Team Twilight Interviews Michael Welch

The crew over at Team Twilight just had the chance to interview Michael Welch.

“On Monday, I had the pleasure of attending a screening of the film Unrequited, which stars Twilight’s Michael Welch in the lead role. The film was screened as a part of the American Film Market in Santa Monica, California. The film’s director, writer, producers and actors were all in attendance. I had the opportunity to sit down with Michael after the screening and ask him about the film, as well as Breaking Dawn, and some other projects he has going on. Charity from The Welch Act (a Michael Welch Facebook fan page — check ‘em out!) went with me and helped me out during the interview.

How do you feel watching your own movies?

It’s kind of weird. The first time I see something that I’m in, particularly on the big screen is very difficult to get through because I’m kind of a perfectionist and I’m very knit-picky about my work. But after a while, though, if it’s something I really believe in and a character that I feel was well-drawn out, a story I think is worth telling, then eventually by the maybe 3rd or 4th time I can start to relax and enjoy it a bit more.

Ben [Michael’s character in Unrequited] makes some interesting decisions in the movie that could easily be called “crazy.” Do you think he’s crazy or more just desperate.

Yes I think that Ben has disconnected with reality as a way of holding on to hope and trying to hold on to what he perceives as love.  I think that he was very unstable and had issues from very early on in his life. And I think that what he wants is very clear. One of the things that is interesting about this movie is that it’s the exploration of love and what love can do to people. Or rather a lack of love, how that can affect someone and how far someone would go to hold on to love in their lives on any level. So I think he’s a little bit of both. He’s a bit desperate, and I don’t want to say crazy, but out of touch, probably purposefully. Subconsciously he may disconnect for a reason.”

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