Edward’s Missing Wrist Cuff Is According To Plan

According to the twitter of Sérgio Sá Leitão(seen in blue next to Bill Condon at yesterday’s press conference), the director of Rio Filme, the organization that is working with Summit in Brazil:

“A ilha, a praia e a casa vão ficar lindas em Amanhecer. E não se preocupem com a ausência do bracelete… Tudo de acordo com o planejado.Depende da montagem. Mas se for isso… Está ótimo. Igual ao livro. @karinnasoares: Verdade q só teremos 5min de Brasil no filme Amanhecer?”

or in English

“The island, the beach, and the house will all be beautiful for Breaking Dawn. Don’t worry about the missing bracelet (we assume he means wrist cuff). Everything is going according to plan. Even if Brazil is only in the movie for five minutes after they edit all the footage together, it’s going to be a spectacular five minutes.”

A debate broke out on twitter about Edward not wearing the wrist cuff in the scenes filmed in the Lapa section. As Alison on TwiFans pointed out, “It’s not exactly wedding attire.” Laura joked, “Maybe Bella took it off with her teeth on the plane.”

Another discussion arose surrounding Edward not wearing a wedding ring. Folks immediately went back to the novel where: surprise, surprise there is NO MENTION of Edward having a wedding ring (or the ring part of the ceremony at all for that matter). Another excellent point brought up on Twifans was that prior to WWII it was uncommon for men to wear wedding rings, maybe Edward wouldn’t want one since he was born in 1901?

NOTE: Sergio was responding to multiple questions (like 100’s) regarding the wrist cuff, so we believe he references that and not the charm bracelet.


  1. UMM seeing as Honeymoon/babymaking is in brazil it better be more than 5 mins!!! just saying!

    • Amen sista!!! We better get some pillow bitin…

      • lol. what i want to know is how thy’re gonna get there to be a bump on kristen. wait, do we get to see edward murder the head board?

      • i just hope they don’t mess up on the rooms or bellas diet. those are important. i do ABSOLUTELY hope that we get to see nessie by the time the movie shuts off on the first part. i want to see their first meeting as mother and daughter before bella becomes a newborn. and i never thought the cuff was all that important. im sure that all the movies attention will be surrounded by bellas wedding ring and not edwards. we might catch a glimpse thought. it seems summit is more worried about her ring at the time being.

        • oh and almost forgot. my friend, her boyfriend and my mom are all gonna be watching those five minutes and that will be plenty of time to make me uncomfortable for some reason that i can’t even fathom. 😛

  2. i have a picture of him wereing one but it not in the movie!

  3. LIKE ^

    And I think they should just put a ring on him, c’mon!

  4. I agree with ashley. That’s a lot of the book to only be 5 mins lol. Plus they have to make it long since they r only doing half the book at a time. Eeekkk I’m so excited! This year is gonna go by slow!

  5. it shouldn’t be more than 5 mins.. 5 mins is a long screening time, and plenty of time to show basically all we need for Isle Esme, incl. the ruined pillows, massive amount of feathers and broken headboards.. can’t wait!
    by the way, I don’t care about Edward’s wrist cuff, it’s ugly and I never saw the point in it. Cmon BD!!

  6. when he said not to worry about the bracelet didn’t he mean bella’s charm bracelet, not edward’s cuff? 🙂 That’s what i thought about anyways

  7. I’m pretty sure we’ll have more than 5 minutes in Brazil. But just because they are on Isle Esme they don’t necessarily have to be in Brazil to shoot the indoor scenes. 😉

  8. Could they mean Bella’s bracelet that Jacob gave her?

  9. Lisa Stovall says:

    The actual baby making will probably take place on a sound stage in Baton Rouge. Brazil is being used for outdoor scenes.

  10. I would think Edward WOULD wear a ring. He’s proud of marrying the love of his life, why wouldn’t he wear a ring?

    • I completely agree! Even if it were not common during the time period in which he was born, it seems like one tradition he would happily adopt as an expression of their commitment to one another. He is so proud to be her husband, he would want to symbolize that in every possible way!

    • Unless Bella, being initially shy about the public nature of an extravagant wedding and marital displays, did not insist upon it and Edward, being from a time when it was not common, did not press the issue…

      …except that Bella eventually comes around and embraces the ‘rightness’ of the wedding and their public statement of commitment to one another. So I don’t know…

    • I totally agree! He definitely seems the type to me to wear a ring. But I assume if he’s not SM is okay with it? She would say something wouldn’t she?

  11. Madi-Emma says:

    The translation is not really accurate there… Here is what I read:

    Question by @karinnasoares: Is it true that we will only see Brazil about 5 minutes on screen during the movie Breaking Dawn?

    Answer: The Island, the beach and the water will be beautiful in the movie. Don’t worry about the missing cuff, it’s all following the script. Regarding how long Brazil will be in the movie, it depends on how they cut the film, but as it is, it’s equal from the book.

  12. um theres better be more then 5 min because there is alot of baby making in the book! just saying 🙂

  13. o and my friend just made a good point the first time they have sex is alot longer then 5 min again just saying 🙂

  14. I’m pretty sure it’ll be more than 5 minutes people. He probably just threw that out there. Isle Esme is a big scene in the book. And well they are gonna be shooting for like 5 days. That’s a lot of time to spend on 5 minutes. (According to BC’s press conference.) I’m not worried about missing a cuff or Bella’s bracelet. Neither of those are really wedding attire. I do hope Edward’s cuff comes back at some point though.

  15. Maybe for the 5 minute thing – they meant the part where they are in the streets of Rio. Most of the time they’ll be in the house!

  16. What’s this I hear about kissing at a waterfall? Melissa Rosenberg redeeming herself and giving us way more married Bella & Edward time?

  17. What they meant about the five minutes they meant when they’re in this neighborhood going around and they kiss. Today they spent 7 HOURS filming in the waterfalls. I really don’t care about the cuff, and they never mentioned a wedding ring on Edward. Just on Bella. Plus, Stephenie is with them ALL THE TIME. I think it would be impossible to ruin the movies. She wrote the books anyways. Let’s hope everything will be fine in BD.

  18. I have always been of the opinion that men who don’t wear wedding rings don’t want people to immediately know they are married. Edward doesn’t seem like he wouldn’t want people to know that he’s married to Bella, and it’s not like he’s Jacob who would loose it transforming. So, Edward had better be wearing a ring!!

    • Or don’t like jewellery, or are unable to wear one because of their job. That’s an horrendously sweeping statement and I’d bet there are an awful lot of proud, committed and faithful non-ring-wearing husbands out there who would be offended.

  19. Twilight9009 says:

    I don’t think he meant there will only be 5 minutes of the Brazil footage. He was using that as an example to get the point across that it will be beautiful and amazing.

  20. Bill Condon is so giving a “Grinch” face. LOL

  21. I’m glad others feel the same about Edward wearing a wedding ring. (It seems to me he would?) I noticed in the first pics that came out he wasn’t wearing one, I was just making an observation not nit-picking. I enjoy reading all the comments and can’t wait for the movie!! From one TWI CRAZY MOM & WIFE

  22. While it not might be common in the time period I think Edward (even though Stephenie didn’t write it in th book) would want to show the world his commitment (it was so important for him for Bella to wear his ring).

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