Little Red and Twilight Too Similar?

There’s a lot of buzz on the Internet that Little Red Riding Hood, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, looks an awful lot like Twilight, also directed by Catherine Hardwicke. Among the movie’s cast are Billy Burke and Shiloh Fernandez. Catherine disclosed at the Seattle Twilight convention least year that Shiloh was one of 4 actors on her Edward Cullen short list (the others being Ben Barnes, Jackson Rathbone, and Robert Pattinson). Check out the videos below and tell us what you think.


  1. I think the movie looks amazing & very Catherine Hardwick, but I also thought Twilight had a very Catherine Hardwick feel. Seriously, have people seen her other movies? They all have a certain look and feel about them.

    And as for it being about forbidden love, Hello! That’s what 90% of teen movies have been about since the being of time.

    • TRUE! Even the classics like Beauty and the Beast…Hello not everything is Twilight.

    • Very true… all her movies have a similiar feel. That’s just her directing style. And if it wasn’t about forbidden love, then what would it be about? You have to have some angle to attract your target audience.

    • All true but it does actually have the feel (and t?e sound, did you hear the background music) but who cares, I will still go see it, I loved the sound and feel in Twilight so why wouldn’t I love this.

  2. I don’t see similarities to Twilight at all. Like the comment above, teen movies always has the same plots, but shown in different ways by the director; just so happens Catherine directed both movies.

  3. I think “Twilight” is most like “Tuck Everlasting”, to be honest.

    • omg i just saw tuck the other night lol…i guess hes like the first ed cullen lol.anywayz the movie looks fun it kinda reminds me of sleepy hollow…will see it gary is a wonderful actor and love amanda to..

      • oh sure wish she put that hottie ben barnes in this movie also it reminds me of the movie ginger snaps with the village and all the snow…

    • Yes! You’re the second person I’ve heard say that. Another friend (a Twilight fan) made the comparison and it’s stuck in my head ever since. I think people don’t see it because Midnight Sun hasn’t been published yet and people have a hard time seeing Twilight from Edward’s perspective, for some reason. But yes, it’s exactly the same dilemma.

      I thought this movie looked great; very Catherine Hardwicke, not very Twilight.

  4. I agree with the first two comments. It looks like a Catherine Hardwicke movie, that’s all. Love triangles, forbidden romance and a bit of the supernatural… it’s running rampant in all movies. I didn’t realize Twilight had a copyright on those aspects in films.

  5. Eh, yeah they seem similar, but it’s the same director, so why wouldn’t she go with what works?

  6. Of course there are certain similarities. they share CH’s artistic vision. I wish she had directed New Moon and Eclipse. Even though I loved the movies, I really missed her point of view, the way she made the tension between characters palpable, every scene meaningful, and the atmosphere the most important character in the movie.twilight was pure art. She’s one of us, she understands. I bet she would have even found a way to keep Rachelle LeFevre in Eclipse.

    • I agree with you Noemi, that is exactly what ive been thinking during the films. She understands us. Chris weitz picked Montepulciano over Volterra itself because its was to middelcentury??wtf ?? When you see volterra is was also perfect of filming. Not that montepulciano wasnt beautiful. But indeed Catherine understand us. And if you look to every little thing yo might think its similiar to twilight but catherine has just a good taste:)

    • Vampire-girl says

      Yes I agree go with what works for her, apart from Twilight the only other film by CH I’ve seen is thirteen but I didn’t like the camera work in that. Goes to show she has come a long way since. Apart from Billy Burke the only similarity I see is the aerial shot with all the trees being panned in on. I have to say the scene in the snow with the very long red riding hood looks gorgeous

    • I agree with you, and I think it is because CH is a woman, and Twilight appeals primarily to the female crowd. While Chris Weitz and David Slade did a good job with their respective movies, and Kristen and Rob no doubt have amazing chemistry, it was Catherine who captured that chemistry so well. Their passion was addicting, and we haven’t seen it as much in New Moon and Eclipse. I’m hoping it will be back with Breaking Dawn. PS Red Riding Hood looks NOTHING like Twightlight, where do people even come up with that?

  7. I made the same comment on Robsessed and RAoR yesterday that Twilight and RedRidding Hood look VERY similar. Not to mention that the main guy is played by the ”almost” Edward of Twilight. No matter what the similarities and parallels drawn between this new Catherine Hardwick creation and Twilight, I think RRH looks to be AWESOME….It’s so odd to me when people think Eclipse and New Moon were so much better than Twilight, and say Twilight sucked. I hate that. Twilight is STILL my favorite movie out of the three so far, and I was hoping Eclipse would be. In matters of production, yes, NM and Eclipse were higher quality with bigger budgets. But Catherine made Twilight seem so intimate and ethereal…I like the tweeks she made in the script and setting of certain conversations BETTER than how they were originally in the book! (The restaraunt convo and their first kiss for example). Twilight was everything I hoped it would be, but the other two films were not. I still love them, don’t get me wrong…Oh, and I thought the tone of Twilight was translated PERFECTLY from book to film. I thought the cimematography was original and creative. I feel the storyline was enhanced, not butchered by summit and catherine hardwicke. I completely agree with all the things that she took creative liberties on (like not having Eric Yorkie be some pimpley faced kid you don’t want to look at). Sure, there were things I was sad that had to be left out, but I understand that things have to be altered to fit within the time restraints of the film and the budget etc. I also really like the camera filter Hardwicke used to film Twilight. It gave it that greyish/mysterious/damp feeling of what Forks should be like according to the books.

    • I agree completely. And I also thought the score of Twilight TRUMPED New Moon and Eclipse. I really wish they would have kept that throughout the franchise. Also, having Rob’s songs in the soundtrack was genius. The lighting was awesome too and so appropriate. She seriously spared no details. The only thing lacking were some of the special effects (i.e. running scenes with the vampires), but I chalk that up to the budget.

    • I disagree about the dialogue in the movie being better then the book. It got to the point but I still love the talks Bella and Edward had in the book WAY MORE !

      • Yes, but a book allows for more in-depth dialogue because there are no time restraints. It’s not possible to do that with a two hour film. I thought the ”condensed” version of BelLA AND Edward’s dialogue in Twilight was exactly what it needed to be.

  8. I think it looks great! Can’t wait to see it….something to keep me going until Breaking Dawn comes out.

  9. I loooove CH!
    She should have done Eclipse and New Moon….you can just FEEL how serious she takes the material she works on. Her commitment to twilight was amazing, she was a FAN who made the movie-which was definitely not the case with the two men directing the sequels^^
    well well…sure, it reminds me of twilight a lot, but that just proves how sincere her vision of twilight was. it’s just her way of looking at things.
    I’m so excited about this!!!
    one more thing: i love the way catherine hardwicke can direct her leads the right way!
    i never took amanda seyfried as the sexy woman I see in THIS trailer AND i thought kristen was at her best Bella in Twilight!
    Love you CH

  10. I’ve been having this debate with my school friends (not Twilight fans) who insist this looks like Twilight. As the Twilight authority in the group, I assured them it does not. There are similarities, yes, but as it’s been said here, those have more to do with it being a Catherine Hardwicke film. Twilight invented neither teen romance nor supernatural romance. It certainly revived the genre, but people are too quick to compare, I think. Also, this movie looks lovely 🙂

  11. Honestly, I think it looks BETTER than Twilight. Of course, it’s not based off of my FAVORITE series of books so I’m not so attached to it. But, I hated the way they butchered Twilight. I DEMAND A REMAKE!!!

    • I think it is very likely that Twilight will be rebooted at some point in a few years. Summit seems to be kind of going twenty directions at once, and iff you gamble at every table in the room, you’ll lose at most. Sooner or later, I would expect the series will get remade, Spiderman style. Perhaps it will show the story (sorry about this, Stephenie) from Edward’s and the other vampires’ point of view instead of Bella’s, a la Midnight Sun. Any Twi-hards out there up for that?!!

      I think Catherine Hardwicke has a point to prove, a la Chris Weitz with the “Golden Compass” (who proved henceforth and forever that novel remakes really should stick to the novel). In Hollywood, you’re only as good as your last film, and Summit essentially claimed that Twilight’s success had nothing to do with Catherine, by replacing her with Chris. So she didn’t get the quite the career boost one might have expected.

      Catherine also didn’t get to make the werewolf film she — no doubt — was hoping to, just like she didn’t get to shoot the campfire scene of the future wolfpack’s entrance in Twilight, as they “emerged” from the blue flames. 🙁

      So she came up with another werewolf film. RRH has a brilliant (high) concept, which didn’t leave her and the screenwriter beholden to an author who it seems they didn’t really understand — one who insisted on certain thematically-crucial content, while at the same time claiming the story *has* no thematic content and that it’s just a “fun ride” (my apologies again, Stephenie; just trying to figure out what their problems were/are).

      From the appearance of the trailer — which is pretty phenomenal — is there a Twilight fan out there, who *won’t* go see Red Riding Hood?! I suspect they will provided they are clued-in on the connection (head’s up, marketing).

      Congratulations, Catherine and company. Looking forward to many more blockbuster films from you in the future (just so long as the films are PG-13…).

      • I too love Twilight – it is my favorite. I am so disappointed with the way David Slade and Melissa Rosenberg rewrote Eclipse to satisfy their own agendas and the costume designer, Tish Monaghan, is a joke. I have often wondered what Catherine Hardwicke would have done given the increased budgets that were spent in making NM and Eclipse. She absolutely had the perfect ‘feel’ for Twilight. I liked her color palette so much more than NM and Eclipse. I love the look of RRH and can’t wait to see it. I love fairy tales interpreted for adults.

  12. mrs. c cullen says

    i think that this movie looks great first of all . and that catherine hardwicke is an amazing director . but this reminds me alot of twilight , the music especially and the hint of supernatural with the werewolf and the fact that the girl is madly in luv with the dude n will do nething 2 be with him and the ” i am wrong for you ” ” i dont care “

    • Joshua L. Roberts says

      You’re not the same person who e-mailed Universal stating that they stole werewolves from Stephenie Meyer are you?

      The movie is going to look similar due to the fact that Catherine Hardwick is directing it. She’s crazy good. The story is going to have similar themes, simply because it does. The story is loosely based on the Bros. Grimm tale, “Little Red Riding Hood.” Another sexual tense adaptation of the Bros. Grimm tale is, “Company of Wolves”.

  13. I guess the reason why some would like to make the obvious comparisons between the first Twilight filmand RRH,is the fact that the share the same director-Catherine Hardwicke. It looks like her work because I’ve seen her other films prior to Twilight-The Nativity Story and Thirteen. George Lucas once said the auteur theory of film making is very true,if you know anything about directors,because they are very much like the films they make. As a film student myself,it’s easy to pick up on a certain director’s style and can automatically identify that it is that director’s work. I saw this trailer yesterday just before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows began. It looks cool and I can’t wait to see it next spring.

  14. Both movies are maybe alike, but only because they were directed by the same person. I agree.

    But come on! how can the actor in RRH be in any way like Robert Pattinson??? only because of the hair? no way!

  15. I think the similarities are mostly the directorial style since they’re both done by Catherine Hardwicke. The basic plot is similar: a love triangle in which the girl runs after a “forbidden love” instead of her family’s choice of a husband (Charlie prefers Jacob over Edward?) However, this is a fairly typical plot for teen romance stories. And I’m not too surprised about the similarities in the casts either. It’s normal in movies and theatre to work with the people who you are comfortable with and work well with on several projects. Tim Burton does this. Most of his movies utilize Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, and his design crew is often the same.

    I have to say, though, that just the fact that it’s directed by Catherine Hardwicke makes me hesitant to see it. I like the premise, and the trailer looks interesting, but I am not a fan of her work…especially after the way she butchered Twilight. But at least it looks like the entire movie will not be blue.

  16. i dont see that much of the similarities..i think true blood is crazy with how much..but just the rated R verison..i like both..

    maybe when i see this one, i’ll be able to find more similarities.

  17. it does not look the same it seems like its going to be better then twilight. i really loved the books and was very disappointed on how twilight was made. books are always better i was glad that she did not make the other 2 movies it would of looked the same as twilight and i think with different directors the actors have started to act better i did not like the acting to much in the first movie and the scene where he shows that he sparkles i did not like how that was since it was in the book in the clearing.

  18. Here we go…does anyone say this about a Steven Speilberg movie who uses John Williams for his scores? I tell you what, look at E.T., Amazing Stories, Hook and Always. Regardless if he produced these or directed them himself they have the same exact flow. You add the John Wms score and they have the same feeling to them.

    It happens. Each director has his or her own aesthetic. It’s not that Catherine’s new movie is a Twilight rip off of some sort, it’s Catherine’s aesthetic and it should be respected as such.

  19. Maria Kaltcheva says

    People are crazy! This movie looks great and looks and feels nothing like Twilight! Catherine has been making movies for so long and now everything new she does people are going to compare it to Twilight. Stupid!
    Anyway I think ‘Red Riding Hood’ looks great… I only wish they’d given her this kind of a budget to make Twilight…can you imagine how much more amazing it would have been?

  20. Dani from Brazil says

    The trailer looks good, I love the medieval feeling of it, but maybe the line “I’m wrong for you” and “I don’t care” are a little too similar to Twilight…

  21. looks like twilight meets the village. I really want to see it.

  22. Yeah there may be some similarities to Twilight but so what? It’s directed by the same person! I can’t wait to see this movie. It looks really good!

  23. I will go see it but what I really want to know is what is that music in the trailer! I love it!!

  24. This trailer MAKES ME MAD ! It reminds me of what Twilight could of been 🙁
    Did you all know that Leonardo Dicaprio is producing this ? And that this was his idea.
    My sisters laughed at this trailer but their just jealous and they don’t care for Twilight either but I’ll see it because I love Catherine and it looks pretty cool.

  25. It does remind me of Twilight only because of the cinamatic qualities and the close ups. The story of course is different. Gary Oldman, WOW… I will see this.

  26. I think it’s funny that everyone I have shown this trailer to, and everyone who saw it before Harry Potter in the cinema I was at, was all “OOOOH” and “AHHH” and then as soon as it said ‘From the Director of TWILIGHT’ everyone groaned and lost interest and started making remarks. I’m wondering if that has anything to do with the whole “IT’S JUST ANOTHER TWILIGHT” commentary. Of course Hardwicke is going to be attached to Twilight and all of her works are going to be, it’s been a huge success and the franchise has sustained interest and money for a couple years now. It’s going to take a while for people to be able to remove that from their minds and view her work as separate from one another. Of course there are going to be similarities when writing love stories with triangles and obstacles.

    Maybe I’m just biased though, I have loved Red Riding Hood since I was a child (the only complaint I have is I always envisioned her as dark haired and I don’t like Seyfried AT ALL in anything but I can get past that) so maybe I’m looking through rose colored glasses at this.

  27. I’m going to see it when it comes out. I hope it is like Twilight, because I F***IN’ Loved Twilight!

  28. the more the merrier. Looks good and will enjoy seeing it. Great actors.

  29. ok so i am not the biggest Catherine fan anyway but before i knew anything about the movie when i was at Harry Potter i saw the preview and i said to my friend that it looked like they stole the plane shots of the forest from twilight and her response was yeah and the music. It was after that was said that the “director of twilight” flashed on the screen. that alone made us wanna skip that movie. But i love twilight i just dont really like any of her other stuff and i think someone else could have done twilight much better

  30. Dont all Tim Burton films have the same look and feel about them? I shall be going to see this film it looks great! Oh and Just have to say TEAM EDWARD! X

  31. It has the same feel as twilight. I like her
    style in the romantic arena.

  32. I can’t wait to see this movie!!!

    • I agree! Good as Twilight, Worse than Twilight, Better than Twilight–I don’t care. Just wanna see it. Can’t wait!

  33. ok, I can´t wait to see it!!! 😀

  34. twilight dreamers says

    I thought the cape in the snow was very eye catching I loved it. And rememberr you can find things similar in almost any movie in terms of plot or looks. I cannot wait to see this.

  35. There’s the same director and a similar ‘forbidden love’ concept… oh, and pine trees. LOL.

    Then there’s the fact that this trailer was probably put together in a way they thought would entice Twilight fans.

    So sure, they look/sound alike, but we won’t really know until we see it.

  36. I think that’s bs. Catherine hardwick is a great director and deserves credit for every movie that she does. So since she did Twilight is every movie that she does going to be compared it. That’s just not right. She has a certain style and obviously it’s going to come across in her films

  37. Harry Pottah says

    Twilight is horrible 😛 just saying and i dont care what people are going to say like “then why are you here?” CAUSE I WANT TO GOSH!

  38. The only similarity I see with the two movies is the idea of forbidden love…and yes I would love to see it! I think that Catherine Hardwick did a great job with Twilight. Sure it would have been great if it followed the book better, but it still worked as it was. It made me fall in love with Twilight before I read the books. So I am gonna see it and if it is like twilight, oh well, cause I mean Twilight rocks in everyway, would love to see something else like it!!

  39. lol that was exactly what I thought when I saw the trailer at the cinema waiting for Harry Potter to begin. My best friend, who hates Twilight, said she wanted to see it xD It does sound like a great movie though, and Catherine is a great director, so I’ll definitely go see it

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