Booboo Stewart Gives Shirt Off His Back For Charity

Booboo was in Australia this weekend as part of the Perth Telethon. More Stills at Team Booboo Seth


  1. Although it was very nice of Boo to give the shirt off his back for charity, that was just degrading. If it were his sister no one would think it so wonderful to ask her to take her shirt off.

    • I agree. It makes uncomfortable that he is only a teenager.

    • I agree – very icky. At one point, you can hear someone ask, “is this legal?” and then the lady even asks Booboo to sit on her lap. It’s exploitative and, if he had been a girl, would have ended in allegations.

  2. Ok…

  3. Ah… the shirts off – its such a telethon tradition – daring celebrities to do frivolous things for donations. People always make pledges to see their favourite celebs take off their shirts and do other challenges – so I’m sure he knew what he was in for. Always such a fun weekend – this year telethon raised a record $9million ($100 million over the telethon’s 43 year history) for children’s health over a 24-hr period with a non-stop TV broadcast, and Perth is one of the smaller cities in Australia. It was great having BooBoo in Perth to be part of our annual State tradition!

  4. Haha don’t worry everyone it may look bad in a 2 minute clip but its our tradition in Perth that the male celebrities are asked to take their shirt off for donations from the audience. BooBoo totally knew it was coming and was happy to do it (he brought a spare shirt).

    Last year Chaske Spencer came for only a bit but this year BooBoo stayed the whole Telethon weekend and definitely emitted the most screams from the audience (I was there). He was very gracious and humble, spending time in the phone room where people call in to donate.

    Unfortunately the hosts knew little about Twilight so the only question they asked was “what is kristen stewart really like?”. They said it like they thought she was a bitch which annoyed the hell out of me but Booboo set them straight and told them how welcoming and nice she was to him.

    I hope he comes back again next year!

  5. he always travels with his family….i’m sure they were aware of what was going on. If they don’t approve of something..they wouldn’t allow it.

  6. Boo Boo taking off his shirt wasn’t that bad but the hostess’ actions treating him like a piece of meat was – just my opinion

  7. Ester wasn’t a host. She’s a Home and Away (an Australian soapie) star. She was just part of the telethon panel like Booboo who volunteered for the job. I guess it was a bit weird considering she’s a grown woman and he’s 16 but i think she was just egging the audience on

  8. I live in Perth and went to the closing show of Telethon, awesome to see so much money raised. And BooBoo helped to present the two children amabassadors for the year with their gifts, and he seemed so nice through the whole show. Telethon should coincide with the release of Breaking Dawn next year, so perhaps Rob Pattinson could drop in…I’d donate to see him take his shirt off!

  9. judeytwilightmoodey says:

    even though he is young its a tradition and he knew what he was getting into. he raised a lot of money

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