Moviefone Announces Biggest Twilight Fan Results

Earlier this month we told you how Moviefone was looking for the biggest Twilight and Harry Potter fans. Well, they have just posted the winners and Tigra won on the Twilight side.

“Tigra220 had no shortage of confidence when submitting her entry, adding simply, “I am THE.BIGGEST.TWIHARD.EVERRRR!!!” And that, it would appear, is the truth …. at least according to our voters.”


Check out full coverage on Moviefone.


  1. haha…I love it! That girl rocks. My kind of ppl. Keep rockin’ the twilight girl! 😉

  2. twilight dreamers says:

    Aw….she’s living my dream. I so hope I can do what she did one day 🙂 I’m also glad she’s team edward ;D. Congrats!!

  3. I think I may be in love with this chick!! Lol…we could be best friends!!

  4. I would definitely get a long with this girl ! I can see why she won ! Congrats !

  5. These are the kinds of fans that keep Twilight going and I hope it will continue. Congradulations to her for getting to meet and hang out with the cast. I’m also glad she’s Team Edward,he is quite the charmer and he got the girl in the end. LOL! Twilight fans rock!

  6. to be a fan is one thing, but such extreme obsession is the stuff that only Psychiatrists can help you with.

  7. OMG! im so jealous. i am a 25yr old mother of a 3yr old who is constantly teased by all my fam and friends, so no one is really supportive of my obsesive cullen dissorder.sooo….”i suufer in silence” AND LIVE MY FANTASIES OUT THRU U TWI HARDS WITH ENVY AND AWW! THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR DOIN WHATCHA DO. KEEP IT UP AND CONGRATS!MUCH LOVE!AND WAS IT EVER ANY QUESTION THAT A TEAM EDWARD FAN WAS GONNA WIN? I THINK NOT!LOL


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