Breaking Dawn Set Broken Into By Brazilian TV Crew

The Brazilian TV show Panico somehow managed to get by the the barriers set up at the Isle Esme location and film a bit of what went on inside the house at Ilse Esme, via hidden camera. According to Sérgio Sá Leitão, the president of Rio Filme, the group did not halt production. There was also a brief incident with a helicopter that buzzed the set that caused a slight delay due to the noise.

The video has been pulled down, though there are some still shots popping up around the Internet. Since the footage was obtained by trespassing we are not running the footage if it is reposted. It was taken down due to copyright claim via Summit. Footage obtained standing behind a barrier is one thing, but actually crashing a closed set with a hidden camera is another. It is not known at his time how the individual got on and if he/she had any insider help

Twilight Poison has full coverage of the incident including a history of the Panico TV show and how crashing events(like the Oscars and Michael Jackson’s funeral) is what they do.