Bronson Pelletier to the Rescue

According to the UK’s Daily Mirror:

“Four men were arrested after Twilight star Bronson Pelletier was punched in the head at a fans’ convention.

Pelletier, 24, who plays werewolf Jared in the saga, was assaulted in the toilets at Eternal Twilight 4. An organiser of the event at Birmingham’s Hilton Metropole Hotel who tried to intervene was headbutted.

A fan who attended the bash said: “It was full of teenage girls so no one expected trouble.”

Police said two men were released and two bailed in connection with the attack.”

We put out some question on Twitter to fans and Bronson asking if this actually happened because the Mirror doesn’t have the best record on accuracy, and when we Googled the name of the convention we got results indicating it was in February (turns out it was in October). Here’s what we got from fans who were actually there:

i_heart_the_doc yeah it happened… was a wedding party that gate crashed.,.. i think the people holding the con handled it well in the end

lisa9982 it wasn’t feb! It was October (et4) and he wasn’t attacked! He stepped in to defuse a situation with gatecrashers. Bronson wasn’t hurt but the police did talk to him as a witness. One of the organisers did get hurt but the situation was sorted very quickly by police and the gatecrashers were taken off of the premises.
It was in October. I was there. Not entirely sure what happened but the police were there and I got told he was involved.


  1. Hi,

    I’m really sorry to rain on the parade but this story is absolute baloney! Your right, the mirror are very unreliable.

    A man did get a little carried away on the evening in question. I think Broson was chatting to someone and someone may have taken offence to a comment Bronson made. He confronted Broson who was promptly whisked away, and Jason, the organiser of the Eternal Twilight Conventions got in the middle to try and calm the situation. Jason was punched, the guy who threw the punch was caught and arrested and Bronson was whisked away to this room (in the early hours of the morning) with no harm at all to himself.
    The next morning he was quite happy and with no bruises at all!


    • PS: The guy throwing punches did not gate crash. The incident happened in the main hotel bar so it was away from the actual party.

      • OR so I hear from a very reliable source that is! lol

        • Yes this story is a pile of old drivel! Factually incorrect in so many places it’s hard to believe the Mirror had the gall to print it! I was there, I have first hand witness accounts of the events even witnessing some of the aftermath the next day myself!

        • I was there, and that was what happened.

          He never actually got punched, it was one of the organisers. I never saw what happened, but it was the talk of the night.

      • They did gate crash but the incident didn’t happen in the actual party from what I recall. I was down at the party and noticed a lot of people without convention tags on the dance floor and even commented to my friends about how there were suddenly LOADS of guys at the party.

      • It was a wedding party that gate crashed the party, they were all over the place. You might of even spotted the bride on the dance floor lol…. she was dressed like Katie Price… And from what i believe the even happened in the men’s loo right outside the hall. It’s all been blown way out of proportion tbh… i was still awake at the time and in the party… there was already teeny bits of drama and then we left and were told we couldn’t walk in a certain direction because of the blood on the floor from Jason (i think that’s his name) being head butted. So we went and chatted with some friends in the lobby while it all happened…. and yeah.. nothing much happened other than a few dirty looks off the bridesmaids because we wouldn’t give them a cigarette lmao. As everyone said Bronson was fine and the con carried on like nothing happened. It was all handled very well IMO. (sort of made me realise how the wrist bands are actually a good idea lmao)

        But yeah…. not much really happened and it’s turned into chinese whispers now and has gotten pretty ridic

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