Breaking Dawn Filming: The Fan Experience in Brazil

As we guessed yesterday, no one was able to get footage at the Isle Esme location. With a 200 yard perimeter and tarps covering the windows(see photo above), the flotilla of fans and press at sea weren’t able to get anything. The weather initially wasn’t that great, and the dedicated were out there  in rain and choppy seas. See the report on Veja

Fans were also out there like this group from Foforks.

They got up at 5:30 in the morning, traveled several hours to get to Paraty, and rented a boat in bad weather. Check out their story here.

Then there are the fans who actually live in the restricted area where the cast is staying(They rented property there). They actually had the identification necessary to…well… get home.

Nonetheless, the cast in that area is accompanied by tight security and body guards. However, they caught Robert Pattinson’s eye and he must have thought they looked pretty harmless and he cam over and gave them autographs. They saw Kristen too, but she stuck with her body guards. See the whole story on Team Twilight Brazil

Another fan from Foforks made it to the waterfall area where she tried to present Rob and Kristen with a homemade flag.

“The day before their arrival in Paraty, Julia Marques and I were looking for a gift for them, just so they could remember Brazil and take a souvenir with them. We had good ideas, but I remembered a flag my sister had made to go to a concert. And we decided to do a similar one for them. I started doing it at 6:30 p.m. and got to finish it at 10 p.m. It was pretty. I went to bed with my head spinning…We took the bus and then met her uncle, who would take us to Taquari. We went to a an area where there are a lot of waterfalls, but there were no cars, it was all really desert, and it was 9:30 a.m…We ran up to where they allowed us and we sat quietly…Helpers started to arrive. Julia and I became friends with most of them, who gave us chairs, shade and water. We showed them our flag and they were hopeful for us. When it was about 3 p.m., Kristen came down to change her outfit. We saw her going up in white bikini and shorts. She was gorgeous! My vision of her is of a porcelain doll, white, short, her hair in contrast. We started screaming: KRISTEN, KRISTEN!” Read more n English on Foforks