two movies. It would have been a logical choice and made sense for the ending of Eclipse. The uncertainty of BD’s future was the same reason the Jacob epilogue wasn’t included in the film. They wanted the movie to end on a high note, not a cliff hanger.
    In truth, I think their moving the wedding out of Eclipse is a terrible move. BD the book was a hard read with its plot changes, switching styles, and lack luster ending. Had Steph moved the wedding to the end of Eclipse, she could have focused the entire story and circled it around Renesmee. That is exactly what I said should have been done to BD years ago when the first Twilight movie came out. Alas…

    I don’t know why Twi-hards get offended every time Summit makes a decision that might alter the books in the slightest. They aren’t the Holy Grail, and I’m afraid because of such backlash with the slightest decisions and changes, have kept the series from becoming great films.

    I remeber back when Lord of the Rings was being filmed and Shelob’s sequence (the giant spider) was moved from “The Two Towers” to “Return of the King”. Some purest cried foul, but it worked wonders for the movies.

    In the end folks it isn’t about translating the books completely to the screen as that is impossible. It’s about taking the essence of the books, and telling the story as effective for the screen as they can do, even if changes need to be made. Summit’s goal should be to make the Twilight Saga tangible to everyone, no matter if they’ve read the books or not, but they’ve failed at every turn.

    Then again, as the Twilight Saga’s success has rested solely on the fans, then again, maybe they do know what they are doing…

    • I completely agree. The movie is suppose to be an interpretation of the book, not an exact replica. I think it’s safe to say that most twilight fans don’t have a degree in film, so no, you don’t know what would flow best

    • I disagree. First of all, deal or no deal (at the time), there was NO WAY that BD wasn’t going to get filmed. It is WAY too much of a moneymaker for Summit. No matter what, it was going to happen, and likely as two films. If they had filmed the wedding in Eclipse, it would have been rushed, and probably like a 5 minute clip. The wedding MAKES the series. It is the culmination. Eclipse was rushed as it was, and the wedding needs plenty of time dedicated it to give the girls what they want. So… I say, DEFINITELY should not have been in Eclipse.

      • Firstly what MOST normal people want is a good story. Even IF the wedding was at the end of Eclipse, it would have been written into the story, and while not every aspect and detail would have been translated from book to screen, it would have been enough to nail it right. The wedding felt tacked on Breaking Dawn. The actual wedding itself just takes up a few pages, and then the rest of the book as NOTHING to do with it. So I stand by what I said. As stated, I think the wedding should have been added to the end of Eclipse the book as well. It is what the first three books lead up to, as with the films, so I still don’t understand why so many would be opposed to it. Thematically it makes sinse.

        As for Breaking Dawn being filmed… Guys when Eclipse was originally written, BD’s likelihood was still in question. Had MR not been able to salvage a story out of that final book, they might not have opted to make it. BD, of all the books, was the most unfilmable as it doesn’t adhere to any normal structure that is typically used in formatting movies. MR was able to nail it down.

        I still think they are making a big mistake in making it two movies, but we’ll see…

        • If the wedding was added to Eclipse then they would have had to A) make the movie longer, or B) take something else out. I don’t imagine they would have made the movie any longer, but if they did, then I would rather have more time alloted to the already existing scenes (i.e. Edward’s proposal) than have the wedding tacked on at the end.

          Even if everyone was saying how “Breaking Dawn” was up in the air, I never once doubted that they weren’t going to do it. So, like I said, that was a non issue.

          Insofar as the wedding being a “couple of pages,” I believe it was actually much more than that. You have to remember the events leading up to it, Bella getting ready with Alice and Rosalie, Bella’s mom giving her her “something blue,” of course the actual wedding, Jacob’s appearance, throwing rice, etc. Sorry, but girls want all this stuff… and since it’s a movie, we want to SEE it all, and have enough time to get all happy inside. AND we want to see the whole honeymoon. New Moon and Eclipse had so much other stuff going on, but what we really want is Edward and Bella. SO… I see no reason why BD shouldn’t be split it two.

          Stephenie Meyer has already commented on the perfect breaking poing… when you see her open her eyes for the first time.

          • You list all that stuff about the wedding, but you do realize it probably isn’t all going to make it into the movie, don’t you?. Forget the getting ready, the something blue, the rice. In fact, I’d be surprised if the wedding gets even a 10 minute scene. The only thing we have to see is Bella in a wedding dress, maybe a snippet of the vows and some version of Bella’s conversation with Jacob. In order to have a well-paced movie you can’t spend too long dwelling on one thing. That’s why “important” things have been cut from the other 3 movies. Do you really think anyone is going to want to sit in a dark theatre and watch Alice and Rosalie braid Bella’s hair and do her makeup for half an hour?

  10. Actually, since I was of the opinion that Breaking Dawn was, to a large degree, unfilmable, I thought that including the wedding, and ending with a shot of both VampirizedBella and Edward hunting would have made for nice symmetry with the “Twilight” movie, and allowed fans to fill in whatever blanks they would like.

    (I still think that Bella’s bruises, Renesmee, and Jacob imprinting on Renesmee are going to be very problematic for anyone who has not read the books – heck, Bella’s bruising and the existence of Renesmee are problematic enough for many people who *have* read the books! Think you’ve needed thick skins in order to read previous critiques of the books/movies? I’m going to venture to say that we ain’t seen nothing yet.)

    • I completely agree. Critics have been tough on the movies, and even though I am a huge fan of the books in many cases I agree with the critics. Breaking Dawn is going to be a smorgasbord for all the movie critics who dislike the series, especially with it being 2 films. I anticipate lots of comments about the slow pacing and too much needless information.

      I was against it being two movies from the start. Despite the length of the book, there are quite a few things that will be difficult (if not impossible) to translate to film, and a lot of information that is nice for the superfans but unnecessary for the plot. I know Stephenie pushed for 2 movies, but did anyone honestly expect her to do otherwise? Of course she’s going to want her story to be exactly as she wrote it. The problem is that it was written as a book not a movie, and the two are not always interchangeable. That’s what a lot of fans don’t understand. What works on the page doesn’t always work on the screen.

  11. if you put the wedding in the eclipse that would be so wrong.

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