Double the Fun: Meet Roberta and Raphael, Kristen Stewart’s and Robert Pattinson’s Stunt Doubles

The two of them couldn’t really say much of anything because of the strict confidentiality agreements. However, when Capricho stumbled on to them they were able to share this much:

  • They had to be up at 5:00am for filming today
  • They stated that Robert and Kristen were super nice, polite, and really just like them
  • Roberta thought Kristen was especially nice

EDITED: Additional excellent observation by TwiFans that notice Edward is now wearing a wrist cuff…or make that two

You can see them both below on the dock with Rob and Bill Condon on the first day of filming.

Original Portuguese here. HUGE TY to Blog Twi Brasil for verifying my translation!


  1. See if that is a wrist cuff we were all freaking out for no reason. We tend to do that a lot.

  2. question: is the girl between rob and rob’s double kristen???!!!!

  3. ladyambrosia says

    Has anyone notice the length of Robs hair? It seems it is much shorter for this movie than in the previous ones. If he is “frozen” because he is a vampire, then wouldn’t his hair length stay the same? Just wondering and commenting….

  4. I’m happy that they fixed the whole situation with Edward and the wrist cuff BUT i still feel that he should have a wedding band even though in BD the book there isn’t any ring ceremony i still feel that if he’s “traditional” he should have a ring on. I mean come on Bella PUT A RING ON IT!!!! I know if i was marrying him i deff would =)


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