CNN: Chaske Spencer the Vampires of Washington DC

Chaske Spencer was on CNN’s Parker Spitzer, news commentary show featuring two anchors each with different political perspectives(the show has been taking a beating in the ratings and via the critics). They have different people on each week to to talk about a variety of issues often from the common citizen’s point of view. Chaske was addressing the overall feeling corruption in politics that spans both major parties.

We normally don’t do political stuff around here except for encouraging people to vote no matter what their political leanings. Since Chaske was on the program, and he’s not speaking about a specific political party, we are covering it. For the personal sanity of our mods, can we request that the comments don’t turn into referendum on either party. When it comes to political corruption, there are more than enough morons in every party to go around.


  1. I thought Chaske handled himself very well considering the setting. He looked the odd man out with the other male/female looking paired up. Clearly he was well-mannered too, not interrupting the other speakers. I hope Chaske was able to promote his charitable causes later in the segment.

    On the use of “Twilight” for ratings, I bet that worked out as well as the poorly made junk peddled on us for New Moon! I loved that Twilight left Hot Topic to the greater market place, however, the quality of most items offered was way below standards.

    I would not let any child of mine wear those thread bare garments walmart sold and couldn’t the ‘Jacob Barbie’ have another set of clothes added? They could have made a killing if they sold separately Barbie T-shirts with Team Ed or Jacob on them. They could have used the material from those cheap shirts!

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