Muse Wins AMA Award

Muse won an American Music Award as the best alternative rock artist. You can see their video from the Eclipse soundtrack of Neutron Star Collision here. Unfortunately the Eclipse soundtrack did not win. It was beaten out of an award by the Glee soundtrack.


  1. With their whole Darwin comment I can say I wouldn’t care if they never won an award again. When will Celbs realize we don’t care what their religous or political view are. If you voice that opionion you are going of offend one side or the other.

  2. I am happy for their award however i dont agree with most of their comments. Specially those about the Twilight saga and how they sold their souls to the franchise. Are they for real… They should be grateful with Sthephenie and her world. She put them on our radar. So deal with it and be polite

  3. Shannon, the guy who thanked Darwin is not even a member of Muse…

    Matt Bellamy’s speech was very kind and humble about receiving a music award from America, even if it was something as minor as the AMAs. I’m pleased they’re finally getting some well-earned recognition. Musically they’re phenomenal. Sorry if you guys were offended by some of their comments.

  4. You’re very naive if you think that Stephenie put them “in the radar”. Muse were big in Europe way before Twilight was even in theaters… Stephenie put Muse “in the radar” of Twilight fans in any case.

    • I agree with Eloise. They were big in Europe but unknown in America. Thanks to the franchise they were able to reach places in Latin America, Asia and consolide their success in European countries. She is not naive. Muse wasnt in everyones radar. Personally I have never heard of them until Twilight.

  5. I can hardly believe that any band would not feel elated that a friggen big movie (no matter which movie) wants to use their music. Is it illegal??? Why do bands allow their music to be used if they don’t want to? Whoops – is it the money – I would think so. WTF!

  6. This win was made by Tom Kirk thanking Darwin, I have to say. And not because he thanked Darwin but because he fooled every part of the American media into thinking he was Chris hahahah. And I really don’t get the whole Muse/Twilight thing. It’s a band in a movie. End of story. And Matt and Dom seem to get that point and are grateful for it, even though they clearly don’t understand Twilight’s meaning and what not but whatever. And Chris was the one who said the “sold their souls” comment but…eh. It’s Chris. He says stuff like that all the time lol.
    I think the one thing that really bothers me about this and people tell me that I’m not aloud to be a Muse fan because I’m also a Twilight fan. First off, I was a Muse fan prior, and second off….Why do people care?!! Arrgg. It boggles my mind.

    • I agree with you. I love twilight but I hate it when they set out to be defined as a group who hate people who say something about Twilight they find offensive. I love Muse and won’t be changing my mind anytime soon. They make music so therefore I will judge them by their music only.

  7. Brandon Gardner says:

    I was introduced to Muse through Twilight, and I have been a fan of their music ever since. Their music is fantastic, and I have bought alot of their music. I could personally care less about the Darwin comment, and just dismiss it as their own personal views. I’m not here to judge their views, but I do judge them by their music. Their music is quite an inspiration. It really helps me to think when I am faced with tough choices, and when I am writing a story.

  8. Tom was making fun of all the people who thank God when they win awards, but are known for “unchristian” behavior. Chris was recently interviewed by an Australian periodical and said that all he said from the BBC interview where he made “sell your soul” comment was taken way out of context. He said that he felt really guilty when he read that because they’ve met Stephenie Meyer and she”s a really nice person.

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