Alex Meraz Drops Out of Sugar

No word on the fine details, but this item was given to the owners of The Meraz Effect website directly from Alex’s management.

“Dear Alex fans…in the next few days, we will be removing everything from our website that is in regards to the film Sugar. I was given the following note to pass along from Alex’s management. I do not have further details at this time….

Alex will be pulling his involvement with the film SUGAR. Please DO NOT make any donations to fund the film.”

Fellow fansites: Please make sure to post this on your sites and get the info out to your fans. I can assure you this is legit.”

Roughly 48 hours ago the Sugar website was trying to raise extra funds for the film(the figure mentioned was roughly $50,000) by promoting private lunches with Alex and other Alex connected items, as well as other things non-Alex related.  No word of why the sudden, dramatic turn of events.