MTV: Eclipse DVD Commentary Preview Featuring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

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  1. SOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOL cannot wait until it comes out!!!! 😀

  2. Team Edward ! lol ..

  3. Ha HA….. an arnold pallmer.

  4. That was funny can’t wait for the real thing!!!

  5. they are so couply in this commentary. and i am LMAO!

  6. That is so cute. I didn’t realize I’d feel that way but when I first heard them it was like either you were in your living room watching a movie with them (oh yah, watched a movie the other night with my friends Rob and Kristen) or that you were a fly on the wall in their home. I could so picture them cuddling on a couch watching a movie together. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing.

    And Rob was so funny how he tried to say Arnold Palmer.

  7. What’s intersting about this commentary is that they weren’t even in the same room or country,when it was recorded. He was in Los Angles and she was in Montreal,prepping for On the Road. It’s still great to hear their banter and it is very couply between them. Can’t wait to hear the entire thing,when I get the dvd on December 4th.

    • How did you know? Just curious. Makes sense though – why she can’t see that it isn’t coffee. I wondered if he was drinking it out of a coffee mug or something.

      • Catherine Elizabeth says:

        It was mentioned in an interview I believe. I can’t remember where I saw it, it was either this fansite or His golden eyes.

      • Rob and Kristen mention it on the commentary at the beginning that they aren’t in the same room. She’s in Montreal and he’s in LA (eating In & Out and making her jealous). I listened to the full commentary already that leaked a few days ago.

        It’s amazing!

  8. “f”ing awesome. I love jibberish commentary. Hitcher Hikers Guide to the Galaxy…is my all time favorite because they barely talk about the movie and it sounds like Rob and Kristen are right there man. LOVE IT!

  9. Hahaha, this is so cute. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing!

  10. switzy4ever14 says:

    hahaha I can tell it’s going to be great already.

  11. harry potter says:

    Totally agree. Harry Potter is timeless. And i wanna add some stuff to this debate.
    Q1: Twilight is so easy to “jump into” because the movies focus so much on Edward and Jacob and their looks. The book itself was so shallow. It lacked so much depth, and so the movie was obviously going to be an easy transition. Harry Potter books were complicated, intense, deep, and meaningful. Small details pop up later on in the series. The movies managed as much as they can, and they did a wonderful job.
    Q2: Cedric was only in one movie basically, but he was such an important character. His death is to put everyone in the right state of mind. They are living in dangerous times, and people need to die for everyone to realize what side they should be on. Just because Edward was “swoon worthy”, it does not make him a better character. Angsty Edward to Edward with a sense of humor? Because creating humor must be a REAL challenge, right? I cannot say much more than this because I feel as thought everyone who are supporters of twilight are only there to stare at edward face and jacobs body.
    Q3: Voldemort can read minds. Its called Legilimency. Yet Harry and the others were still able to defeat him. I find this question COMPLETELY POINTLESS.
    Q4: Hermione is a better heroine because she has her flaws. She is a “insufferable know-it-all” and annoys others to a very high extent. Yet she has never strayed from the right path. She kept with the high road and teaches young girls that being smart is nothing to be ashamed about. Harry and Ron agree that they would not last long on their own without Hermione by their side. Hermione is the strong willed woman who will never give up. Bella on the other hand is weak and succombs to her desires even when she knows that they are wrong. I understand how this emotional outlook can be won over by many girls because they can relate to the pain and longing. But Bella never overcomes her weaknesses. Instead, she lets it take over her. Her life was going completely downhill when Edward left her and the only thing that made her happy again was another man–Jacob. It seems as though Twilights heroine needs to latch on to a man to survive. This is definitely not the way I want to perceive myself or any of the women around me.
    Q5: I do agree that the Twilight has a very large fan base that are passionate about the movies and books shown in their willingness to camp out. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out tonight and at the end of this weekend, we shall see just how immense their fan base is. Harry Potter fans even have the joy to dress up as a student from the houses, professors, the death-eaters, etc. Twilight fans are only given the choice of werewolves and vampires, and even then the fans usually do not dress up as that. Also, the fans in Harry Potter is wider than the fans in Twilight. Many girls and boys (men and women) are fans of the series. Twilight is directed towards teenage girls, and as a bi-product, their mothers/grandmothers have gotten into the trend as well. But I do not see very many happy men in the theaters to watch Twilight.
    Q6: Harry Potter has an entire world that the readers can immerse themselves into. Laura from the Twilight Lexicon says that there is many pop culture references to Twilight, but she refuses to recognize the many references to Harry Potter. The amusement part that was set up for Harry Potter is an example of the peoples faith in Harry Potter with its test of time. They know that the Harry Potter world has a very good chance of lasting forever and they want to support it by giving the fans a tangible world with the village and school as the main attractions. Harry Potter books can be passed down to teach lessons and moral. I have learned many things from the words of JK Rowling, but I cannot say the same for Stephenie Meyer. I admit that it is a guilty read for me, but I have lost interest in the books after one reading. When I grow up, I don’t think I want to hand this book down to my children. Boys would not like it, and girls would learn abut lust and dependency on men while the harry Potter series will teach those same girls love, death, rules and when they should be broken, consequences, and forgiveness.

    I can go on and on, and I would love to hear feedback from Twilight fans. If there is any details that are wrong, or any points that i’ve missed and you need to bring it up, then please – go on ahead.

    • I have always been a HP-fan, harry potter has made me listen that extra bit in the English lessons (im swedish)in school, it made me read books that were 1000+ pages long.
      But Im also (be amazed o.o)a Twilight-fan. Thanks to HP I found Twilight. Twilight gave me some new perspective on some serious stuff, and NOO im not a freaky twilighter nor a Harry Potter-maniac… but jeez your comment there was just lame man.

      It’s sad how people cant live with the fact that TWO different sagas co-exist, and noooo you dont HAVE to draw links between them and write a whole page to compare them because they are not the same thing.


  12. Still bitter, Rob?

  13. LOL Priceless!!!

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