Nikki Reed Updates Blog and Lands New Movie

Nikki Reed was just cast in Downers Grove. Aside from her new movie, Nikki also just updated her website to declare her Hanson love:

“So here’s the story. About five months ago I was surfing the internet, and somehow came across the music video for Hanson’s new song, “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’”. (Side note: doesn’t it feel wrong to write a title with so many abbreviations?) I was instantly blown away. I must have watched it ten times in a row. It wasn’t just their obvious talent (i.e. their voices/songwriting ability/skills with multiple instruments) that got me, it was the subtle details throughout the video incorporating their sense of humor that I feel makes them such unique artists. Their unwavering devotion to their positive lyrics is a testament to their confidence. It’s refreshing to see young, talented musicians showcasing their passion for their craft in such an openly positive way. Giving off the impression that they don’t need to be tortured souls to make good art is bold in a time in the world when so much is going wrong. ”

Nikki is seeing the band this weekend.

We know there are a lot of Hanson lovers out there. Do you think they’d be a good Breaking Dawn soundtrack band?


  1. Well, I don’t know about the Breaking Dawn soundtrack think. BUT I dis like me some MmmBop back in the day! Nikki has inspired me to look their new stuff up:)

  2. I think there are some songs that have BD potential…most of those that come to mind aren’t on any studio albums such as “Never Let Go” and “Every Word I Say.”

  3. Been a Hanson fan since ’97. Not ashamed. They’re so talented and just really great people!! They’re newest album (“Shout It Out”) is on constant replay on my iPhone. lol I can think of a few of their songs that may fit for the BD soundtrack. Maybe “Breaktown” or “Believe” (EPOV when Bella’s preggo)? “One More”, “Your Illusion”? Or how about some happy fun ones (I know, not typical Twilight Saga soundtrack material…) like “Make it Out Alive” or “Love Somebody to Know”. ? I’m sure if they approached Hanson to write a song for the soundtrack, they’d do a phenomenal job! Hope Nikki has a fun time at their show!

  4. Klarisa Childers says:

    I love this song! “I’ve been thinking ’bout somethin’ other than you…” <3 <3 I love Nikki too! She's so talented. Can't wait for her new movie!

  5. Love Love Love Hanson! My fav song of theirs right now is “Running Man”!

  6. I’m so in love with Hanson! I just saw them in concert on Monday & Tuesday night at Epcot. They are fantastic live!!!! With their amount of true talent, I wish we would see more of them in the main stream media. They have plenty of great songs throughout the bands history to choose from for BD. Do it!!!!

  7. I think they would do a great job with a BD song, and it probably wouldn’t hurt to give them a wider audience. On the other hand them being hugely popular again would make the concerts more crowded.

    But every time life gets crazy I just pop in MMMBop and pretend I’m 13 again…ahh…those were the days (but then there was not Twilight then..mmmm…how to decide which is better?) Though I would say “This Time Around” would be great song for Garrett.

  8. Gah! I am still a proud Hanson fan! This was so cool to read – I agree that ‘Never Let Go’ would be a great song, but an original would be best 🙂

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