Filming Inside the Isle Esme House Today

BlogTwiBrasil has some really excellent translation of a story that originates here. Click for full spoilers.

“Às 10h30, os atores iniciaram a filmagem dentro da casa e por volta de 13h30 eles foram vistos na praia particular, localizada em frente à mansão, que vem servindo de locação para a quarta saga do filme.

At 10h30 am, the actors began shooting inside the house and around  1h30 pm they were seen on the private beach, located in front of the mansion.

A movimentação de funcionários da produção do longa teve início na hospedagem pouco depois de 8 da manhã. Antes desse horário, o tempo estava muito ruim na região, com ventos fortes e céu nublado. Após esse horário, as nuvens se dissiparam e o sol surgiu.

The movement of production employees began shortly after 8 am. Before, the weather was bad in the region with strong winds and cloudy skies. After this time, the clouds dissipated and the sun came up.”
The long and short of it comes down to, as we earlier reported, with the public held at bay 200 yards off-shore and filming inside, unless they come out on the beach, no one will see a thing. Given the weather, we hope the flotilla off shore is not sea sick.
For background info on who owns this FABULOUS property, check out Twilightish.


  1. This is going to be an awesome 6 month shoot !

  2. Looks cool.

  3. Weird. I always picture the house to be very small! Small and cozy.

  4. edwardsmylion says

    This house is definitely way too big and not at all like what I envisioned from reading the book. It looks more like a banquet lodge for wedding receptions.

  5. I hope peeps leave them alone so this can be filmed. We really dont need a play by play!

    • I hope so too… i saw other sites and pictures and they (kristen and Rob) looked irritated. I don’t blame them!!!

      • As ususal it was the paps trying to get their “million dollar” shot of Kristen and Rob. That’s why they looked so annoyed. On a lighter note I like the house they’ve picked for the Isle Esme scenes. I’m liking what I’ve seen so far,from the behind the scenes footage we saw last weekend.

  6. As always people, chill! Does it really matter what size the house is? We don’t even know how they’re shooting it, it may not look that big in the movie. It looks beautiful, I’m sure the movie will be great!

  7. Wow! I’m sooo excited for this movie!! :))

  8. Isle esme reminds me of the place.where ed n bella went to prom
    but i lov it anyway
    i cnt wait for the movi

  9. Karinna Soares says

    Boa noite!
    Vou escrever em português mesmo, pois vocês pegaram um post de um site BRASILEIRO e postaram como sendo de vocês!
    Dê os devidos créditos ao site que realmente é o dono do post, o

    Sem mais, Karinna Soares – Rio de Janeiro – BraSil

  10. I put a link to the video of the inside to my website, watch before it gets taken down.

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