Caption This: Teletubby Taylor

One of our forum mods, Open Home, saw the title I ran for the Access Hollywood piece on the DVD extras. She then used photshop and below is the result.

The person who comes up with the most creative caption gets the autographed photo of their choice from what we have in stock in our current collection. We’ll pick a winner on Sunday night at 11:59pm.


  1. “Bella…I hate to break it to you but…I’m gay…for tinky winy.”

  2. wooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  3. Jacob: I really love you Bella, it does not matter that I am obsessed with Teletubbies, I really am grownup
    Bella: ummmm, Jake, until you look in the mirror and see yourself, please do not say the words love and grownup around me.

  4. Jacob: I’m sorry I’ve hid this from you, Bella. But I had to tell you now, before get married.
    Bella: But … you’re pink!

  5. It’s the ears isn’t it? Too much?

  6. Edward go Bye Bye !!!!

  7. Why can’t we live in a world where people are judged on their characteristics, and not their color Bella?

  8. Jacob: Bye-bye . . . bye-bye, Bella . . . bye-bye. . .by-
    Bella: -oh my god, Jake, just go!

  9. Jacob: Goo goo, gaa gaa, Uh Oh, Tinky Winky, Po!
    Bella: Say what?!?

  10. Jacob: I’m sorry it took me so long to reveal this part of my life, Bella.

    Bella: I don’t know what to say, Jacob. I guess it’s good I’ve chosen Edward.

    Jacob, sighing: Bella, who do you think Dipsy is?

  11. Lisa Stovall says

    I’m bringing sexy back.

  12. Jacob: What I’m not the right kind of monster for you? It’s because I’m pink isn’t it?

    Bella: No Jake, it’s the tights.

    • this is the best one so long as it will say red instead of pink. Po is red not pink. but other than that I think this is the best caption of all of the ones on here.

    • Jake: “hey Bells where’s that filthy bloodsucker you love so much?”
      Bella: “He cant take you seriously when you are in your teletubby form.”

  13. Bella to Jacob: “Yes, Jacob – the red does make you look fat. Maybe the purple?”

  14. jacob:I’m in…as long as we get to kill some of the yo gabba gabba characters…

  15. Jacob: “Bella, I’m so sorry…the pack ate your tubby toast.”
    Bella: *sigh*

  16. Okay, my computer makes the pic look the suit is red, so I hope everyone understood wha I was going for with my comment.

  17. Kristen: What the…

    Taylor: I’m auditioning for that new Spiderman villian, “Fruit of the Doom” *hangs head*

  18. Jake, what kind of mushrooms did you give me?!

  19. Don’t be mad Bella…with Edward sparkling, I felt the need to stand out too.

  20. Twilibrarian says

    I’m so sorry I’m late for the shoot, Kristen, but you know how the wolfpack rolls. Chaske had us all jello wrestling to get buff, Peter had us baking cookies for his charity, Rob stole my costume, Ashley stepped in, grabbed this from the rack, Kellan gave me the hat, and Nikki pinned on the ear. Elizabeth tried to stop them, but they’re all out of control! Do you think Slade will notice???

  21. Bella: “Jake how many times do I have to tell you? I don’t want Nessie anywhere near the Teletubbies!”

    Jacob: “Sorry Bella but I couldn’t help myself. She begged & begged until I put the suit on.”

  22. Jake: “I told you, this isn’t a lifestyle choice. I was born this way.”

    Bella: “Yah, you were born in red spandex, and I was born to be a professional athlete…”

  23. Bella: “Are you okay, Jake?”

    Jake: “I don’t know what happened…I was shifting and then…THIS!”

  24. Jacob: “Yah ne sah” (what it sounds like when Poe talks sometimes)

  25. Surferchick says

    Jacob: I think you like me better as a wolf.
    Bella: I DEFINITELY like you better as a wolf!

  26. “Bella, it’s me…Jake. What do you think? Am I ready for the costume party on the Res?”

  27. rachael wilmoth says

    Jacob: “Bella, you know what they say about men who have pink skin and giant orange ears don’t you?”

    Bella: “I think I might throw-up.”

  28. Jacob, “This is what Nessie wants me to wear for Halloween. Don’t tell the guys!”
    Bella, “Geez.”

  29. Jake: “So…I was bitten by a radioactive spider and…”

    Bella: “Are you kidding me??”

  30. Jake: “Brace yourself Bella. Edward’s dressed as Barney.”

  31. Lisa Figueroa says

    Bella, I’m not from Yo Gabba Gabba! Trust me!

  32. Klarisa Childers says

    Jacob: “It’s ok. I know how much it bothers you.”
    Bella: “It’s not the suit. It’s the fact a baby’s face is in the sun. And that the rainbows coming off Edward is making it giggle.”

  33. Jake: “hey Bells where’s that filthy bloodsucker you love so much?”
    Bella: “He cant take you seriously when you are in your teletubby form.”

  34. Megan Mc Dade says

    Jacob: “Am sorry am not the right monster for you,Bella would you rather I was Tinkie Winkie.”

    Bella: “It’s not what you are, its what colour you are,I perfer sparkles”

  35. Jacob: Sorry Bella but it’s time for me to leave.

    Bella: Why Jake??

    Jaccob: The Baby is starting to rise and Dipsy gets pissed when I miss my cue.

  36. Jacob: I’m sorry, Bella; This won’t work out. I’ve imprinted on your daughter.

    Bella: Thank you.

  37. If she had made him yellow, then –

    Jacob: And so La-La fell in love with the lamb.

  38. Jacob: Don’t worry Bella. I know exactly what to do during the battle. It’ll send those newborns back to the big baby in the sky.
    Bella: Jake… These are *vampire* newborns… They won’t be tamed by teletubbies.

  39. my own personal sun…. with a baby’s head in it.

  40. Jake: “Trust me Bella, Charlie won’t even notice you’re a freak show…”

  41. Jake: “…so I told Charlie, ‘She wishes she were this cool!'”
    Bella: “Wow Jake. I’m speechless.”
    Jake: “Ha, so was he!”

  42. Jacob: Bella . . . Time for Tubby-Tustard!

  43. SavyTwilighter says

    Oh you’re not into this? It’s ok, polyjuice potion only lasts for an hour.

  44. Jacob: “I’m sorry Bella, but I have to leave you. Po has gone missing and someone has to take her place and it has to be me.”

    Bella: “No, I can’t let you do this! Your my best friend and you look bad in pink.”

  45. Dantez Girl says

    Jacob: “QUIL MADE ME DO IT!! Honest he did!!”
    Bella: “Sure, Sure” *Rolls eyes*

  46. Time for Taylor-tubbies. (:

  47. “Bella , I just need to come out about this. And since I know your good with weird…well, I am a teletubby.”

  48. Taylor: Sorry I’m late. I had an audition for the Teletubbies Movie. I hope I get the part of Po!

    Kristen: Taylor, your still in you Po costume!!

    Taylor: Oh yeah. The zippers stuck and I was in a hurry to get over here. So the costume had to come with me.

    Kristen: ……………………….

  49. Option 1
    Bella: I think I might have hit you harder than I thought, Jake.

    Option 2
    Jake: I make you nervous. But only when I’m human. When I’m a teletubby, you’re more comfortable around me.

    Option 3
    Jake: Yeah, I miss you too. A lot. Doesn’t change anything. The teletubbies need me. Sorry.

  50. HAHAHAHAHAH just made my day LOL omggggg

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